The Invisible Government



Directorate General of Forces Intelligence (DGFI) is an intelligence agency in Bangladesh that manages to poke it’s nose in everything. Every government since its inception by Ziaur Rahman has abused it to gain an upper hand in the game of ruling Bangladesh. We saw the worst of its excess during the caretaker government–DGFI left all pretense of staying in the background and actively participated in the interrogation and torture of various politicians and journalists, and people from other walks of life.

We covered the interrogation of Abdul Jalil, AL presidium member, the torture of Tasneem Khalil, a journalist. We talked about the torture of Dr. Anwar Hossain, a university professor.

With offices in every district, an ear on every door and control of the media, DGFI is the invisible government that greatly influences, and in some areas dictates, how Bangladesh’s power-structure operates.

Now that an elected government is in power, the veils of secrecy are being slowly lifted. Mr. Jalil described his torture and demanded in the parliament that DGFI be confined to policing the Army. Sheikh Selim and others described similar treatment and stories.

Yesterday, Rashed Khan Menon, the consummate political insider, demanded a parliamentary investigation of DGFI. He said that DGFI’s media wing controls the media, the political wing forms new political parties, breaks established parties in the name of reform.

So what gives? Are these politicians suddenly becoming fearless and growing backbones, or do they believe that there is very high-level support for finally reigning in DGFI?

The answer lies with Major Gen. (Rtd) Tarique Ahmed Siddique, the security adviser to the prime minister with a full minister’s rank. Gen. Siddique is the brother-in-law of Sheikh Rehana, but for this discussion, one of his other roles is relevant.

Gen. Siddique also happens to be a former director general of DGFI, and according to another retired general, “hates the guts of the current DGFI leadership.”

Of course, he will not lift a finger without the assent of Sheikh Hasina.

So with the pronouncements in the Parliament, is Sheikh Hasina (and her proxy Gen. Siddique) sending a strong signal that DGFI is not immune any more?

Will finally the invisible government’s powers be trimmed back?

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    Nasir Al Sheikh

    This government has people’s mandate to take this monster organisation to task. This is basically modeled after the ISI of Pakistan. These organisations are basically run by crooks and criminals inside the army. They have no national boundaries as the American CIA found out the Frankenstein’s monster it created by aiding the ISI and the Taleban during the Russian occupation of Afghanistan.

    The Awami League government should be very careful as the DFI has close links with the ISI of Pakistan. The killer assassin Dalim is thought to be a recruit of ISI and is likely to be in Pakistan now in the company of his ISI brethren. The good news is that dreaded crooked agencies like ISI and DFI will have all their funding severely cut with change of government in the US. The criminal Bush administration had been behind these secretive illegitimate covert organisations to prop up blockhead military juntas. With Bush gone, democracy is and will get stronger in the coming days as evidenced by the return of democracy in Pakistan and Bangladesh. With the US economy in recession these clandestine notorious organistions will be in dire straits.

    ISI of Pakistan is now a self-perpetuating evil organisation beyond government control that can go beyond its borders. It supplied nuclear weapons technology to many frail developing nations. If it has any link with the Bombay massacre as alleged by the Indians it should ring bells for us too. Jamaat-e-Islami is their tentacles.

    Its wings should be clipped so that it never ever dare to interfere in national politics and thereby indulge in rampant corruption, gross misconduct and misbehaviour, gross violation of human rights, blackmailing, extortion and other evil acts.

    I fully demand that it should be thoroughly investigated and its modus operandi exposed to he people by placing a white paper on its criminal activities since Bangladesh’s inception. This monstrous evil devil must be nipped in the bud before it transforms itself into a ISI-like Satan.

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    Big Brother Watching Yuh

    During the tenure of Fakruddin there was massive corruption and nepotism. Millions of takas were looted through hyper-inflated price tags for different projects. Faruddin also gave illegal favors to NGOs like Grameen Bank and BRAC.

    Corruption charges against Fakruddin and family including Geeti Ara and Ifthekar Ahmed should be probed afresh. Fakruddin was so low that he even appointed Yasmeen Morshed and Fahim Munaem as ambassadors to Pakistan and Indonesia at the fag end of his failed era.

    Yasmeen Morshed and Badruddoza Choudhury illegally grabbed land in Uttara for Uttara Women Medical College and Scholastica School and the other third of the public park was given to Uttara Club to dilute their corrupt practices. All these cases should be immediately revived and the culprits should be severely punished.

    The unecessary bridge connecting Gulshan to Banani and contracts granted to a garden and landscaping agency are glaring examples of corruption during the so-called illegitimate caretaker government in addition to the BTRC allegations. Only Fakruddin and Anwarul Iqbaal knows what purpose the fancy bridge is serving. Most of the time this white elephant is hardly used by residents of an automobile choked Dhaka.

    I would request the present government to be sensible and people-oriented and spend instead on public buses to alleviate the miseries of the daily commuting ordinary men. I WANT TO DRAW THE ATTENTION OF THE PM AND THE R&D MINISTER IN THIS REGARD.

    Anyone with link to the defence forces intelligence (DFI) of Bangladesh cannot claim to be a saint. We are getting to know harrowing tales of inhumane torture, extrajudicial killings, witch-hunt, physical and verbal abuse, blackmailing, extortion, corruption and other immoral acts by the elements of this moribund secretive covert agency run by psychopathic devils.

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    Engr Khondkar Abdus Saleque( Sufi)

    DGFI tasks should be defined. In a emocratic society no government institution can be allowe to operate outsie its periphery to act as per its sweet free will. DGFI is an intelligence agency to police anti sate or other subversive activities of army and its allie institutions. But very often military dictators of Bangladesh miused it to form political parties .Both BNP &JP unfortunately were formed with active role of DGFI.Two Generals turned politicians must be blamed squarely for this. DGFI also played very active role before and after 1/11. Their excesses must be investigated.Sovereign parliament must form a committe to investigate into several incidents that politicians are now talking about. In future DGRFI must not be allowed to allowed to act beyond its prescribed role. This democratic government must establish this.Perhaps government and opposition will unanimously to a to an agreement to this.
    General (Retd) Tareque Siddique is the senior most Hasina close relative to look after her security . There is nothing wrong in making her advisor as Hasina requires reliable person in that position with total alligeance and knowlege.He being ex GFI chief has fair idea to advise Hasina as several militant groups are still threatening to kill her.

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    Long live Bangladesh democracy!

    শুধুমাত্র আজকের অনলাইনে প্রকাশিত বাংলা পত্রিকাগুলো থেকে সংগৃহীত কিছু তাজা খবর:
    – ডুয়েটে ছাত্রলীগের দুইগ্রুপে সংঘর্ষ : আহত ৫০
    – সন্ত্রাসীদের চিনে ফেলায় না’গজ্ঞে মিল ম্যানেজার খুন : রডের ট্রাক ছিনতাই
    – শাবিতে ছাত্রদল নেতাকর্মীদের ওপর আবারো ছাত্রলীগের হামলা – ইনকিলাব
    – নেত্রকোনায় রক্তক্ষয়ী সংঘর্ষে বিএনপি কর্মী খুন
    – কেরানীগজ্ঞে পুলিশ ফাঁড়ি ভবেন দুঃসাহিসক চুরি
    – লালবাগে ৫ লাখ টাকা চাঁডা দাবী করেছে আলীগ নেতা, না দিলে হত্যার হুমিক
    – ভিকটিম সাপোর্ট সেন্টারে দ্বিতীয় দিনে ছয়টি অভিযোগ
    – মাদারগজ্ঞে স্বতন্ত্র প্রার্থীর গনসংযোগে আওয়ামী কর্মীদের বাধা
    – রাজধানীতে ছিনতাইকারীর গুলি ও প্রতিপক্ষের ছুরিকাঘাতে দুই ঠিকাদার আহত
    – হবিগজ্ঞে ডাকাতের গুলিতে স্কুল শিক্ষক নিহত
    – মাধবদীতে অজ্ঞানপার্টির ক্ষপ্পরে নছিমনচালক, দেড় লক্ষ টাকার কাপড় লুট
    – মোরেলগন্জ ও ধামরাইয়ে ডাকাতি, চার ডাকাত আটক
    – রাজধানীর থানাগুলোতে ফের দালালচক্রের দৌরাত্ম
    – এস আই মোস্তাফিজের লাশ দাফন, ঘাতক মামুন গ্রেফতার
    – সান্তাহারে বিডিআর, জনতা, চোরাচালানী ত্রিমুখী সংঘর্ষে সাংবাদিক সহ আহত চল্লিশ
    – নাঙ্গলকোর্টে মাদ্রাসায় সন্ত্রাসীদের হামলা – ইনকিলাব
    – রায়গন্জে টেন্ডারবাজী, ঠিকাদারদের মধ্যে হাতাহাতি
    – চরফ্যাশনে চাঁদা না পেয়ে দুই বিএনপি কর্মীকে বেধড়ক পিটুনি
    – মুন্সিগন্জ ও পটিয়ায় দুধর্ষ ডাকাতি
    – নগরকান্দা উপজেলা স্বাস্হ্য কেন্দ্রে চিকিতসক লান্ছিত
    – চকরিয়ায় অজ্ঞান পার্টির ছয় সদস্য গ্রেফতার
    – শিবির ক্যাডার নাসির সহ তিন সন্ত্রাসী খালাস
    – দক্ষিন পশ্চিমাঙ্চালে ফের মাথাচারা দিয়ে উঠছে চরমপন্হীরা
    – পটুয়াখালীতে কুপিয়ে হত্যা
    – রোয়াংছড়িতে অস্ত্রসহ দুই বিচ্ছিন্নতাবাদী সন্ত্রাসী আটক
    – চার্জশীট না দিতে তদন্ত কর্মকর্তাকে মহিলা যুবলীগ নেত্রীর চাপ
    – রাজধানীতে দুই শিশুর লাশ উদ্ধার
    – বাসা থেকে মোবাইলে চিকিতসা হাসপাতালে, শিশুর মৃত্য
    – আটপাড়ায় সংঘর্ষে নৈশপ্রহরী খুন, আহত ২০
    – বাহুবলে দুই গ্রামে বাসিন্দাদের সংঘর্ষে পুলিশসহ আহত ১০০

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