BDR Mutiny in Bangladesh.. Continued



A fresh day but the mutiny situation is still volatile in BDR headquarters at Peelkhana in Dhaka. The first batch of surrender of arms went on till 4AM in the morning. But the second batch did not start.

There are reports of gunfire and unrests in BDR camps across the country. These have reached bdr mutineers and fearing widespread backlash they have stopped surrendering arms. Meanwhile the deadline to surrender arms ends sometime soon.

Here are some more updates via Twitter:

mahmudur #bdr mobile network is off in outside of dhaka at this moment but it will be off in whole country any moment

PurpleRome It all started in Dhaka but now its spreading to the rest of the country. Prime Minister Sheik Hasina will address the nation in a while.

sudhak In Dhaka and the situation is getting worse, mutiny spreading, hearing reports that a state of emergency will likely be called

phpfour crowd rattled in shahbag…continuous gunshots heard near dhaka uni(versity)

mahmudur #bdr army high officials told doctors of dhaka medical college to be prepared for mass causalities to be happened in short time

TheTravlnAzn Army is about to attack thhe BDR of bangladesh if theBDR does not drop its guns by 2pm local time, army has set up a large artillary gun ..

mahmudur #bdr #dhaka pm’s speech started from 2:18 pm local time

#bdr #dhaka she is not telling anything about the reason behind this incident
mahmudur: #bdr #dhaka she is pointing something about third party who might be influenced this situation
seoexpertbd: The #BDR panic is still live and leaving office early now.
mahmudur: #bdr #dhaka people who live outside the bdr hq are suffering a lot

omiazad Just talked with my father in Dinajpur. BDR are shooting at anything. They are so desperate. Our house is just beside Kuthibari BDR Camp.


PM Hasina just completed her address to nation. Salient features:
1. Solution through dialogue, not through force.
2. BDR personnel should follow chain of command.
3. Be patient, we will solve it soon.
4. Certain quarters are creating confusion through rumours.
5. Refrain from self-destructive activities, don’t kill your own brothers.
6. Pls help me to solve this.
7. Don’t do anything more when I’m forced to take stern action.
8. Surrender arms, you will not be harmed.
9. Don’t make comments, remarks , or undertake activities that may jeopardise public security.
10. A committee led by Home Minister has been formed to look into BDR’s professional problems.
11. I will take any action for the interest of the nation. Don’t force me to take drastic action.

More news coming from citizen media sources. According to local media the mutiny has spread in Rajshahi, Dinajpur, Naogaon, Satkhira, Feni and Bandarban. 107 army personnel including officers have died so far.

Omor Hasan Al Zahid reports that the army has been preparing for action in Dhanmondi 15 with about 15 vehicles.

Rag Imon urged everyone to stay calm. She says:

Please ensure that there is no war. My fear is that this does not spread as a civil war. We hope that it ends with minimum bloodshed.

rajputro: etv confirmed #bdr personnel are surrendering their arms and returning to barracks

rajputro: #BDr #Dhaka #Bangladesh, people from hajaribag are requested to move away.

TheTravlnAzn Seems like the BDR troops, once hearing the Prime Ministers words, has begun to lower their guns, this is not 100% offical yet!!

From Unheard Voice Blog:

3.23 pm: ETV showing dhanmondi residents around pilkhana being evacuated. police are helping, though some may be fleeing of their own accord. Security around PM’s residence suddenly increased. the AL leadership was there all morning.