Primary education for indigenous children


Photo-  Noor Alam, DRIK News
Photo- Noor Alam, DRIK News
Rangamati, Bangladesh. March 15 2009

Indigenous children studying in a primary school in a rural village at Boshonto in Rangamati hill area. There are many schools established by Government and NGO’s in the hill tracts area for the indigenous children. Records show that 150,000 children from indigenous communities have dropped out of school, and the completion rate of those who do enroll is very low. The current services provided for indigenous children by various NGOs and the Govt. are inadequate. Govt. primary schools cannot operate in remote regions because they require a large student body to be cost effective.

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    i think GOB taking much more initiatives for the CHT people but not for the other parts people. so,GOB should establish more school in all over the nation where there are indigenous people.

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    I think Bangladesh can become a perfect model for promoting harmony among all sections of the population including our children.

    I am a social worker and I know how helpless our common people are including the indigenous people.

    We must ensure that they are fairly represented in the civil service, judiciary, legislature military, police and other sections of the government. There should be equal opportunity for all.

    Bangladesh not only has a substantial indigenous population but also a huge number of minorities representing other religions beside Islam.

    Therefore, through more stronger efforts into education of the underprivileged sections of the population especially children more of them should be inducted into all branches of the government including the civil service and the armed forces.

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    Sas Ism

    What Indigenous childrens receiving through Intigrated Community Development programme 2520 paracentres in the form of pre school programme is a dream for the mainstream Bangali community children. Focus that much been given to develop indigenous community by the GO NGO organizations in Chittagong HillTracts area doesn’t get that much publicity as the publicity of deprivation.

    In this region the Pankhuas, Khyangs needs much more assistance but all channelled to Chakma tribes who are infact wellplaced than Bangali mainstream.

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    I think GO and NGOs can take initiatives for education in mother language (optional subject) all over indigenous children .

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