A surprise cabinet, will it deliver?

Setsuna F Seiei

Setsuna F Seiei


Okay, so we’ve got our freedom back, democracy restored, a brilliant election, shocking result, and positive attitude among general people. Not bad for some delicious starters, 2009!

Now let’s see, the most talked issue since the beginning of year which is only 6-days old? Who’s going to be in the cabinet and show us the path to reach Vision 2021 which itself sounds quite Western but hey, this attracts young generation so why not?

We’ve got 31 “Ministers” taking oath today. We don’t know who’s getting what. But more importantly what on earth? It appears, people like myself, who are getting fond of this Vision 2021 and a Digital Bangladesh concept, look dumbfounded now. If you say our generation leaders, I’d consider Taposh though he’s a Sheikh, Saber, Inu, Menon, and even a strong personality like Anisul Islam Mahmud. I want to put more names but keeping it short for now.

Alright, Dipu Moni’s there and couple of other who we could consider “young” but I can’t believe that so many good leaders are left out from the cabinet. Is our PM going to give us a second round of surprise by displaying the leaders we think could represent us?

I wouldn’t mind saying how disappointed I am. I mean I was all hyped like many others to figure out who’s going to get what. But now I feel like deflated balloon. So many hide-and-seek, funny comments and speculation, we ended up with considerably respectfully “senior” team.

Agree that many of them are first-timers and I am pleased to see A M A Muhit, Barrister Shafique, G M Quader, Syed Ashraful and few others and of course Matia Choudhury there. But just because you’ve got so many new faces, it doesn’t make them a “fresh looking young” cabinet that we were fervently hoping to see. And because I’ve got no clue about some of them, I can’t gauge at all how they will work. Known younger people can reach easily to people and their colleagues (and by that mean people working in Secretariats and other related govt and non-govt offices plus diplomats).

To be honest, this can’t be a surprise if you leave out most of the names from speculations just to make it look like a surprise. Yeah I’m surprised, but that’s because I wasn’t expecting to be disappointed.

I still want to trust this Government and hope the “younger” people could be brought in to reach the vision. There’s still time and I hope the chances are not lost.

Setsuna F Seiei is the pseudonym of a cyber activist, who writes from Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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    Zubair Latif

    To Setsuna F Seiei,

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    You are disappointed on the very first day the Cabinet is formed? This is truly amazing because I am sure you are not the only one. People like you are the worst of the lot, not willing to give the new government any grace period.
    I would like to remind you neither Sheik Hasina in Bangladesh nor Barack Obama in the “Great Land” can perform any miracles.
    I am very surprised that while you criticize the absence of a lot of people from the Cabinet, you do not point out the fact that for the first time in our history two key portfolios — Foreign Affairs and Home — have gone to women.
    If you count yourself as a progressive individual as I firmly believe e-Bangladesh is a progressive website please be a litllte more in your criticisms.


    A Bangladesh Citizen

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