Brutality continues inside Pilkhana

Dhaka Correspondent

Dhaka Correspondent

The Human Rights are being violated randomly inside of the Pilkhana. What the BDR mutineers did is crime indeed, but what the Army officials are doing now is the open brutality of a vindictive nature. They have dared to shout at the honorable Prime Minister of Bangladesh. Not only that, they published their arrogance in that very meeting in the website in an audio form. Recently a Police official unwilling to disclose his identity shared the inhuman situation and brutal attack on the BDR personnels. The Police official said that during his duty in the Pilkhana, he came to know about the brutal torture. In the torture room the army officials are pressing the genitals of the suspects and now and then beating them with rifles in different part of their body. In a small room the prisoners are kept where they have no accessories. No one is allowed to talk to them, even among themselves they are not allowed to talk, which would result in more torture. The police officer asked me, why you journalist don’t write these things in the news paper? I couldnot answer. He asked me that if its openly admitted that only 70-100 soldiers were involved in killing, why they are torturing more than 1000 soldiers . Who give them the license to such brutal torture? He begged, please stop the crime, what they are doing is genocide of the silent kind.

The government should allow different human rights organizations to go inside the Pilkhana and observe the situation.. Specially the team of Doctor and journalist and lawyer and other professional should go inside of the Pilkhana regularly.

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    Corporal Shihab

    And it’s the CID(police) not the army officials conducting the screening and investigation.
    The whole text is based on what a Police official has quoted who declined to give his identity. There are the stories opposite to this issue quoted by the inbestigating team. Only 70-100 out of 10,000 BDR present on 25th Feb involved in mutiny? Redicoulous imagination. Possibly you forgot to count the BDR jawans joined in the mutiny in 37 places across the country.
    And the brutality? Know from that police official what BDR did with the Ladies.

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    Madani Ak

    Corporal Shihab
    Then why there are so many custody
    deaths of these BDR jawans?
    Custody means one has surrendered & is being
    put to trial for the crime committed & if
    convicted they will face due punishment for that.
    The custody death amounts to take the law in your
    hand showing disrespect to the rules of the law.
    True many of these BDRs have committed
    unimaginable crime, but will you blame the whole
    bunch of BDRS?
    The investigfations must be completed first then the guilty must chragesheeted & punished.
    If you don’t follow this, then you are following
    the law of jungle.

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    Ameer Taimur

    Thanks, to write regarding the brutality of the army man against the BDR mamber at Pilkhana. I heard the cry of the family of BDR mambers those who have confined at Pilkhana. Maximum of them are innocent. But what is done by the army officer? is not the clear violation of the Holly Constitution of Bangladesh? if do so, why the CID has been engaged to investigate the case?
    write more please in bangla paper and come to know the general people of the country.

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