Post Election Violence



A group of people claiming to be part of the newly elected ruling political party attacked a home in the village of Khasitola in Sylhet District. They destroyed furniture and belongings of the residents and injured the inmates Asma Begum and her daughter Ashik Jonaki. In the post Parliamentary election period there have been several incidents of harassment and attacking opponent’s homes. So far 8 people have been killed in the post election violence.

Sylhet, Bangladesh. January 05 2009
by: A H Arif, DRIK News


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One Response to “Post Election Violence”

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    Sentu Tikadar

    Post election violence is a revelation of human cruelty.
    The more the post election violenece in a country, the more the chance of the party to loose its power soon.

    Bangladesh Govt. should form a cell to watch and control the post election violenece as soon as possible.

    Love for all can change our lives.

    Come to form Bangladesh a developing country and education sysstem shall be modified. The education shall not be based on religius doctrine but shall be based on teaching tolerance.

    Sentu Tikadar

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