Appointment By The People, For The People



Replies from the people of Bangladesh regarding the application for the Prime Minister position in Bangladesh.

Appointment Letter:

Sheikh Hasina Wazed

Dear Mrs. Wazed:

Congratulations. We are happy to inform you that your employment application for the position of Prime Minister of Bangladesh has been accepted.

You have been accepted to lead the country on a five-year contract employment basis.

During the application review process, we considered your previous employment history from 1996 to 2001, and your performance during that period. Upon review, we found that you did an adequate job.

But don’t get too elated. To be honest, the applicant pool was rather thin this year. Your toughest competition came from your immediate past predecessor, who left such a wide swath of destruction around her that we had no trouble making up our mind and rejecting her; after which there was only you left to be picked.

Given your predecessor’s performance, note that we will keep a very close watch on you and your cohorts, and we will exercise our option to remove you at the expiry of the contract if your job performance is not adequate.

We do sincerely hope that you will not disappoint us. If you do, learn from your rival what fate awaits you.

One suggestion: go easy on trumpeting 1996-2001 as the ‘golden era’. We still remember that Bangladesh landed at the top of the list of corrupt countries during that tenure for the first time.

On election night, there were reports of violence perpetrated by your supporters. This is the time to rein them in, or you will forever lose control of them.

But let us focus on the future and positive outcomes. Know that we wish you well and hope for your success in the future.


Voters of Bangladesh

Rejection letter:

Mrs. Khaleda Zia

Dear Mrs. Zia:

We regret to inform you that your employment application for the position of Prime Minister of Bangladesh has been denied.

During the application review process, we considered your previous employment history from 2001 to 2006, and your performance during that period. Upon review, we found that not only you did not do a good job, you brought along relatives who stole from people and profited at the expense of this country.

You also underperformed as manager–you hired people with little skill based on their friendship with your son, and let them flaunt the laws and regulations at will.

Your government landed Bangladesh at the top of the list of corrupt countries four years in a row.

Lastly, you allowed, with your full consent and knowledge, the establishment and growth of a colony of blood-sucking leeches also known as Jamaat, and their even more dangerous cousins, HUJI and JMB. You and your ministers denied the existence of a terrorist named Bangla Bhai, and your ministers directly aided and abetted this extremist.

As such, we are awarding the job to another candidate better suited for the position.

Please note that this denial is not final: you are welcome to apply for the job again in five years when it becomes available again, but you have to prove that you are better than the incumbent if you wish to gain employment.

Until then, we wish you well and hope that you will use this time constructively for the betterment of your governance and managerial skills, and not on destructive practices such as hartals, etc.


Voters of Bangladesh

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    prahllad ch. das

    I AM HUNTING THE MAIL ID OF SEKH HASINA, BUT FAILD. SO I WANT TO SENT MY BEST WISES TO HER THROUGH YOU. TEHRE ARE SO MUCH CORRUPTION IN THE LAST ADMINISTRATION. MINORITY SECTION ARE VERY MUCH HUMILATED BY THE PAST RULER WHICH HURT ME VERY MUCH. I WANT TO MENTION A VILLAGE TO YOUR COUNTRY, WHERE BNP SUPPORTED LADY CHAIRMAN TOURCHARE A MINORITY FAMILY VERY MUCH. THE NAME OF THE VILLAGE IS “KATIPARA” Vill+P.O-Katipara, P.S. Paikgacha, Dist Khulna, Bangladesh. Mr. Gani and His Wife are Her (chairman) Daughter’s husband and her daughter. They including the chairman along with P.S. Paikgacha tourchure the family of Kumar Das, Son of Late Hari-pada Das, Katipara in such a magnitude that Mr. Kumar Das has flew from the country to my residence but his wife and his mother is awaiting there lonely.(without a male guardian.) Please you see the matter and sent my feed back to newly elected prime minister Sekh Hasina, so that she can rectify the minority humiliation by police station and local administration.
    thanking you all,
    Prahllad ch Das
    Lecturer in civil Engg.
    Govt. of West Bengal.

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    Advocate Salahuddin Ahmed from Comilla

    The judicial sector is for establishment the legal justice for all. For proving that All are equal in the eye of law. When a man commit an offense, the court take the action against the offense of accused. But when the Judge commit an offense who will punish him for his crime. I see no body come ahead for protect this kind of offense. Because I victimized by the (1) 1st Additional session judge of Comilla, (2) The Chief Judicial Magistrate named Fatema Najib (3) The Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate named Md. Rafiqul Islam & (4) The session judge of comilla named Md. Jahir uddin in a case which is Recorded as C.R-Case-No-692/08, Section:-466/471 of the penal code. The fact is that, I was engage lawyer of a session case No-S.T-289/08 of the 1st Additional session judge court,comilla on behalf of the accused party. One day a younger brother of the accused came to my chamber and gave me a death certificate of the child age about 1 year of accused for submit in the court at the time of bail hearing. For that I submitted the death certificate with FERISTY in the court on behalf of the accused. But after a few days I became to know that the death certificate was false. The court show caused me. I submitted the Reply & described that The death certificate supplied by the brother(Tadbir karak) of the accused. But the 1st additional session judge filed a case against only me in the chief judicial magistrate court on 28/08/08. Than the case was dismissed on 30/12/2008 by the chief judicial magistrate Fatema Najib under section 247 of the code of criminal procedure 1898.
    But after 65 days from the date of dismissing the case , the additional chief judicial magistrate named Md. Rafiqul Islam offered to me by his Bench Clark named Haradan Karmokar for Bail an accused on 05/03/2009. But when I disagree to give bribe money Addl. Judicial Magistrate Rafiqul Islam aggrieved with me. Hence He became to know that the CR-692/08 case dismissed on 30/12/08. Hence He told to the Bench Clark Haradan Karmokar to Revive that CR-692/08 Case. For that the Bench Clark wrote an information note about the dismissal of that case which filed by 1st Addl. Session Judge in the case record on 05/03/2009. Hench the Chief Judicial Magistrate revived the CR-692/08 on 03/05/2009 & issued W/A against me on rely of the information note of the bench clarh haradan karmakar. But the complainant did not filed any petition or appeal or revision against the order of dismiss order which passed by the chief judicial magistrate Fatema Najib on 30/12/2008. The court did not issue SUMMON to informed me about the revival of the case. But when I came to know that the Addl.Chief Judicial Magistrate influenced over the bench clark & Chief judicial Magistrate

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