List: Hannan misses Mannan

Tasneem Khalil

Tasneem Khalil

[Dhaka Correspondent] BNP chairperson’s adviser, ASM Hannan Shah, Friday said the publication of the latest list of corruption suspects indicates a change in government’s policy and there should be more names of the so-called reformists on the list.

“I expected to see more names of ‘reformists’ on the new list of corruption suspects. But a glance through the list gives me the impression that the government has changed its policy towards the suspects,” Hannan told newsmen at his Dhaka residence.

He was surprised at the absence of any reference to the former party secretary general also former LGRD minister Abdul Mannan Bhuiyan. “The local government ministry had been rated as the most corrupt ministry for five consecutive years by the Transparency International and being the minister of that ministry Mannan Bhuiyan cannot avoid the responsibility. But he managed to stay safe because he has blessings from ‘pir-fakirs.'”

Hannan was unhappy at the filing of a case against Tarique Rahman, his wife Zubaida Rahman and mother-in-law Syeda Iqbal Mand Banu.