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Dear readers, please join in a live discussion on the new cabinet of Bangladesh. You can join the discussion in the comment section. Please keep your questions, concerns, thoughts coming.

The most surprising name was Comrade Dilip Barua. People know about the honesty of Matia Chowdhury, Abdul Mal Abdul Muhit, Syed Ashraful Islam, Nurul Islam Nahid and Dr. Dipu Moni. Some are disappointed as some names like Fazle Nur Taposh, Hasanul Haque Inu, Rashed Khan Menon are not in. The most disputed choice might be the father in law of Hasina’s daughter Khondoker Musharrof Hossain.

Journey To Infinitive: Any Idea about portfolio? Channel I has mentioned that departments will be allocated tonight among the ministers.

Shada Kalo: 1. Not surprised that Razzak/ Amu/ Tofael/Suranjit are not included. Hasina allegedly told the RATS: “I’ll forgive, but not forget”.

2. It would be interesting to see how the conflict of interest issues are handled, specially if Col (retd) Farooq Khan gets the Power/Energy portfolio

3. Muhith for Finance is not a done deal.. there is at least one former IFC/World Bank economist on the list: Dr. Abdur Razzak

Setsuna F Seiei: As I mentioned earlier in my initial-reaction-post, younger generation representatives aren’t quite there. If this Govt wants to reach Digital Bangladesh vision, they need to include more leaders who understand the definition of digital better.

There’s still time and I sincerely hope the next 8-10 Ministers will be these real young lots. It’s disappointing to see cabinet’s getting filled with some relatives.

Agree with Shadakalo on his number 3 points. To Col (retd ) Farooq Khan, please be transparent, honest and hard working. We can’t afford any loss in this area anymore. If we can’t progress with power, country won’t reach its vision by 2100, let alone 2021!

Journey To Infinitive: Well Power is Equally complemented to LGRD as Finance is with Planning. Most important is the team work and understanding between those Ministries. I am very keen to know who gets LGRD. I like Farooq khan. But the Minister only can’t do any thing. We need some one like Kamrul Hassan Siddiqe who was known as wonder boy of LGRD history. He was the one who formed LGRD.

SDG: There is hot talk going on about Khondokar Mosharaf here and here. A blog investigation team is being formed to know about his activities in 1971. What do you think about that?

Journey To Infinitive: I don’t think to make RATS (Razzak, Amu, Tofail, Suranjit) out is a good Idea. I have seen ND TIWARI, S PAWER all those people were Vocal against Gandhi Family. But Still they have got Ministry and all. I feel Tofail, Razzak, Suranjit had huge contribution.

I don’t think in Parliament still RATS do not have any substitute.

Shada Kalo: I was watching the oath ceremony on TV, and it seemed like Begum Munnujan Sufian tried to get to a mike, found it occupied, and turned around for a bit before finding a vacant spot. Where were the protocol officers who are paid to ensure these things do not happen? And I hope Begum Sufian will be able to navigate the bureaucracy better.
– Nurul Islam Nahid: Education (source)
– Barrister Shafique Ahmed: Law (speculation)
– Inu and Menon are two noticeable omissions that I didn’t care about much, but I was hoping Col. Oli Ahmed would get a portfolio.
– Lets see if Hasina can do a new thing and relinquish Defense to a minister. As far as I recall, our PMs have always kept Defense in their own hands (fat lot of good that did). There is no reason Defense and Muktojuddho can not be combined under one minister, and I hope Air Vice Marshal (rtd) A. K. Khandker would get that. But as Bush would say, “not gonna happen”

Setsuna F Seiei: Dipu Moni is the Foreign Minister!!!! I’m Sooo Happy!!!

Shada Kalo: Amazing. A doctor and a lawyer in one.

Note: Dr. Dipu Moni has a website. check it out!

Journey To Infinitive: Just in. Advocate Sahara Khatun for Home. Tanjim Ahmed Sohel Taj will be the State Minister.

Full portfolio from BDNEWS24:

* Sheikh Hasina – Defence, Parliamentary, Religion, Women Affairs, Energy, Housing, Works
* Motia Chowdhury – Agriculture
* Syed Ashraful Islam – LGRD
* AMA Muhit – Finance
* AK Khandker -Planning
* Nurul Islam Nahid – Education
* Abul Kalam Azad – Information
* Dr. Abdur Razzak – Food and Relief
* Khandaker Mosharraf Hossain (father in law of Hasina’s daughter Saima Wajed) – labour and employment and expatriate welfare
* Dilip Barua – Industries (technocrat quota)
* GM Quader – Civil Aviation and Tourism
* Barrister Shafiq Ahmed – Law (technocrat quota)
* Raziuddin Ahmed Razu – Telecommunications
* Dr. AFM Ruhul Haq – health
* Col Faruq Khan – Commerce
* Abdul Latif Siddiqui – Jute and Textiles
* Ramesh Chandra Sen – Water Resources
* Enamul Huq Mustafa Shahid – Social Welfare
* Rezaul Karim Hira – Land
* Afsarul Amin – Shipping
* Abdul Latif Biswas – Fisheries and Livestock
* Syed Abul Hossain – Communication
* Dr. Dipu Moni – Foreign
* Advocate Sahara Khatun – Home

State Ministers:
* Mostafizur Rahman – Environment
* ABM Tajul Islam – Liberation War Affairs
* Tanjim Ahmed Sohel Taj -Home
* Dr Hasan Mahmood – Foreign
* Begum Munnujan Sufian – Labor
* Dipankar Talukder – CHT
* Ahad Ali Sarkar – Sports
* Yafes Osman -Science

Most encouraging is the number of women in the cabinet. There are four female ministers except the Prime Minsiter: Motia Chowdhury, Sahara Khatun, Dipu Moni and Munnuzan Sufian.

From the comments section:

Manirul Islam: Excluding Saber Hossain, no matter whatever ‘reformer’ stigma is attached to his name’ is not strategically correct. He is one of the very few AL front line leaders like Motia and Nasim who had serious participation in street protests, and also one of the rare type of AL leaders having clean image. Furthermore, excluding Mustafa Jalal has left politically very pricey inner Dhaka literally unrepresented.

Engr. Mosharraf Hossain does neither have any political or academic credential, nor a correct image to claim this reward and responsibility. To me, one of the best choices is the inclusion of Dilip Barua.

Inclusion of Inu and Menon was an imperative for Sheikh Hasina if she wanted to get long term dividend from our national patriotic politics. I, like majority public, personally have no regret for the fall of liabilities like RATS and Sheikh Salim.

Journey To Infinitive: Any idea about * Raziuddin Ahmed Razu who got Telecommunication? What is his back ground and all? Dilip Barua In Industry? Very surprising. All his life he followed hard core left politics. Most important he does have strong ties with China.

Setsuna F Seiei: So far reactions received on Sahara Khatun selection reaction are quite negative. May be she will do well but 15 out of 16 people i’ve spoken to cant rely on her. Im fearing HUJI members are playing holi at this moment and Noor Mohammed (IG) is baffled in uniform. I thought only following portfolios got some justice done (either to the portfolio or to the candidate):

LGRD- Syed Ashraful
Agriculture – Matia Choudhury
Finance – A M A Muhit
Education – Nahid

AK Khondoker should have received much more important ministry.

Journey To Infinitive: I learned that Mr Raju has been graduated in 1966. So I guess Telco is not the right place for him.

Setsuna F Seiei: There goes your vision 2021 and Digital Bangladesh. I love my dad but i would never put him in technical/IT related stuff because that’s not his cup of tea. Someone young…. dreams going down the drain already…

An interesting comment in Unheard Voice Blog:

Sheikh Hasina had requested Dilip Barua not to demand a nomination for the Parliamentary seat; in exchange he was promised a technocrat ministry. The same offer was made to Inu and Menon. They refused and demanded that they be nominated. That might be the reason they are not getting a ministerial post at the moment.

Journey To Infinitive: I am worried about one thing…due to inexperience of the Cabinet there is a chance of bureaucracy starting to dominate.

Shada Kalo: Poor Munnujan Sufian.. she will be eaten alive by the secretaries.

Salam Dhaka: Yafes Osman – I think he is (writer) Shaukat Osman’s son.

Journey To Infinitive: I am wondering why Dilip Barua was given a key ministry like industry. He follows communist ideology, will it be a problem?

Salam Dhaka: The previous BNP government religiously followed the donors’ directives in absence of a strong voice in the industry ministry. We have to focus on our internal industries and create jobs.

Journey To Infinitive: So I believe Industry and Commerce Ministry has balance.

Tokai: Awami League has shown it’s commitment to women. Foreign, Home and Agriculture, arguably the top 3 ministries will have a woman leader. When was the last time Bangladesh had a woman foreign minister?

Journey To Infinitive: Bangladesh never had an women foreign minister.

Tokai: The first time that Khulna will see a Minister. Also the first time where grassroots leaders got the chunk of the cabinet positions nomination versus businessmen.

Journey To Infinitive: Well Little confusion here. Yafes osman is the State Minister of Science, Information & Technology and also the Telecommunication Ministry.

Raziuddin Ahmed Razu is the Minsiter of the Post & Telecommunication ministry. Who is the boss of Telecom then?

Rezwan: Its Razu obviously.

From the comments section:

Onno Manush: Sohel Taj is a fantastic pick for home. Graduated from George Washington university, this guy is young and tough and even after being an MP for 5 years, has a superb reputation. He moved his family to Bangladesh and went through the pains of proving himself to his people and deserves this honor.

Ehsan: Most of the cabinet members are with honest image. But in Bangladesh most people are honest when they don’t get any chance to be dishonest. So time will say how we shall grow as a nation. But I am hoping for the best and really dreaming for a ‘Din Bodol’.

Journey To Infinitive: Dr Dipu Moni is an unbelievable pick and shows the statement that is being made here. She is trained in Johns Hopkins, one of the most premier institutions in the world. She is a simple woman, a practicing physician and now she will be our face to the world. What does that tell the world about Bangladesh.

Shada Kalo: Yes, Yafes Osman is Shawkat Osman’s son. He has to be in his 50s.. 2008 was Shawkat Osman’s 91st birth anniversary.

Unless Bangladesh is going to ditch IMF/WB and get even closer with Beijing, I still don’t get the Dilip Barua nomination. Bangladesh needs $2 billion (for 2000 MW additional power generation, which is a high priority) and Korean/Chinese supplier credit is not going to cut it–so we have to ask WB/IMF for that fund. As the saying goes, beggars cannot be choosers. I’d like to see Finance/ERD ask for loans/grants while the industry minister ignores IMF prescriptions–that will never happen.

Another concern: Comrade Barua is going to escalate the various unions’ power at the detriment of the industry. If he can strike a good balance, I have no complaint.

Perhaps he can learn from China.. both Menon and Barua are experts in opening the umbrella if it rains in Beijing.

Journey To Infinitive: I am really happy to see the big change in the total environment. Bloggers are concerned about the Economy, IT, Telecom and over all policy making. I couldn’t imagine such thing on 2001.

Faiyaz:Yafes Osman might not be a bad choice as ICT minister. He is from BUET and looks after the BUET student politics. Therefore he is in touch with the BUET graduates. Moreover, as far as I have seen him, he seems to be a dynamic personality. He is about 60 years of age.

We are closing this discussion here. Thank you everyone for participating. Readers: please continue to leave you opinions in the comments section.

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40 Responses to “Discussion On The New Cabinet”

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    Manirul Islam

    Excluding Saber Hossain, no matter whatever ‘reformer’ stigma is attached to his name’ is not strategically correct. He is one of the very few AL frontline leaders like Motia and Nasim who had serious participations in street protests, and also one of the rare type of AL leaders having clean image. Furthermore, excluding Mustafa Jalal has left politically very pricy inner Dhaka literally unrepresented. Engr. Mosharraf Hossain does neither have any political or academic credential, nor a correct image to claim this reward and responsibility. To me, one of the best choices is the inclusion of Dilip Barua. Inclusion of Inu and Menon was an imperative for Sheikh Hasina if she wanted to get long term divident from our national patriotic politics. I, like majority public, personally have no regret for the fall of liabilities like RATS and Sheikh Salim.

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    Surprising selections & portfolio distributions. I wish our PM the best; it was about time for a change towards a new generation of leaders. Hopefully, the senior leaders will formulate policies and allow the mostly fresh and younger members of the cabinet to effectively implement those policies.

    Bongobondhu made the biggest mistake of his life by being lenient with the “traitors” in his party; I am glad that Sheikh Hasina has finally realized that and changed course. Remember Kh. Mostaque Ahmed? Once a traitor, always a traitor!

    It will all reap benefits for our people if:
    1. The senior leaders cooperate with the younger ones, and vice versa.
    2. The opposition parties are allowed to participate accordingly.
    3. Any signs of nepotism ( in-law Engineer Mosharraf appointment?) is avoided.
    4. If we take a stand against 1971 war criminals, then stand by it. Hope we will not forget and/or forgive those war criminals just because are our close relatives.

    It will all work only if we believe in what we say!

  3. Author Image

    Rakibul Hassan Khan

    Why only one member in the cabinet from JP. And why not a promising young leader like Saber Hossain has been excluded in the cabinet.

  4. Author Image

    Sharin Hossain

    Khondker Mosharaf Hossain, did his masters in civil engineering from Stratclyde University in Glasgow. He was the Chief Engineer for LGD (now LGRD) right after the war. He worked for the ILO (International Labor Organization) from 1980 to 1993. Yes, he is Sheikh Hasina’s daughters father-in-law, but do you think Sheikh Hasina would get her daughter married to just any family…I promise you he is one of the most experienced, honest and forward looking men of this era. Watch him carefully, the Labor Ministry will be one of the most successful one’s, because his development projects across Africa have been highly successful, and he is used as an example in the ILO, his experience cannot be matched, because he was a hands on worker, not just one who sat in the office and dictated letters.

  5. Author Image

    Sharin Hossain

    BTW Kamrul Hassan Siddiqe used to work under Khandker M. Hossain when he left the LGRD.

  6. Author Image


    I am surprised and cautiously happy to see the cabinet. It is highly appreciated that new Prime Minister thought about 2021 when she decided about cabinet members. Young leaders who are educated but proven in political field have been nominated for cabinet. May be PM wanted to include very few family members. I think due to this family quota Barrister Fazle Nur Taposh is not included and on the other hand Khondokar Mosharof Hosaain got the chance.

    But I am shocked to see the distribution of portfolios. Say Advocate Sahara Khatun is honest but there are lot of doubts about how good she will be as home minister. I think there are lot of better options inside the cabinet members as home minister.

    I don’t have any problem to have a cabinet without RATS. But this cabinet is too much obedient to PM and inexperienced which may cause hesitation in taking decisions and all will rush to PM’s Office.

    PM’s office can turn into super cabinet and centre for all ‘Decision making processes’ instead of secretariat. Most worrying matter is the selection of Advisors to PM. Among them leader of the advisors Moshiur Rahman himself is honest and capable. But other members are not strong enough. HT Imam was not strong enough in decision making prior election situations. Besides he was not one of the brightest secretaries during his job life. Eye specialist Dr Modassar is more sycophant of PM than qualified governor and Ex VC Dr Alauddin is not regarded as man of good morale or principle.

    Most of the cabinet members are with honest image. But in Bangladesh most people are honest when they don’t get any chance to be dishonest. So time will say how we shall grow as a nation. But I am hoping for the best and really dreaming for a ‘Din Bodol’

  7. Author Image

    Onno Manush

    Sohel Taj is a fantastic pick for home. Graduated from George Washington university, this guy is young and tough and even after being an MP for 5 years, has a superb reputation. He moved his family to Bangladesh and went through the pains of proving himself to his people and deserves this honor.

  8. Author Image


    I congratulate the cabinet members. People told on other portfolios, but I am focusing on Education. I think, Nurul Islam Nahid is the best pick for education. May be, first time we have a person in ministry who I have vision on nation’s education. For long, I follow up his write-ups in Dailies on education related matters that reflect his grand concerns about country’s education and its possible reforms.

    Mr Nahid, wish you a very good success. Nation awaits your service.

  9. Author Image

    Engr Khondkar Abdus Saleque

    Very encouraging selection. Most of the cabinet members have clean image and are non controversial .Advocate Sahara Kahtun and Dr Dipu Moni will have the most challenging tasks. But Sohel Taj and Dr. Hasn Mahmud will add value. Agriculture , Food, Finace and Planning are in very capable hands. Col (Retd) Farookh Khan will have challenging task in Commerece.Dr Ruhul Haque., Barrister Shafique and Mr. N.I Nahid are also right choice.
    PM must find out some Honest and Capble person as Energy & Power Minster.It needs full time attention of a very capable person of knowledge, competence and courage. We have a very strong forum of ex Petrobangla Professionals working in North America, Western Europe , Australia and Middle East. We like to contribute for the Bangladesh energy sector at this hours of crisis.
    Engr.Khondkar Musharraf must try to utilise the expatriate expertise in the best possible manner.
    We must congratualte Bangabandhu daughter for a very courageous selection of cabinet.We will do everything possible to assist from abroad.

  10. Author Image

    Mitul Biswas

    Overall, this is a good cabinet. There are few ministers about whom many do not know that much. The influence of secretaries may increase in some ministries. But I am happy that three simple and “clean” image women leaders will lead three important ministries. I want to say they are the Three Motias. Hope Sahara Khatun will run the Home Ministry with iron hand. I am confident that Sahara Khatun is capable to bring peace to the people of Bangladesh and Motia Chowdhury is also capable of attaining food sufficiency in Bangladesh. However, I am not sure as to how Dipu Moni and Dr. Hasan are eligible for the Foreign Ministry. I, however, am confidence in them as they can lead any sector.

    Like many, I was surprised and upset not to see some more clean faces — Asaduzzaman Nur, Saber Hossain Chowdhury, Fazle Noor Taposh, Hasanul Haque Inu and Rashed Khan Menon.

    But I have a hunch. Hasina was also strategic in forming the New Government. Saber Chowdhury, Noor, Jalil worked relentlessly to bring changes in Awami League since 2001. And, Sheikh Hasina was receptive to those changes. Sycophants of some leaders led by Amu started to spread rumors against the above persons during the time of emergency. Hasina might have not made Inu and Menon full ministers as it might make RATS feel bad. I still believe Asaduzzaman Nur and Saber Chowdhury could be a part of this cabinet.

    Some may say that Hasina did not give any position to Taposh and Selim to avoid the presence of relatives in the Ministry. But how come Putul’s father in law with a “debatable” background has become a full minister? I can only oppose this selection. It is a promising cabinet. But it could be better.

  11. Author Image

    Zulfikar Ali

    I agree with Ehsan’s analysis.

    “But I am shocked to see the distribution of portfolios. Say Advocate Sahara Khatun is honest but there are lot of doubts about how good she will be as home minister. I think there are lot of better options inside the cabinet members as home minister.”

    Home ministry is a very important portfolio. I am not confident that Sahara Khatun can manage law and order in Bangladesh. Already AL cadre’s are coming back to Bangladesh. Is she strong enough to go against her own party cadre’s! I am afraid, under her leadership, Bangladesh might plundge into chaos within six months. Hopefully I am wrong.

    I liked most other distribution of cabinets and wish them best of luck.

  12. Author Image

    Haroon Rashid

    At a first glance, the primary selection of cabinet looks ok, But certainly we have to wait few months more to see the outcome. I am worried about Home ministry, because this is most tough place for anyone in a country like Bangladesh where people has wrong concept about democracy. Many people thinks democracy is a playground without any referee. AL govt will be in trouble control its own thugs and goons who already coming from their hideout. Sahara Khatun will have tough time ahead. But lets hope for the best of her success.

    Another disappointing fact is that Asaduzzaman Nur and Saber Chowdhuri didnt get any part in the ministry yet, but surely they have chance in the future. Glad to see Amu, Tofael, Razzak out of the list. One of the best looking cabinet since independence.

  13. Author Image

    Golam Mawla

    This cabinet has drawn much curisity among citizens of different spheres of the country. No regular cabinet had earlier drawn such attention, I believe. Atleast several reasons are there: absence of many common faces, if those faces were in the cabinet people could make their easy undestanding. Now this is not possible; more importantly inclusion of new faces, while analysing such faces people are getting more and more impressive information regarding these faces. So the discussion will go on. But I feel there is no way than this cabinet succeed. There is no way that both the party formning the government and the party becoming opposition in the parliament paly very positive rule… so that the country’s economy embarked into a smart GDP growth rate. Good luck for both parties, new cabinet and new parliament.

  14. Author Image


    It seems to many that hasina is trying to overdo in many instances with her usual uncontrolled emotion. Everyone is watching closely what she is doing recently, guided by rehana and few relatives. For example, she is showing too much intimacy or regards to zillur rahman- why? she is not doing it simply to show her respect, she is trying to show the other seniors and reformists that she doesnt care about reform.. all she wants is loyalty. And u would simply see how she paid them back.. motia, sahara, dipumoni..all who were sorrounding zillur during the last 2 yrs got rewards.. i would say too much rewards…. i would not comment about their capabilities.. but surely hasina did not do this considering the country’s future first.. her emotion is so explicit… putting dipumoni or sahara in the most vital places would simply turnish her image because doing debates or streetside protests do not mean they are matured to play such critical role… u need seasoned individuals with mature leadership and considerable experience alongwith smart look and personality… these positions require very smart personality no doubt…. rewarding someone with such resnsibility to punish others will put the entire administration at stake…. i personally think it was a major mistake and we wont have to wait long to realize that.. i qould request hasina to rise above petty emotions and do justice to our mandate.. the super mandate .. for the nation

  15. Author Image


    I wish the new govt every success and hope our country will better position itself.. no more corruption and terrorism… we want to live in peace and hasina will do her best to ensure a better living for all…. yes, there are some immature appointments like foreign minsitry and home ministry…. but if hasina keeps a vigilant eye and keeps SYCOPHANTS away, she can make or change any position without hesitation and recoomendation.. hasina should have website where we can send our independent views and comments, and this wil help her a lot…. particularly to make this govt a succesfull one….

  16. Author Image

    Ziauddin Iqbal

    This cabinet appears promising and may take the opportunity to set an example for the future. For the sake of transparency an inter-ministrial rotation process could be there in the cabinet after a certain period of time (for example, after 1-2 yr.) , even other competent members of AL should have equal chance to become minister within this process. Miximum members of the cabinet are fresh and well educated. So we hope that they would not follow the same ways which their predecessors walked away. I wish the cabinet best of luck.

  17. Author Image



    How can you know that Dipu Main or Shahara Khatun will not be successful?

    Are you a Fortune Tellers or some thing?

    Stop speculation & Blanket comment please.

  18. Author Image

    major minor

    guys i dont understand the fuss about Engr KM H. yes he may be related, but you have to credit the guy for taking Mujahid out of the scene and one definitly does need some sort of backing if the success is to sustain in the long run. i think Muhit would be a better choice thn Dr Razzak for he dealt with admin before and headed ADB for a long time. i think we need someone dynamic for finance thn an academic guy. mind you Gordon brown ran the most successfull british economy and he wasnt some economist. so i’m holding my breath for muhit for now. Syed Ashraf, not a bad choice for LGRD. he, i dont think, is capable of mass usurption from a rich ministry. his entire family lives abroad and he is sort of settled. so dont think rags to riches story will need to be repeated with him. want some up date on Abul kalam azad. havent heard of him before so would like to know. anyone knows who he is?

  19. Author Image

    major minor

    i think, hasina would like to try with this cabinet for a while and see their progress. at the end of the day she needs to run administration with the most trusted ppl thn relying on a back stabber old guard gang. the huge mandate of the government is already very overwhelming on a viable oppsition. so i think its good tht “bagha” politicos are left out for parliamentery fighting thn dominating the government and therebby crippling a weak opposition evn further. so, i guess parliement would be a forum of all those high spirited reform proposals we heard for last two years. also if the big shots are given share of the government pie, they will have their massive kormi bahini to satisfy too. and thn starts the mass lundering and mass nepotism. whereas i fyou have a relatively young mcabinet they usually tend not to have the army of kormi followers so technically chance of plundering thn lowers. lets see ho wthings unfold in the long run. this time though Hasina has a pull of people whom she can bring in as soon as one falls with “reputation”. she definitly kept her eggs in seperate basket this time.

  20. Author Image


    Time will say about the cabinet’s success. PM Hasina should get benefit of doubt about her best intention to bring basic changes in our old and corrupt political culture.
    My only objection is to the appointment of Dipu Moni as foreign minister. To me it was reckless, emotional and great example of cronyism. It was not a state-man like choice by PM Hasina.
    I have no problem with Dipu Moni’s youth, talent and her extraordinary loyalty to Hasina. I like her as young, fresh honest politician. We and the whole world so far, are used to with seeing Foreign Ministers with excellent proven ability as a chief diplomat of the nation. My main concern is that she has no meaningful experience/exposure to diplomatic world (other than those photo ops with Sonia and Indian PM or taking a credit hour course on international negotiations while doing Masters in Public Health). I even admit Dipu Moni’s qualifications are shiny (but not any exceptional) but sorry to say those, had nothing to do with position she got. Hasina must be depending heavily on shadow advisers and professional diplomats to run the foreign ministry. So, she rewarded Dipu Moni as a “Foreign minister in training” for her loyalty and family relation. good thing is, if she makes it in short time, fine. If not, as she is not a heavyweight, it will not be so difficult for Hasina to replace her.
    I believe she would have been a great choice if she was given ministry of women affairs or even Health at the best as first time parliamentarian.

  21. Author Image

    Engr Khondkar Abdus Saleque

    Having noticed some comments on selection of Dr Deepu Moni and Advocate Sahara Khatun as Minters of imprtant Minstry like Foreign affairs and Home I could not resist making comments again.Advocate Sahara Khatoon is a veteran politician. She has seen it all. She will be another successful minister like Motia Chowdhury we believe. She will be uncompromising , honest and commited to peoples cause. In that past terrible people like Babar, Altaf and Nasim spoiled Home affairs. Advocate Khatun in combination with young enterprsisng Sohel Taj will create dynamism and postive image of the ministry. Do not forget Sohel Taj is the able son of the one of the founding father of Bangladesh.
    Well we are not much aware of Dr Deepu Moni .But our friends from USA and UK told us that she is well educated, visionary and very determined lady. There is no reason why she and Dr.Hasan Mahmud can not laed foreign ministry well.
    Well they will have some teething problem but they have strong eduaction background knowledge and teancity to ride over everything. Hasibna has done well .Instead of relying on controversial old gurads she has brought in new turks to lead nation to vision 2021. No worries mates. Wait and see.

  22. Author Image


    I just wish the new PM reads the blogs. She has to keep the sycophants some distance away, Prof Muddasser for instance. About Sahara Khatun and Dipu moni we need to watch. They need to change the present set up of their ministries. I also wish PM controls her emotion.

  23. Author Image

    AKM Harun-or Rashid

    Why not Major General Shobed Ali Bhuyian in the ministry. So far I know he is honest and clean image man. After long time Awamileague elected from Daudkandi, the constituency of Khondokar Mostaque Ahmed. I am hopeful Sheikh Hasina will consider him next time. Thanks Hasina for her surprising mini cabinet.

  24. Author Image

    Sentu Tikadar

    Dear Friends

    If I write some thing wrong, please pardon me:

    Women are the expression and epitome of Mother Nature, they are the revelation of Energy, Inspiration and tolerance. A nation who respects and gives value to her women community those nation must be developed soon in education and culture.

    A nation who has the right education that country become famous and honoured in long run. It is good that Bangladesh is giving the right value to her women who are our mothers, sisters, wives, friends.

    I hope Bangladesh will be one of the most prosperous country in this world if she gives value to her women community and if the women community are being educated with a true education free from orthodoxy. Time has come to mingle with the main stream of this world in education, culture, industry, agriculture and in leadership too.

    Religious mind is good but the fundamentalist mind is the evil. This evil creates differentiation between human beings. Bangladesh need to give equal respect to all ‘Faiths’.No one should not abuse other’s ‘faith’.What one will get abusing other faith? Money? Fame ? Then why abusing? Live and let live all irrespective of the religions with their rights in a way so that every one will be for every one.

    Bangladesh shall be great in this world on the basis of this. Every nation is this world will respect Bangladesh in long run if the politician and the leaders are truly patriotic. If the politicians remain free from corruption, free from the greed of public money, free from nepotism, free from communal minds, free from the targets of fundamentalists no one can prevent Bangladesh to live in this world with the greatest honour.If politicians believe in these and work accordingly, there will be generation of jobs for the people of Bangladesh.Side by side Bangladesh should keep good relation with India and vise versa.Problem shall be every where but the mind and courage shall be impregnated in the people of Bangladesh to face the problem with honesty. As we know that honesty and hard labour has no alternative.

    Side by side nonviolence shall be the ‘mantro’ to make Bangladesh a true democratic and secular country.Nonviolence and secular mind is an asylum of the Almighty. Its give minds an endless joy and tranquility.Just try it and try to understand the need of the time. The world needs you, needs your that joyful mind with tranquility. A mind such as is nothing but a creative mind which can contribute to science, technology, economy and literature. The possessors of such minds invents and his / her new invention not only help him/ her to be remembered and honoured but greatly helps his/ her nation and country to become more developed and more honoured.


  25. Author Image


    It was joyfull to see name of Mr. Dilip Barua in the cabinet post. He dedicated his life for Bangladesh politics, had very hard times often but never gave up or compromised with wrong things. His name in cabinet post will strengthen the loyalty of Bangladeshi plain Buddhists to Bangladesh. He will be the history for Bangladeshi plain Buddhist Minority since nobody got such post after the liberation (to my knowledge, I am not sure). I wish him all the sucess.

    Toronto, Canada

  26. Author Image

    Zulfikar Ali

    Shahara Khatun is already under fire by BNP leaders. My advice to her is that, she should refrain from giving bi-partisan comments, like “Current mara-marai hana-hani is internal to BNP”. I admire her loyalty to Awami League and Sheik Hasina but Home Minister is an entire different role. She needs to stay above party politics and needs to prove to the people within very short span of time that she is neutral and doing what is right for the country, not for the party.

    As a new comer, people have lot of expectations from Shahara Khatun. Its up to her how she meets people’s expectations. Otherwise, this historic appointment might just be a waste.

    People of Bangladesh gave Awami League a blank check on Dec 29th and it is up to the leaders of AL what they do with it. Playing good-old bipartisan politics will only disappoint millions of hopeful people.


  27. Author Image

    Zulfikar Ali

    Daily star on Shahara Katun,

    “Home Minister Sahara Khatun is well known for her honesty, integrity and commitment to democracy. But she is also a party activist with deep wounds. As a street level worker she was on the receiving end of police brutality let lose by the previous regime. Her deep scares do not make for the right temperament of a good home minister. We had a glimpse of it the other day when in reply to a journalist’s question on BNP’s claim about AL’s supporters attacking their workers she replied by saying, “Do you not remember what they did to us in the past?” Is such an answer helpful in moving forward the new government’s agenda? Though she said she would investigate the allegations, she added, “I know these are results of internal quarrels of BNP.” Well, if she has already drawn a conclusion, what good will her investigation do? As the head of the ministry that is most sensitive in the political sense such comments are unhelpful at best and disastrous at worst. It will be her police that will tackle the opposition in the street and her astuteness and dexterity in handling them will greatly determine the trust and confidence that Sheikh Hasina wants to build with the opposition.”

    I must say, this is a very good insight. Will she be able to forget her street past and don’t act based on revenge! We just have to wait and see.


  28. Author Image


    we are a ill-fated nation… we should take lessons from history… many will urgue but think twice u will see the truth….it is known to all that women in general lack leadership- no matter business, corporates or politics…. they are extremely well in very professions where u need technical skills or even perfection but show exteremely poor leadership due to their inherent emotional make-up…thatcher or indira gandhi are few exceptions but that cannot be rule…. can u name a few who have shown such leadership, particularly from this region? and this is Bangladesh… what have we seen from khaleda or hasina? does anyone possess any quality of their father or husband? they have come to power due to public sentiment and respect for their predecessors… they are the only reasons why bangladesh is still a least developed country…. we have a poverty stricken and mostly uneducated nation that bring them back to power… so unfortunate we are! and now we see more and more women with pathetic personality becoming even ministers… aren’t we wasting our time and possibilities in these hands of immature, ignorant leadership?

  29. Author Image


    WAIT & SEE…. most likely these two women will fail … we know why we are saying so… but if, by any chance, or miracle, they succeed, we would be extremely happy.. and no matter what, they will pave way for fresh blood in our leadership… i wish i went wrong

  30. Author Image


    Shamim Osman is back. Isn’t it little odd that as soon as AL gets a big victory, top terror’s are coming back! Couldn’t he just wait a little bit more! Is our minister’s ready to deal with these sort of ill-powered people?

    I hope AL doesn’t make the same mistake like BNP did in previous term.

  31. Author Image

    Mohammed Munna

    I live in Ireland, went to Bangladesh just before national election. I saw people voted for boat (Nowka) for change. I was in Faridpur during election. I have seen election campaign. Khondker mossaraf Hossain had a landslide victory agaisnt
    Mr Chowdhury Kamal Ibne Yusuf and also Mr Muzahid, secretary general of Jammat E Islam. Infact Mr Muzahid narrowly escaped from loosing his ‘Jamanat’.
    Mr Hossain got 122000 votes which is much higher than total votes of Mr yousuf and Mr Muzahid.( Mr Yusuf 75000 and Mr Muzahid 31000). Awami league has regained this seat after 35 years. According to local people Last 5 years Mr K M Hossain spent most of his time with local people and motivate them for change.
    Mr Hossain is a highly educated man, had his Bachelor in Engeeniring from Ahsanullah Engeeniring college (now BUET) Master degree in Engeeniering from Glasgow. He was the first Chief Engineer for LGD (later LGED). He was the only Banladeshi he served as ‘Chief Technical Advisor’ for ILO (International Labour Organisation) for 16 years with the highest reputation. He has built infrastructures of many Afrian countries while he was with ILO. I believe he is on of the best choice as a newly appointad Labour, Human resourses , Foreigh employmeyment and expatriate welfare minister. I hope and believe he will the one of the most successful minister of JANONETRI’S

  32. Author Image

    Animesh Shaha

    I am a doctor and i live in Faridpur. I saw the comment about Eng K M Hossain. I know him personally. I request everybody NOT to make any comment about anybody if we are not sure about a person. I want to make few comments about Mr Hossain, as i know him very well specially for the last 4 to 5 years. He has a very good family background. His father and grandfather served people of Faripur for last 90 years. Both of them were very popular. Mr Hossain is a well educated, honest, hard working man. He is a well reputed engeenier with local and foreign experience. He has built roads, bridges, culverts in Faridpur even when he was not in power. He has reconstructed many mosques, madrasas, mandirs in the past. He has brought electricity and telecommunications in many villages in Faridpur. As a newly appointed minister, he has already started development work at Faridpur. He is now considered as a ‘Public Leader of Southern part of Bangladesh’. He did not have power in the past, now he had the power. Like me, many people of Faridpur believe that during this fivr year he will make Faridpur as a ‘model district’ of Bangladesh. He will also build the unskilled manpoewer to skilled manpower and earn foreingn currency to help to build a new Bangladesh.

  33. Author Image

    Engr Khondkar Abdus Saleque( Sufi)

    I have seen few comments on Engr.K.M.Hussain incidentally my relative and from the same area of Faridpoor.I know his family and his parents since childhoodd.His brothers were my playmates.He is well educated and very capable professional.He must not be judged m by his relationship with PM Hasina. But wait and see how he performs as minister.Our f Faridpoor is neglected in many different ways. Chowdhury Kamal Ibne Yususf is also our relative and his family is bery much respected in Fraidpoor.For ifferent reasons he could not o much for Faripoor.This year people vote for a change.The gentlemen who make averse comments here must realise BNP_Jamat allaince had several ministers who did not have basic qualifications even.But Engr.K.M .Hussain had education in repute institutions.He has proven track records.Let us see how he performs.Please do not make this forum dirty with motivated comments on persons one is not aware of.

  34. Author Image

    Manirul Islam

    Earlier, I expressed my concern about selection of Engr. Musharraf as I have heard things, particularly past political identity of Mr Hussain and his father, that conflicts with the opinion of Sufi and Animesh. Let us keep him under watch and procrastinate our fear a while. A quick fix suggestion to make the task of Mr Hussain easier. The ring leaders of ‘slave trading’ from Bangladesh to abroad, who happened to be leaders and vital financier of AL, are Noor Ali(Ali was a turn coat during emergency), Lotus Kamal and Dr. Iqbal. Confiscate their ill gotten wealth and siphon these to state coffer that they have amassed selling flesh and blood of poorest of poor Bangalees.

  35. Author Image

    Ali Noor

    He is indeed a dynamic personality. His track record is impressive. He has handled the Middle East crisis with managerial excellence. The taka 50,000 grant for the returning labourers will also mitigate their initial sufferings once they come back. Engr. Mosharraf Hossain has also promised that those returning from the Middle East will get priority in getting back their foreign jobs once the crisis is over.

    The new bank to be launched tomorrow for the expatriates is another milestone for this government in its two and a half years in power. This bank will become a model for both the developed and developed countries.

    The smart card for labourers going abroad, introduced by the labour ministry under him under the directives of the PM has already made business difficult for cheaters and dalaals deceiving them.

    The country’s development progress is in the right course except for a few hitches. This government has done a lot in a very short time to overcome the mismanagement and total chaos left behind by the five year misrule of BNP and war criminals Jamaat racket and the following two years of stagnation by Fakruddin and Moeen unconstitutional misrule.

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