Power Shortage in Dhaka


Photo-  Shafiqul Islam Kajol, Drik News, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Photo- Shafiqul Islam Kajol, Drik News, Dhaka, Bangladesh

A school student is completing his lessons under candlelight due to power shortage in Dhaka. The power situation in the capital continues to worsen as the city dwellers everyday experience one-to-two hour long power cuts.

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    Engr Khondkar Abdus Saleque( Sufi)

    This power crisis is inevitable. There is huge deficit in national power grid.At this time of intensive irrigation rural areas are getting priority for power supply.It is correct strategy.City dwellers must be made to share national agony.People of posh areas like Baridhra ,Gulshan ,Dhanmoni use several unnecessary electrical appliances. This crisis may continue for the next three tofour years till significant additional power is generated. Some priority actions can be.
    * Setting up some contingency dual fuel peak shaving power plants in Dhaka.
    * Setting up at least one 100 MW power plant based on municipal solid waste in Dhaka.
    * Use land fill gas to generate small power plab plants.
    * use power efficient bulbs .

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    1.using solar panels to operate the DC CFL lights in offices as it is gonna be imposed anyway.
    2.what’s wrong with candles?
    3.do away with IPSs
    4.ban on ACs except in hospitals and care centres -places where you really need them
    5.ventilation of rooms ….a brainstorming of how a building is constructed for the easy passage of flowing air ….just go to Sonargoan and visit those old houses and be surprised by the cool air as you enter them (outside its hot but inside is like an AC on) …it’s healthier
    6.curb on your techie enthusiasm
    7.watch less movies on TVs and be a bit old fashioned !
    8.save water and use greywater for flushing and watering the garden or your house plants.
    9.save rainwater and use it ….healthier !
    10.don’t waste paper.
    11.do away with plastics—-recycling them uses a whole lot of energy
    12.use bicycles …say no to cars… C’mon Dhaka is such a small city you can practically walk your way!
    13.the list is endless …and with a little bit of morality about the environment-things can be carried afar…..

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    J Zaman

    I agree with most of what Fatima has said.

    Bangladesh as a 90 mile long beach and a longer coastline where we could easily have harnessed wind and solar energies at least a decade back.

    It is customary for us to blame the politicians but look at the two years wasted by the unelected Fakruddin government. No a single MW of energy has added to the energy grid in the last two years. Instead stories of inefficiency, incompetence, corruption (Westmont, for instane)have surfaced. I think there was massive corruption during the 2 year illegitimate governance by Fakruddin. Prices of essentials including rice and oil and other energy sources skyrocketted and food stock for some mysterious reason dipped necissating import of food.

    But in less than 3 months of an elected government we have seen prices fall dramatically and farmers got the subsidy that they thorougly deserved.

    We have seen a fake crusade against corruption waged by some thoroughly useless corrupt generals, bureaucrats and lawyers who gobbled up crores of taka for service charges that never saw the light of the day. Instead, there are thousands of well proven accusations of blackmailing,extortion and rampant corruption by the members of joint task force. Businessmen have openly said the crores of money taken by the robbers and their barrons from them demanded during interrogation.

    I think the power shortage phenomenon is man-made so that Bangladesh is flooded with ACs of all kinds, diesel and gas generators, IPSes,etc.

    I am glad the nascent elected government has identified power and energy as a thrust sector and must explore and implement short and long term solutions for our increasing power demand.

    In my opinion the government must keep a tight grip on the national energy plan for the next 50 years.It must involve the government sector in it too since slogans of privatization and liberalization promoted by WB and IMF have resulted in global economic failure. All developed countries are now embracing nationalization of banks and private enterprises to protect their citizen.

    A novel idea could be he involvement of students from DU, BUET and other universities of Banglaesh in state funded ventures to design and build solar panels and windmills on a commercial basis for additional power generation into the national power grid.

    Recently, the Russians have shown keen interest to build a nuclear reactor in the country. I strongly feel that we should immediately go for it for added energy security.

    Finally, I fully support the points listed by Fatima for energy conservation. The ordinary citizen and the public and private sector must be motivated to do so.

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    I thought power shortage is only in Pakistan. BD has lot of water and rivers and they should make hydel power. I am from Lahore Pakistan.

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