Shibir Takes Control of Rajshahi University Halls


Photo by  Iqbal Ahmed, DRIK News
Photo by Iqbal Ahmed, DRIK News

Rajshahi, Bangladesh. March 12 2009

A scene from the clash between two rival students political wings, the Islamic Chhatra Shibir (ICS) and Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL)  at Rajshahi University on Wednesday. At least 20 BCL activists were injured during the clash. After the clash Shibir activists took control of all the male dormitories and forced BCL supporters out of their halls.

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    good, but some mistake that is islami chatra shibir (not BCL , is ICS)


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    why Bangladesh all student not understand Muhammad(saws) not come for nonreligious acclivities. awame student you never go to jannat without supports any islamic party. if your religion is Islam why u chose evil or saithan(sheak hasina)as your leader.hasina never go jannat because he is the leader of saithan in Bangladesh .so

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