BDR Mutiny… Is it over?



The Daily Star reports

* BDR surrendered weapon after Prime Minister gave ultimatum in her speech
* Police took control of BDR headquarters at 6:40 Bangladesh local time without being challenged.
* 12 bodies found; 29 officers rescued
* No one could trace the Director General of BDR Shakil Ahmed, his wife and around 50 or more officers who were taken hostage by the mutineers Wednesday morning.
* BDR jawans deserted 24 border outposts in Chuadanga, Meherpur and Jhenidah districts

More news from different sources (tv, radio etc.):

* DG BDR is dead. Most of the officers were killed during brashfire. it was plotted plan – Maj Kamruzzaman, who was freed confirmed. He said it was well planned for many days. Red-bandana and Ammunition distribution are indications.

* Al jazeera is reporting that all BDR have surrendered at pillkhana. But 12 tanks are now facing the BDR Head Quarters and army has not accepted Hasina’s offer of amnesty to BDR jawans.

* Pilkhana has no electricity from the evening. The fate of the arrested BDR Jwans are uncertain.

* People are asking why major opposition parties did not engage in endeavors to resolve this issue. This is a national issue.

* There is apparently a huge disagreement over who shot first. BDR members have been claiming since beginning that the adc (aide-de-campe) of DG SHakil fired the shot first and some army officers confirmed. But army is denying this trying to establish the logic that officers do not carry arms (as there are versions that DG SHakil shot at a jawan when they demanded accountability). This may be decisive in why a force became so violent and suicidal.

* The public sentiment have shifted from the BDR jawans to the army after seeing the deadbodies of the army officers who were brutally killed.

Some more news from twitter:

rajputro: 9 more bodies found from #bdr hq, one of which was of a little girl’s 🙁 #dhaka, #bangladesh

rajputro: firetrucks are seen to enter #BDR possibly to search within the sewage lines

@Ekushey Abar jigs 🙂 There will be a dance, a dance od death once the dust settles.

ehabmehedi Anyone got info on the 9yr old dead body found earlier today ? Mujib Hoq had a 9-10/yo daughter. #bdr #dhaka

atunu Facebook users from Dhanmondi areas reporting sounds of Tank Tracks near Lalmatia water tank #bdr #bangladesh #dhaka

I am personally very sad to see many brilliant army officers and jawans, who were brutally killed and also many BDR jawans who were killed in the process. My prayer goes out to their families and may their souls rest in peace. Grievance or no grievances I don’t support these kinds of acts of the mutineers. They have killed people like animals. No one is guilty until proven and the problem with taking law in your hand is that many innocent people die and you never get to know who was the real culprit. I do not support the amnesty against these mutineers. The amnesty can be given to rebellion but not the killings. Those who killed should get exemplary punishment so that the nation does not have to go through this kind of trauma again.

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    mamoon haroon

    বি ডি আর বিদ্রহের সময় আমাদের বাচাল সরাষ্ট্র প্রতি মন্ত্রি তানজিম আহমেদ তাজ কে দেখা গেল না। উ্নি এমনি television এ খুব বক্ত্রিতা দেন কিন্তু এই দুই দিন একদম উধাও! উনি কি ভয়ে লুকালেন?

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    Moj Hoq’s 9-10 y/o daughter is alive and safe. She was in school (the first day) and picked up by a relative (source – reliable).

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    Joruri Khobor

    Those who killed will kill again if not punished? Revenge is not a game to be taken lightly. Had the negotiations not been successful, had the Army not been prevented from entering those gates, Bangladesh would’ve been in war now. By giving them amnesty, tons of casualties have been prevented. BDR, with the amount of weapons they have, could have brought Dhaka to a standstill and we all know that. We also know that had they not been given amnesty, they would not have surrendered. Why would they? However, I feel that this is a debate for much, much later. What happened has happened; we’re lucky it has come to an end. Thank (or don’t thank) whoever you want for that.

    What needs to be done RIGHT away is to establish WhO is in power, make sure that this doesn’t take place again. It would probably help to know WHAT caused this rebellion. I doubt grievances over bad working conditions and pay would lead to something like this. There has to be something else going on. Something dark and dirty. And we need to find out what.

    I also wonder whether this is a diversion from something else that is about to happen. Or maybe I’ve been watching 24 too much.

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    Bangali Bhone

    There must be an organization like ACC (Anti Corruption Commission) who would monitor and punish the CORRUPT ARMY OFFICERS. These corrupt army officers mis-use the govt properties. Their WIVES, CHILDREN they go for shopping with the Govt luxurious Cars and guarded by several armed personnel. Whereas the low-paid soldiers get 3000/4000 Taka salary which can run their family for few days only. See the differences! The BDR uprising is JUST the beginning …..

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    Bangali Bhone- I am not sure where you have seen these “several armed personnels” that accompany the family members of the officers.Please get your facts straight before you accuse anyone.
    Is the army guilty, because its average officers are paid about 9000/10,000 taka every month? Are they to be responsible, if a soldier earns less than an officer? Should all soldiers be made officers now, and be paid equal salary? Should all office clerks be made into CEOs as well, and paid equal salary?
    I would like to see you join the armed forces and spend 12 months in the battle zones of Congo. You’re family members will be able to go shopping in luxurious cars as well. (but “armed personnels” won’t be provided, I am afraid.)

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    Hi Tanisha

    A poor third world underdeveloped country can’t afford an army of this size and this sort of pay and other benefits for their officers. Any pay and benefits should be market driven, not driven by the muscle power. Considering the fact of massive unemployment in BD, Army should not be out of this too. If you compare an Army officer’s pay and benefit with a similar level civil service officer you would know what does the word difference mean.

    I have worked with defence forces for sometime and I have seen how much pay and benefits they get which is paid out of people’s tax, yes one of the poorest country’s people’s tax. What not Army has got? They have got everything best in the country- from taxpayers’ money. They even get treatment for their in laws at the cost of taxpayer. This is not approved by the ministry of finance and the pricing on which they pay half is also not based on any real costing done by a costing professional, thus does not reflect what should be the real price. Honestly speaking if they have to pay for half of the real cost of their treatment that would at least 5-10 times higher than what they supposedly pay.
    Army was not created to serve for overseas, no country in the world do it. But for the sake of earning foreign currency Army goes to Congo and other battle zone in Africa. But nobody takes into consideration of the fact that, how much money the country has spent for raising them to become a army officer and what they earn does not go into the country’s benefit as they don’t pay any income tax on this income.

    No developed country in the world provide ration or any subsidized items for their defence personnel. Why being a poor nation we would have to provide this at the cost of taxpayer’s money. When they rent out government property like senakunja, garrison auditorium, officers’ club, vacant grounds or ponds to outsiders or so called bloody civilians for a handsome amount of money- does this income goes to government treasury? No, not a singly penny? But the property they are renting out is built by taxpayers’ money, being maintained by taxpayers’ money everyday- so any income should go to where taxpayers’money go.
    Army doctors earn money by providing medical services/advices/pathological services to bloody civilians at CMH- do they pay tax on that? Or should they be allowed to do that? They are already getting salary from the government and they shouldn’t do this sort of private practice at government premises like CMH, AFMP etc

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    Dear Kuddus
    If you believe something called “ALLAH” please place comment after you really know it.Without knowing you should not talk bad of an organization, institution or individual.
    1. time and again you are talking of tax payee.The army officers are the citizens of the country and choose the profession after passing HSC, not by born. So whatever the government decided for their plea is their right and BD army is the lowest facility/salary holder amongst most of the third world countries.
    2. UN mission is the most lucrative place to earn foreign currency for this country where government dont have to invest and dont have any chance of loss. Total earning of BD is fully contribution by the individual Army (pay 40% of their personal salary) and rest 60% based on their performance.
    3. Could you ever come to CMH being a civil patient. I think this is not possible without emergency case. Thereby there is no question of taking money. For pathological test of course tax is paid to government.
    4. Army officers only get 50% off only for the test for their parents and parents n laws. There is nothing called 5-10 times business. For all other treatments full payment is applicable which is comparatively higher than a private clinic.
    5. I am a CSO-2(Civil employee) working inside cantt for 22 years. So I know their ins and outs. The tough training they passed, tough time they pass from morning 0530 to 2330 is not possible for us to pass. So please dont place wrong comment and spread it. After all Allah will not tolerate.

    4. how much restriction an Army Officer has to use military vehicle/going out of cantt( Even in holiday they cant go out of cantt area of responsibility)/dress code/compulsory PT/Games 5 days in week, Day- Night-Weekend Office,Senior-juniority, Soldier control, Physical efficiency test,16 km run,Firing under scorching sun what not).
    5. Vai re I am a civilian; Even I feel pity je ami Army officer hoini. Please dont comment like this without knowing.

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    Dear Kuddus,

    Do you know one phrase “khali kolsi baje besi”? If you donot have any knowledge on any subject, its better to remain silent.

    You didnot mention what you do and what salary or benifit you draw from organization aginst your qualification. Hope you will write here and I will give you a comparative study later.

    See you soon.

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    dear brother Kuddus,

    Its really unfortunate to see so many deadbodies and bloods could not bring any sympathy on your mind for so called Highly paied Army officers. some points on your comments though i know these will have no effect on you …..

    “A poor third world underdeveloped country can’t afford an army of this size and this sort of pay and other benefits for their officers. Any pay and benefits should be market driven, not driven by the muscle power.”………kuddus

    yes its really true but till Army remains inside cantonment does not go for VGF, Election Duty, spreading their hand to rescue people in Phenix vobon, Ntv bla..bla…. How many army officer you know who had been sitting inside his home last two years. Yes the number of officers in Army is too much thats why they were not speared even for a long week to stay with their family when Army was deployed outside last two years. Their number is so many that they had to sit with Laptop by the officers themselves to prepear Voter ID cards for you…. yes their number is so many for which may be some people like you reduced their number by Killing BRUTALLY…..

    “If you compare an Army officer’s pay and benefit with a similar level civil service officer you would know what does the word difference mean.”……..Kuddus

    Yes brother you are correct in this uspect much you get as salery as a civil employee??? we call Army officer…who gets a salery of 8000 taka the same salery scale in civil organisation gets minimum 12000 taka . Do you know why??? because civil officers get House rent from the begining of their service which an Army officer does not till he gets married. Really its a big difference which nobody knows. Instead they get a room in so called officers mess . If get a chance ever please visit the officers mess in Dhaka I guess inside the rooms you may see the same reflection you see in HOSTELs where 2/3 officers sharing one sigle room. But they are called officers. If you get chance ever to visit any SP or ASP’s house in other districts and at the same time visit the house of a major or Lt col staying inside cantonment I hope you will really see the difference which you tried to mean…. but in different way.

    “Army was not created to serve for overseas, no country in the world do it. But for the sake of earning foreign currency Army goes to Congo and other battle zone in Africa. But nobody takes into consideration of the fact that, how much money the country has spent for raising them to become a army officer and what they earn does not go into the country’s benefit as they don’t pay any income tax on this income.”……. KUDDUS

    Brother I am really glad to see you are so much worried about our motherland. Now you are telling the number of Army is too much for our country. SO if the country gets pleasure by sending this extra Army people to other countries why do you take it to contingency???
    Now few picture for you…..An Army Officer earns maximum 14 to 16 lac after an one year UN mission which is his only asset to spend rest of his life. Now you tell me living in this 3rd world country do we civil people really count this amount to be a handsome amount???? you cant even buy a piece of land with this.So what an Army officer does?? buys a car and with half of that money and keeps rest few lac to spend his day to day requrements as an added amount to that 8000/12000/14000… But what you see from outside?? Officers Driving cars!! so rich they are!!!!!!!1 some time go and see what is there on his “CHULA” or “HARRI”. To you Govt sends Army people outside for army’s benifit but if you dont know let me inform you that govt gets money even for each individual going for mission what to talk about the equipments. Even the clothings bought and carried by Poor Army people are earning money for your Govt wanna know how???
    yes UN gives money even for their clothings which they dont get. UN gives money for their telephone calls which they dont get..UN provides money for equipments which are infact present in number but maximum works by the help of these army officers and present them infront of inspection team so that for these faulty items govt does not loose the money. But these Army people never steps back to use these poor and unusable equipments even in rebel areas of Congo……because if they does so Govt will loose money from UN………….

    Brother i am tired of writting all these but I know these will not make any effect on your Ideas…..even after all these you think you are right?????!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you will because a virus is inserted in your hard disc which does not have any anti virus yet……….

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    S.M.Imranul Islam Rajon

    It is the highest shame for us. We are not both accept and expect from our security forces. The main cause of this mutiny is fail of command and foreign trap. In the time of mutiny 25 february, government could do more. They got too much time for assassination. we are fail to protect any kind of dissaster. But it is time to change this activities. Completely i am socked about this.

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    tell me one thing. Why Govt officials do not loose their job after making 35 crore by stilling. Tell me how many Govt Amla loose their job after stilling. Tell me these BDR takes their brake fast crossing the border and some of them had rape case before. Police has report. Then also why these people never loose their job. Border Security force is defensive force why it is not under defense ministry. Now tell me why our media is hiding rape cases in BDR. This is true face of our mutiny soldier. Now how we shall scaled PAK force for doing the same thing in liberation war?

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    Stop blaming and finding Bad about BD Army. May be 2/3 army officers are corrupt but not all officers but there are many brilliant and honest officers work for BD ARMY !! why the entire army officer and family will be sufferor.
    we should pray for their soul.and need justice from Govt to panish the actual criminal infornt of public.

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    Does anyone happen know, whats the average salary for Army Officers and soldiers.

    Also, what is the salary for BDR officers and BDR soldiers.
    What I have seen from various news journal as quoted the average salary for the BDR soldier runs from 50 to 70 dollars. Which is like 3400 taka to 4800 taka.

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