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6 Responses to “Live Streaming BDR Mutiny Reports”

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    Journey 2 infintive

    Well Just noticed those TV footage. according to them Problem is originated from some

    “DAL BHAT” project. According to RTV DG of BDR shoot one BDR Jawan in morning and he was spot dead. Reason is that he was asking accountability of Dal Bhat project.

    BDR claims that ARMY heads are looting their money and that’s why they are not for that.

    I don’t know what is the fact But I believe Bangladesh army is the biggest corrupt organization.

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    Ok……….no one is fair and will never be……..

    But for that they will have to start shooting out at the general crowd…….where 1 adult civilian and 1 child is dead!!!

    ok Army has done lutting……….things cud be announced or claimed properly………..cas now BDR is villain to civilians…….and Army is hero………cas they came to save us from running gun………and ppl were clapping and welcoming them for that………..i saw it my self cas i was in the crowd for pics…..

    I know Army might have done somethin bad I donno for sure……..but BDR set a very poor example……..and yes they are in big trouble who were protesting.

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    This is the funniest and most irresponsible remark some one can make. How much you know about the Army? What is the logic behind your remark? I have a terrible doubt about you education and your upbringing. You must immediately consult a Psichriatist to assess your sense of reasoning. Thanx..Take care..

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    Two things,

    1. This is tragic and someone should take responsibility of this incident immediately whomever might be behind this. I think it should be the home minister, Shahara Khatun. It’s her failure not being able to thwart this massive killing of innocent people. She should not be evaluated by what she has done (photo op of BDR soldiers surrendering to her in national TV) after 50 army Officers are being killed but how this situation got so bad! She is the head of BDR and it’s her responsibility to manage the troops. She should set an example by resigning as a home minister immediately.

    2. Prime minister, Sheik Hasina should not declare public forgiveness for this mass killing. By doing so, she compromised with the rebels. Very bad example for the future of Armed forces division of Bangladesh. Next time, police gets pissed off, are they going to start shooting their commanders and civilians! Also who gives rebel’s authority to kill execution style just because they were pissed off about something? Bangladesh is a democratic country with law and order, even if it is weak.

    This is a sad day for Bangladesh.

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    Anz………thanx for your ref..

    does it means ur just dominated so u have the license to shoot at civilians!!!…u kill some one u have to be punished….and ofcourse for an innocent one… I dont need to know anything much………

    And I do think its not that far education required to say that BDR is WRONG here….Army might have done wrong but BDR is the threat now to this nation…….

    I really didnt find any reason for ur refs……u undermind my knowledge and education!!! pls sir why don u give me some logic behind that……pls educate me with ur knowledge ……..Id like to learn

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    One would think that regardless of how corrupt the heads of military are (and I am sure they are as are most institutions in Bangladesh, even the two political leaders of the only two major parties were only recently let out of prison prior to elections, both on corruption charges) it is the ministy of defence that sets the pay rates so by holding officers to account what would this achieve?

    As news unfolds this was a totally pre-planned event. To get a wage rise? I think not.

    This looks more like the begining of military coup, find out which officers are supporting the Government, shoot the lot, or the desire to totally destablize the country.

    What comes next? lets wait and see.

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