Bangladesh Genocide Archives – Video: Village Massacre

Mashuqur Rahman

Mashuqur Rahman

ABC News (11/30/1971): Village Massacre

Viewer Discretion Strongly Advised

Video of the aftermath of a massacre in a village near Dhaka. 75 villagers – men, women, children – were killed by the Pakistani army. Many bodies were burned, women were raped, and babies were bayoneted before the village was burned.

As the Pakistan army started to lose its grip on Bangladesh in late November of 1971, more and more foreign reporters started to venture into the country. As reporters began to enter villages and towns in Bangladesh, they discovered the aftermath of the massacres by the Pakistan army. The full extent of the genocide began to emerge in the following months.

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1971 Bangladesh Genocide Archive

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    This is another amazing and priceless document of our history that still remains suppressed and inaccessible to many of our younger generation. I imagine you have dug this out from news archives. Thank you so much for bringing the footage to us. This is an incredible national service (yes, YouTube rules here).

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    Akash, thanks. I hope a lot of our younger generation get to see this news report, and others like it. It helps to fill in the gaps in our history to see actual reports from the time. I’ll post another one today. I already uploaded that one to YouTube last night but did not post on the blog yet.

    (And I’m glad YouTube is unblocked again so folks back in Bangladesh can also see this. Hopefully people will share the link or download the video and distribute.)

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    Is there a way of distributing these images/videos in ways other than internet-based services? Lot of people may have computer in Bangladesh but not proper internet access. What about making DVDs of these footages and distributing throughout Bangladesh and elsewhere? I think that would not be just filling in the gaps of history, it will be encountering history all over again.

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    Outstanding! There must be a lot more like these by various news channels. As many of us don’t have access to all these secrete information, we would like to request you Mr. Mash to remain sincere in digging up these stories.

    May be, these files will help us to fight against the Rajakars and their collaborators. We are waiting to see a lot more like these. Best of luck Mr. Mash..Godspeed.

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    I just can not believe that these kinds of atrocities have happened in the year of 1971. This shows the cruelty of Pakistani military rule. It’s very unfortunate that this kind of state sponsored terrorism is supported. It’s very unfortunate that UN and international bodies did not do anything to stop by. According to the articles, this has continued for more than 9 months and no one came to rescue these innocents.

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