Basundhara City Shopping Mall in Flames



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Photo by Iftikhar Mohammad
Photo by Iftikhar Mohammad

Bashundhara City, South Asia’s largest shopping mall situated in Dhaka is burning in flames. BDNews24 reports:

A towering inferno engulfed mainly the corporate office of Basundhara City shopping complex in Dhaka Friday, with clouds of thick black smoke billowing from the burning building.

The fire is dying down after the flames spread downwards from the top floors, trapping many inside.

Some of the injured were taken to Dhaka combined Military Hospital.

Army has joined rescue operations while navy fire experts joined in. Brigadier general Anwar said they have come in aid of the fire service and secure the area.

Eyewitness reports are coming via blogs and Twitter messages. Iftikhar Mohammad is posting pictures along with updates:

Photo By Iftikhar Mohammad
Photo By Iftikhar Mohammad

Where are the army helicopters!! Please save these people.

3:27pm – What I have seen.. It will burn for a few hours. Nothing can be done. Water is scarce. The fire is rising. Fire extinguishing powder is required.

3:43 It seems all levels above 8th floor will burn. Our fire fighters ladders cannot go higher than that.

4:06 17 Injured people were rushed to nearby Shomorita Hospital

4:19 Fire Service cannot reach beyond 14th floor. There is nothing to do.

Read the Twitter messages as the disaster unfolds:


E-Bangladesh is a News/Headlines service and a group blog aimed at bringing the news and analysis from Bangladesh to its readers.

397 Responses to “Basundhara City Shopping Mall in Flames”

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    Imran chowdhury

    ki je shuru holo deshe purbo paaper praischitto amader dite hochee ar pichone nischoy kono boro doler hat ache.

  2. Author Image

    gias ahmad

    This fire is a wake-up call for stricter guidelines for city planning giving topmost priority to the security and safety of those who use it.

    The government must be very strict with the entire approval processing of the architect’s layout. Corruption must be routed out of RAJUK, PDB and DCC. All corrupt officials must be identified and booted out.

    On a different note, it shouldn’t have taken this long for the fire to burn. The corporate office of Shah Alam, an absconding fugitive amongst the top 50 most corrupt felons in Bangladesh identified by the Anti-corruption Commission (ACC) is where the fire originated.

    The government must probe if its an act of arson.
    Shah Alam may have done it to burn records of lands he acquired through acts of bribery, extortion, blackmailing and even murder.

    If found guilty he should be hanged.

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    Abdullah Siddiki

    Basundhara City Shoping
    all is the proud of Bangladesh.

    now it become a shame that it burns but there is no enough security equipment to stop or take control on fire.

    How a Multiplex Highrise building can constructed without enough safety equipment.

    Its not the first example.

    Shame Bangladesh govt. shame the Rajuk. corrupt Rajuk officer should fired……………

  4. Author Image


    It was an proud of our happend because of not proper firefighter equipment was seems they did not provid smoke conductor and water deluge system which will automatically actuate to sprinkle water to prvent could they approve in this morder architectaral world without such things. and i think there in our banglades our government did not plan to provide havy firefighter equipment.thats way it lead to loss about billion taka. this is really shame of our Govrnment.I hope our government will learn from this fatal plz politician guys i appeal you very humbly don’e just look for your own self look for others and build a safe new bangladesh.your people of bangladesh could live peacefully and safely.Allah will Help us.
    thanks. Saif.

  5. Author Image

    Abdul Wadud

    The government has done a miracle! Hasina’s government is becoming a model for rapid response to disaster and its management. I am sure many developed countries will learn a lot from the newly elected democratic government in Bangladesh.

    Once again, congratulations to the great resolution and courage shown by the elected by huge margin democratic government and its members.

  6. Author Image


    How it happened, because firefighter equipment was not provided seems they did not provid smoke conductor and water sprinkler system which will automatically actuated to sprinkle water to fight with fire. How could they approved in this modern architectaral world without such things. I can say they are not professional those who were involved for the construction. Looks liked a monkey business how way of work has done with out human safety concern & got approval from monkey authority.

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