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Begum Monnujan Sufian, the newly appointed state minister of Labour, came to Dhaka as a newly elected MP, and stayed at a hotel for Tk. 138 per night. She went to Bongobhaban for her oath ceremony from that hotel, and returned there as a newly minted state minister.

As reported, she did not stay with any relative because she did not want to take any favors from anyone. All she had to do was hint, and there would have been a crowd of rich people fighting over each other to put her up at luxury hotels or other accommodation.

I believe as a result of this newspaper report, she spent last night at a Bangladesh Railways guest house.

Begum Sufian will soon move to her state-owned residence. But in the few days she stayed in a modest hotel and paid for it out of her own pocket, this simple woman has set an example.

All the fat cat current and former ministers should be ashamed.

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    Javed Zaman

    But it’s too early to opine. So far he has made a positive impact on the common public. Shahara Khatun is known to be down to earth, darn honest and very very strict. Sohel is after all the first PM’s son. Sohel has been asked to interact directly with police while Shahara will supervise police in full consultation with the PM. The good thing about Shahara is that she knows the problems of common people and on top she has tremendous experience as a Supreme Court lawyer working for the masses who cannot afford expensive lawyers.

    Tajuddin is known to be the most brilliant cabinet member of Bangabandhu’s first government and his best friend. Sheikh Hasina has been widely acclaimed in Bangladesh for catapulting Taj into the political limelight before launching Joy. She has also done the same the same with VP Nazrul Islam’s son. They won from their dad’s consituencies that was terrorized by BNP after the 2001 elections. I am sure he will enshrine his father’s incorruptible honesty and integrity.

    Moreover since both lost their fathers in Nov., 1975, I am sure Sohel Taj will aggressively pursue the assassins of 1975.

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    Very inspiring story indeed. Would keep an eye on the wires if her name comes up.

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