Voting For A Change



Bangladeshi people have exercised their constitutional rights by casting their votes in the 9th Parliamentary Election 2008. Many of the 81,058,698 enlisted voters participated in this year’s poll. 35,263 polling centres all over the country were open from 8 am till 4pm.

Dhaka, Bangladesh. December 29 2008
by: Azizur Rahim peu, DRIK News

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    Adrians Ritchil (Andrew)

    It is high time for AL to reconstruct the country. But will not take any revenge against any opposition. This is a challenge for AL to implement its all commitment given before the poll. And at same time I would humbly request Sheikh Hasina to look at the indigenous people, help them grow peacefully, ensure rights to live with dignity, develop their culture which with contribute a nice diversity in the country. The great leader of the big alliance, you will not forget what you told to the common people of Bangladesh. We expect something new and dynamic for Bangladesh. We want a new and beautiful and peacefull Bangladesh. When AL comes to the power occurance took place against the minorities, the history tells. The AL government could not do anything against sufferings of the monirities. So I am worry about the future. Take challenge and do better. Thanks.

    Garo leader in Chittagong.

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