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According to RTV DG of BDR shoot one BDR Jawan in the morning and he was spot dead. Reason is that he was asking for accountability of the Dal Bhat project. Now some backgrounds of this project. In March 2007 BDR started its project Dal Bhat to sell rice, vegetables and other commodities through BDR mobile outlets to bring down their prices. About six months later 200 more outlets were opened to expand their area of sales. 100 was operated directly by the BDR personnel, 50 by the members of the Ansar and 50 outlets by the volunteers like the students from colleges and universities who were not paid. According to the report In 4 months BDR sold commodities worth 300 million Takas. The Operation Dal Bhat continued in the year 2008 too.

The NTV interview with a rebel BDR member revealed:

Soldier with his mouth covered talking to this channel’s reporter has a whole new take on Operation Daal Bhaat. He says prices were artificially jacked up by high ranking BDR officials who stored commodities on BDR parade grounds and released them slowly to ensure prices went up first.

Deal Reached:

UNB ticker reporting: “PM announces amnesty for rebels; BDR delegation promises to surrender arms.”

LGRD’s Nanok confirmed the amnesty after meeting of PM with BDR representatives. The Jowans promised that they will turn in arms (possibly by next morning. After Army and RAB are withdrawn). Rebel Jowans are claiming they were fired upon first, during meeting in the Darbar Hall in the morning. They claimed Army has been unfairly depriving them of the money allocated for BDR personnel. DG of BDR Shakil Ahmed is unhurt.

Main report:

Worrying news are coming from Dhaka. There is a mutiny going inside Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) headquarters. Apparently clashes broke out between senior and junior officers as troops have taken control and locked officers. Gun fires and mortar attacks were heard. Police sealed of the surrounding area of BDR headquarters in Dhanmondi. Journalists were seen with bullet vests and they were not given access to the scene. Five people, injured by stray bullets in Jigatala area during gunfight inside BDR Headquarters at Peelkhana this (Wednesday) morning.

There are some  unconfirmed rumors:
a) BDR Chief has been shot
b) This is a pre-planned action – the ones who are shooting and killing have red ribbons on their forehead.
c) 46th brigade of the army moved in to quell mutiny. Hundreds of casualty but could not confirm deaths and injuries.
d) Brigadiar Amin (Ansars DG and previously with DGFI) is the plot-planner.

Other worrying developments (as gathered from different sources including TV channels):
a) Choppers are flying over Dhaka and BDR targeting on them
b) Army and RAB could not yet go inside
c) Civilians are being evacuated from Pilkhana. Residents of PWD quarters right next to Rifles have been moved to nearby Jhigatola.
c) There was a rummor of curfew from afternoon.
d) Shops have closed down with the rumor of curfew.
e) Al Jazeera reports that 11 officers have been killed and 60 people are currently hostage
f) Similar disturbances are reported from Rangamati district.
g) Prime Minister urged BDR troops to surrender arms and promised to listen to them for meeting their demands.


a) One Rickshaw puller succumbed to his injuries.
b) The sound of gunfire stopped around BD time 6 PM.
c) A number of children are stuck inside BDR public school. A hostage situation?
d) BDR’s Deputy Director General is dead. BDR DG Major General Shakil Ahmed injured?
e) It was confirmed that 12 person has been killed.
f) Escaped BDR jawans are trying to surrender to police in different police stations. Live interview on channel 1.

Rebel’s demands:
– PM or Home Minister must come in person to assure the BDR rebels that their demands will be met.
– BDR will solve their own problem Army should not interfere in BDR’s business.
– BDR head should not be appointed from Army.
– On NTV a rebel soldier is giving statement. He said they were pressed against wall. They were placing their demands to their DG then Army members started quarrel with them. A BDR jawan was shot by seniors and rebel ensued.

He is telling about corruption of officers in the ‘Dal Bhat operation’. They want to live well not with poor conditions. They are now suicidal. They don’t fear death.

Here is their exclusive interview.

Prime Minister’s statement:
– BDR rebels must surrender. Government will meet all their demand.
– Otherwise, there will be strong actions

BD Fact has some questions calling it a defining moment of Bangladesh:

1. What are the actual demands of the BDR personnel? Having its DG from BDR people, not from Army? Did they ask for financial support and additional privileges? For how long these demands were made and not being addressed? Why? We need sequential stories.

2. All sector commanders were present in today’s meeting at Darbar Hall. So, it cannot be the case that it was an accident. It must be a preplanned event. Who masterminded this?

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    The report published here souunds far worse than those ones published in other sites or telecast on TV channels.
    The sources of this report should be included.

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    The sources are different eye witness reports and TV reports (check out the links given in the report). We are still waiting for the official confirmation.

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    Shorastro montri to mone hoi heavy bhoy paise. Emon min nin golai kotha bole ken? She should stand up and take care of the situation.

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    This story about DG of BDR shooting dead a BDR jawan because he asked about Operation Dal Bhaat – is incredible. How could a handful of army officers open fire knowing they were surrounded by thousands of BDR personnel? It doesnt stand to reason.

    In a developing country, there will be grievances. Those should be addressed. But there can be no excuse for mutiny and bloodshed. Those who led this mutiny must be brought to book. Otherwise there will be no discipline in any sector in Bangladesh.

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    Royal Bengal

    The Army is corrupt. They are everywhere in the country. No matter what – democratic govt or not – the Army rules everywhere. With little education (SSC, HSC), they become the chief of all orginazitions like Railway, T&T, PDB, WDB, PWD, and all sectors of the govt. Hope General Moeen is going to write another book soon on BDR uprising where he’ll tell all the false stories. People get up and fight against this No. 1 enemy of the country.

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    @Globetrotter, I wonder why so many of the BDR Jawans are telling the same story that they were attacked first and then rebelled. Check today’s daily star where a mutineer was interviewed – listen what he had to say:

    The DG raised before the Prime Minister only two demands of the army officers in BDR but none of the demands of the lower tier personnel. This intensified our grievance.

    when the DG started delivering his speech before 9:00am, a few BDR personnel created a commotion from the rear. The officers, sitting in the front row reacted to their unruly behaviour.

    The disgruntled jawans asked the DG about the profit made during the Dal-Bhaat programme. They said after the programme ended, they were told that they would receive bonuses from the profit. Accordingly they had put their signatures on money receipts, but never got the money, claimed the mutineer.

    The mutineer said, “At one stage, an officer fired a shot injuring a jawan. Then the lower tier personnel went out of the Darbar Hall and returned there with arms from the Pilkhana armoury and held the officers hostage at gunpoint.”

    However the army is denying that anyone has been shot. “Was that a blank fire? An intimidation that provoked?” Surely we know how the armed forces people treats the BDR jawans.

    I also agree bringing people to justice who breaks the law. And of course the armed forces personnel in charge of Operation Daal Bhaat should be investigated to find out corruption which the BDR personnel are accusing.

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    Firstly i condemn the actions carried out by the BDR but I think the government need to reconsider the conditions of jawans, and how they distribute their budget. I myself see many wives of army officers going shopping using army resources such as soldier/driver and jeep. This is disgusting, in britain you will not see any army vehicles in public.

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    Rahat Zaman

    I am really worrying ….though I barely recall the 1975 mutiny, as a little kid, I saw how officers and families were scared, some were killed and I saw dead bodies at 55/C Shaheed Moinul Rd (Rupsha Barrack) in Dhaka Cantt, where my family used to live then.

    There could be various reasons for this mutiny, it didnt just break out of nothing but the first part is to be on the safe side, I understand it is at times not possible in such situation though.

    In general social equity is a challenge in country like Bangladesh where rich and powerful pretty much exploit commoners openly. There were lot of concerns by many belong to different walks of life bringing military corrupts to justice but that didn’t happen during Fakhruddin-Moinuddin government. Hannan Shah was given hard time because of his BNP affiliation and Altaf Chowduhry landed in the jail on corruption charges. There are many retired army officers as well as some in service are known to heavily corrupt and just a few among them lost their job only as that was “punitive measures” taken against them. But they never went under Dudok investigation and served any kind of jail terms. In general military corrupt personnel are exempt in general no matter what harsh measures have been taken against others. BDR lower ranking who are leading this mutiny mostly belong to deprived part of the society i.e. they are commoners.

    BDR’s such deadly outrage reminds establishing social equity and taking military non-military everybody to task who are in fault.

    Again think deeply as isn’t it something lack of social justice and equity in general? The mutiny throws copious thoughts to all of us on our levels and stand on justice as a whole.

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    Nanty Abraham

    This is such a pre-planned act that was fully under control. None other than the Sheik Hasina herself is completely responsible. She should NOT have just gave into their demands. There should be ZERO tolerance for such action. It SHOULD have been a Shoot on Sight procedure for rebellions. How do terrorists expect their needs meet after holding a shopping center and BDR officers hostage, firing gunshots and killing/injuring innocent people? The political situation was never stable in Bangladesh until Fakhruddin was in charge. Why didn’t this rebellious action take place then? That’s because everyone knew the consequences as to what would happen if anyone was to start a terror act during the ’emergency situation’. Its a staged act and the ending of act was known. The PM has to be really stupid (like always). Excusing them and giving them their demands after the Rebellions have caused such a threat to society! Children were stuck in school, parents were hell shocked and panicking, a little boy was hurt, a curfew started all over Dhaka, and phone lines were down for several hours. This is not a way those BDR rebellions should have gone about there crisis. Risking innocent lives to get what they want. That is NOT fair. If I don’t get my salary, should I start a rebellious attack to terrorize innocent civilian to get what I want? NO. I or anyone else for that matter, DO NOT have the right to put lives other at risk. Hasina, you really need to become a better president and stop all that DRAMA!

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    Tasmim Zahid

    Who do you guys actually blame?…..BDR, Army,Politicians or the Whole System????.

    If you guys blame one of the above…..blame others too..or Just Shut Up!!!

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    Zahid – this is merely a commentary, I don’t think they are blaming anyone. I personally feel that the treachery goes much deeper.

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    Royal Bengal

    I wholeheartedly support our BDR Jawans. They did the RIGHT thing. They tried to place their demands to their so-called chain of commands (the corrupted Army officers). These corrupted Army officers (DG or whatever) they didn’t listen rather they deprived the Jawans. The corrupted Army officers are busy with their crimes and their own interests and power. The BDR tried to place their demands to the Govt and Govt only cares the Army officers. The BDR didn’t have any choice but to use their arms as last effort. [Admin: offensive language deleted]

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    One thing clear that intelligence team has failled. I think both BDR official & Jawan are responsible. PM’s decission was correct for this situation.

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    To Nanty Abraham-> Issuing a shoot on sight would have resulted an all out war. All BDR outposts would have rebelled then, and when the BD people would see BDR members mercilessly being shot, they would side them. The result would be an all out civil war. The warzone being in the heart of the residential area of Dhaka, I don’t think Sheik Hasina took any wrong steps. Reconciliation works better here. Later, they would have to investigate and punish the leaders, but killing all 59,000 BDR forces without a trial would not solve the problem, it would escalate it.

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    BDR er Jowan der Obhijog er besh kisu sotto. Kichu very common for all uniformed service like chhuti chhata kom, courtmartial, kaj beshi, barack er thakar koshto etc. Jodio jene shunei tara BDR e join kore. Ar bad baki gulo big lies and absurd. Onno karo banano kotha tara boleche. Ha, kisu officer durniti te joriwe pore and most are eventually punished through court martial. Erokom 2- 3 % er chaite beshi noi. Daal Bhat kormoshuchir 7 koti takar jobab Food ministry er debar kotha karon, (Food secy should ans) difference of buy and sell price, food ministry ekhono chhar kore nai. Oi taka ashei nai BDR e, so ota churi korar kono kothai ashte parena.

    BDR er DG bertho commander chhilen, eta shotto. And his wife was rude and mejaji. Intelligence failure hoyeche etau true.

    Dont let your intelligence and logic be bought by baseless shouting of few unruly jowans and from the talk shows of the so called intellectual clowns coz they hardly know any thing. At least Shikkhito shomaj er biased howa thik hobena.

    Bhibhinno karon boshoto, nihoto 127 jon er modhhe ami at dosh jon officer ke bektigoto bhabe chintam. Era shobbai ottonto shot, medhabi ebong kortobbo porayon officer chhilen. Era amar apnar motoi snehoshil pita and shami chhilen. Ami eder dekhcchi, daal bhaat kormoshuchir shomoi 16/17 ghonta ek nagare dhakar 80 ti point er todaroki korte, na khewe, ebong jowan der jonne age khabar er bebostha kore, tarpor khete.

    Bhojjo tel er bebsayeera eder koti taka diweu kinte parenai, ami tar shakhi achhii.

    Er cheweu boro kotha, 11 jon sector commander er modhe 4 jon BDR e jog diye chhilen February er shurute.

    Era ki dosh korechhilou ?

    Apnara ki janen, BDR jowan ra kotota rape korechhe after killing the officers ?

    Apnara ki janen, even after raping, they smashed the head of the lady and burt her alive with two kids ?

    Apnara ki janen, mritodeho gulo tara ba** diwe khuchiyeche etou bar je tader bhai / stree rau chinte parchhe na ?

    Jowan dabi dawa gulo muloto bhonita chhilo.

    Bortomane, amar jana mote, Sena bahinir, spotless ebong unnoto chorotrer chotpote officer der goto 3 bochor dhore pathano hochhe BDR e. They probably reduced smuggling and smuggling related income. That was the main heart burn.

    dabi dawa gulo temon kichhui chhilona. But tau ghotona ta gholou.

    Porikolpito bhabe Senabahinir image media propaganda kore noshto kora holo. BDR te obhibhabok hin kora holo.

    Ekhon apnar ki mone koren BCS cadre er notoon ek jhaak officer BDR e ashbe and BDR jhok jhoke tok toke howe uthbe ?

    kara hobe ei BCS cadre er lokera ?

    Senabahinir eto gula bright officer sesh howe gelo eta bishal khoti jatir jonne.

    Eder modhhe besh kojon, parbotto chottogram e jibon baji rekhe judho korechhe. Kono kichu pabar jonne noi. Shudhui desher jonne.

    Eta shudhu 127 jon Officer er mrittu noi. Eta officer der morale backbone bhenge dewa holo.

    AL – BNP jei ashuk na kenou, ARMY er moral porikolpito bhabe bhenge dewa holo.

    Hoito etai amader kopale chhilo. Etai amader kopal, karon jokhon dekhi shikkhito shomaj er bishal ekta ongsho ke khub nikhut bhabe bibhranto korte prechhe, sei shokti.

    Apnara bitorko chaliwe jaaan ..


    Ei matro jana gelou, out of 9000 mutiners, only 500 were found in Pilkhana. Rest all were allowed to slip out during the game making and buy time. Remember : BD Army was not allowed to come front.

    Do u still have any doubt on the game ?

  16. Author Image


    how the general people are made fool with wrong informations i can see that! all rank of a institute gets salary according to his eligibility and capacity. who can show all gets the same salary in a office…no one i know.In the border area bdr gives the guard .Do you think all the guards are honest and they dont take any bribe? jawans earn ten times more then their original salary in this way. Last two/three years they did not get the scope and was not dared to take the bribe because only honest and highly potential officers are posted to bdr now a days. This made them desperate and they showed this cawardness.

  17. Author Image

    bibha mollik

    bdr jara amader nirapottar jonno sharabochor border a 24 ghonta pahara dey tader ki kono chaowa paowa nai??? 1800tk beton tader? tader family kibhabe beche thake apnara ki keu bhaben?? army ki kore? shob koshto bdr kore r army tader koshter taka lut kore khay… ami ditkar janai ay shorkar k jara bdr bhaider kotha na bhabay ajk ay di dekhte holo…

    eta proshashoner barthota chara r kichue na… bdr bhai ra ja korechen ta army officer der ay dirgho diner paper shasti…

    apnara mone rakhben ay army ra merechilo amader 2 neta k… bongobondhu k abong zia ur rahman k… keno bangali bhule gelo army der shey nrishongshota??

  18. Author Image

    Nadal Federer

    Army and Army related ra army ke mainly defend korbe , kichu public BDR ke support korbe .

    Well ,

    Killing is not the answer , mayb the revolt ta necessary chilo , but emon kichu hye jai ni je khun kora lagbe , so jara khun koreche tader ke upojukto shasti dite hobe


    BDR dr je chahida .. jeigula sensible r ki .. oigula puron kore dit e hobe ..

    Desh e asolei corruption vorti , all .. all i mean ALL , politician , govt officers , BD Army , BDR and police er ta toh LOL … kintu sobai karap na .. but … karap er percentage besi .. majority means .. so ke valo seta bujha jaina

    amar 70% sure lagcche .. eta pre planned chilo … r amar emn o suspect lage je .. eta kuno party , organization or foreign source hotte pare ..

  19. Author Image

    deines Freund

    Mr. Habib(comment #18) is not right about the raping news. None of the vicitims reported about these type of incidents. Since you were not in the BDR compound and none of the reporters of the private
    Tv channels reported, then where does he get this news? so, Mr. Habib, please withdraw your comment about the raping .

  20. Author Image


    manussher ovvass na bujhe kotha bola….jeta janen na ota nia alochona korle gujob choranor somvobona bare.i was in tht risky area..dabi daoa emon kichu chilo na je sathe sathe marte hobe…..jimmi kore daabi adaay korar jonno..evem terorist rao dabi thakle atkay rakha….dabi na manle alada bapar……ar ghotona planed chilo…army officer ra sathe arms rakhe na…tader security hiseb a bdr soinik thake……..dg ekjon noncomission soldier er chele chilen…so sobb somoy uni bhalo behave korten…..and army wife and mayder sathe ja hoysa eta amader jonno lojjajonok… ae baparta na choranor jonno onurodh korsi… army desher sarthe kharap kichu kore nai..korle amadero khoti hoto….ar bhaiera plz bondo kore na jena opobad deya…ak jon sohid ke dishonest bole opoman koren na nijke desh o jatike……thank respected pm seikh hasina, op leader khaleda zia and all army police rab force for thier role…….

  21. Author Image


    if suicide would permissible then I would commit suicide.It is better to die than hearing the news in the tv is really can the bdr jawan can do this?are not we the same under the sun of our beloved motherland.i want to ask the bdr jawan that what mischeif had done our army officers that legalize killing them.Allah says in the quran chapter no.04 verse no.93 that “If a man kills a believer intentionally his recompense is Hell to abide therein (for ever): and the wrath and the curse of Allah are upon him and a dreadful penalty is prepared for him.”
    There is an another verse in in the quran chapter no 05 verse no 32 & 33 that “On that account: We(Allah) ordained for the Children of Israel that if anyone slew a person unless it be for murder or for spreading mischief in the land it would be as if he slew the whole people: and if anyone saved a life it would be as if he saved the life of the whole people.”

    “The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His Apostle and strive with might and main for mischief through the land is: execution or crucifixion of the cutting off
    of hands and feet from opposite sides or exile from the land: that is their disgrace in this world and a heavy punishment is theirs in the Hereafter”.
    I am extremely severly hopeless dishearted & shocked for these action.i have no language for the victms.i can only pray o Allah give patience to our victimized brothers & sisters and accept their all good deeds and give them more than full recompense in day of ressurection.give jannah to our shaheed army officers without any encounter. i also pray o Allah give knowledge and wisdom of quran to the people of our motherland and guide all of us to the straight path of islam and to give the power to adhere islam completely.And lastly

    Allah alone knows best.He is the judge of all judges.”Our Rabb, You will surely gather all mankind before You on the Day about which there is no doubt; surly Allah does not
    break His promise.” (chapter no 03 verse no 9)

  22. Author Image

    Rahat Zaman

    It was full of bizarre and ample confusion from the very first troubled moment. It took me some time to grasp the whole reality that in the heart of Dhaka city on broad day light the BDR top brass was mercilessly butchered by their own soldiers. More I see the mutilated dead bodies coming out from mass graves one after another some with instant identifications but many not -the question striking my mind was: is this at all necessary to achieve any objective? Besides the Bangladesh satellite channels that are accessible at my North American location, I was wondering and keep failing to justify the masked and red-bandana clad BDR soldiers justifications of doing all these mess on their commanders, who were serving BDR from army on deputation , corruption, misbehave and living luxurious life! Does anybody deserve such deadly atrocities on corruption charges like our BDR officers were dying in the hands of some so called “mutineers”? What some of the BDR troopers did like killing 150 people or more just being mad dogs can be considered a mutiny in any classical sense? Come on, this is not mutiny in any sense but a heinous criminal act rather a bunch of murderers became trigger happy and killed unarmed officers in festive mood.

    But wait, I heard the ill-fate deceased DG Maj Gen Shakil managed to talk to prime minister, and army chief in the wee hours of the mess; may we know what exactly Maj Gen Shakil told them and what were immediate steps taken by these two top executives to save officers lives?

    An attempt to deescalate the tension, as claimed by appropriate measures necessary for that very moment the head of the government offered general amnesty, fine but why don’t we demand to learn that at the time when one DAD Touheed and his fellow “mutineers” had the privilege to meet prime minister and demanding for amnesty why didn’t prime minister demand in return to directly talk to Maj Gen Shakil and his top men who were claimed to be kept “hostage” by Touheed and his fellow men? Why didn’t a general amnesty offer was made in return of Maj Gen Shakil and all other captives safe arrival at BDR’s Main Gate besides Touheed and all his men’s arms lay down and surrender to law enforcement peacefully? Instead the nation with prime minister’s trust on bunch of criminals, allowed phase 2 and 3 killings and lootings, I would say. As if it was a picnic and some opportunity for a target practice fun, more of how to kill unarmed population was simply carried out.

    And how can a few thousand people simply flee from a secured and walled fort like compound just like magic? Was there anybody responsible for preventing bunch of criminals escaping no matter what we came to know about their atrocities at that moment?

    Wait, where was Sohel Taj, who was visible frequently at all time but not with a white flag entering BDR compound instead Nanak and Azam with questionable integrity did the job?

    Do we feel that DAD Touheed and his men fooled, bluffed and cheated the nation by lying that Maj Gen Shakil and BDR top brass were alive but reality was by then they were all brutally killed?

  23. Author Image

    Mohammad Iqbal

    DAD Touheed and his men were kids as if they did not know that amnesty will not cover the killers. Our PM the smart one thought that the DAD and his criminal wouldn’t figure out her talented move…we will get you later on. The whole world knew that cold blooded murderer would not fall even under blanket amnesty. In the end the DAD and criminals got what they asked for. Did the PM get what she wanted acheive from the deal is a debatable matter.

  24. Author Image

    Habib Mahmud

    This country’s people deserve to be poor, and we should not sympathize for the people who are poor in this country. Why we should not sympathize for the poor has been answered by the BDR killers. The poor masses in this country are idle and corrupt. They don’t work honestly, and all that they want is to get rich through corruption only. Don’t say that this character of theirs is motivated by poverty. Bangladeshi workers who went abroad for work in places like the Middle East, Malaysia, etc. have already earned a bad reputation for our country. No one has respect for a Bangali. There are many poor countries out there, some than Bangladesh even, but I bet that the people there are different. Yes you can say that all this corruption is only made possible through the backing of an elite class in our society. But if you see carefully, you will find that most of those people in the elite class trace their ancestry to that lowly class in this society. Blood does not change. Its not a matter of money and wealth that makes the difference. Its family background, that which we sometimes call “BONGSHO”, that really matters. Sadly, this difference in inherited values and culture is quite existing and visible in our society and we should structure our society accordingly, which we at present don’t take seriously. The talented people and the people of class don’t have a position in our society.

    Anyways, lets stop blaming the Army about anything. They are the only organization that did not get touched by the flood of lowliness and corruption in our country. Atleast its the only organiation that has earned Bangladesh some reputation worldwide. Corrupted army officials in BDR? Who says that? Sub-human forms of lowly creatures who have not been allowed there natural habit of corruption and so they went out looting and raping? Such people should be made to stand in a line in a firing squad and killed like insects. There have been enough evidence to blame the civilians of corruption in this society, so correct yourself before blaming the precious military of this sovereign country without proper evidence and justification. Hope we are all sane and justified people.

  25. Author Image


    This WHOLE INCIDENT WAS PROBABLY BACKED BY A POLITICAL GROUP WHO WAS TORTURED BY ARMY DURING CARETAKER GOVERNMENT. I heard from top level reliable source that all young women inside the compound was raped. And the real criminals are not under custody.

  26. Author Image


    it was a pre-planned attack but who planned it?i mourn the death of the officer’s……:(

  27. Author Image


    all the wrong information… Habib told BDR soldier salary 1800… F**ing thinking.. their salary is 10000… actually we hav realized it was was preplanned… but Media propaganda made it so favorable to BDR.

  28. Author Image

    Mollah Harun

    The BDR incident was brilliantly managed by the PM. It was ‘A’ class performance. Otherwise the conspirators would have succeeded. They wanted to topple the new government by plunging the nation into internecine strife.

    The conspirators are out there. These same killers were behind the massacre at Bangabandhu Avenue where Hasina miraculously survived the commando style act of terrorism. All the international anti-terrorist organisations now know who were behind this mayhem. These killers must be apprehended so that we are not hassled because of our green passport in foreign airports.The August grenade blast and the BDR massacre were given as reasons for extra measures in searching and interrogating passengers from Dhaka in a North American airport by special agents when confronted with questions.

  29. Author Image

    Liaqat Ullah

    It was great to see Border Guard Bangladesh back on its feet again in less than a year. Who would have thought we will again see the frontier guards reorganised after the failed conspiratorial plot to destroy this institution with the aim of creating civil disorder in the country.

    The government and the new DG of BGB deserves special mention for the superb job done.

  30. Author Image


    Just shut up habib…………!! koitheke shob ajiara news shartese internet a ……….oil ur own business..:/ u shouldn’t pass bad comments about them …whatever they were…but they consoled their life for the safety of this country…..I HATE U HABIB…..coz amar babao BDR a shohid hoyeche….u can’t feel that nijer baba harale kemon lage……..manusher name abol tabol kotha bola to kono bepar na jokhon nijer shomoi ashbe tokhon bujhben amader kosto……….amra ekhon jibito thekeo mrito..etto koste thakar theke jahannam a jawai thik shilo…

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