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    Omar Sharif (Miller)

    I Love My Bangladesh, So I hate the people who is Bad for my Country

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    People hate the corruption and war criminal so they hate BNP. I congratulates them for their right decision.

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    Zia Rahman

    It is again right time to reform Bangladesh…….again……………..Looking forward

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    We are still the best and can take right decision when our beloved country is in danger, we have proved that again. Congratulation to all Bangladeshi and the

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    Akik Habibuzzaman

    Thanks Almighty ALLAH at last Awamy League won. Now people hopes this huge victory do not make them over confident about their power. We consider them to lead Bangladesh as a corruption and terrorist (Religious+political) free Digital Country. People do not want to see another Samim osman, Joinal Hazari, Abul hasnat Abdullah, Abu Taher in Our country.

    Awamy League Must remember and take lesson from BNP’s situation & position in this election.

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    Ahmed Qureshi

    People have responded against BNP’s corruption and failed policies. Awami League’s message of change and fight against corruption has resonated to normal people. The time for change has come. Hope AL will streagthen Anti corruption institute and help the free judicial system more effective and meaningful.

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    barrister marfat

    For this election, the result satisfies me and it deserves my compliment…and of Bangladesh citizenry which had been reflected in the landslide victory of Al-led Alliance. It’s early to conclude that this time THE PEOPLE had made wise decision but we will realize in due time but every Bangladeshi has the responsibilty for government and THE PEOPLE in unison must join hand in hand to make a better country.
    Good citizen engenders Good government.

    Contrary to most people believe that Politics is Dirty, politics per se is not, it is the people behind that tarnished its definitive value.

    My congratulatory remarks to the winning party. God bless Bangladesh.
    Kudos to the fellow…

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    Mehedi Mahmud

    Congrats AL for a grand victory. It’s a silent polling revolution that the whole nation has conducted. Wonderful to see that Bangladesh is gonna be Golden Bangla of our dreams again. Hope better success of this grant alliance and I’m optimistic that they will also keep their word as promised in their manifesto.

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    I am really peased on victory of Awami League. But it needs a balanced parliament for betterment of the gnereal people of the country. So, opposition required more few seats.

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    Md. Rakibul Alam

    Congrasulation my winner leader in Sirajgonj-6 (Shahzadpur area) Chaiyan Islam. May you live long.

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    Rasha Mosaddeq

    However, now it is Awamy League’s responsibility to maintain their respects given by people.

    In fact, people need for a corroption free Bangladesh.

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    Who is going to stop this MONSTER – Salauddin K Chow !!!
    After his party’s defeat in the election he and his criminal band started their torture on the minority community. He has been doing this since he was born, i believe. It is established that he and his infamous father F.K. Chow mercilessly murdered (shot) the chief of then Kundeshwari Oushodhalaya.
    To our next govt, please bring this monster into justice. All the previous govts have given him enough opportunity. NO MORE PLEASE. STOP THIS MONSTER – Sa.Ka. Chow.

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    MD.Kaiser Anam Khan

    I think every political party should accept the result coz this election was fear than previous election

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    Sudhir C Biswas

    It is the peoples who made such changes. Bad got the lesson and winner should be careful. Peoples are now in power-a perfect democracy.

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    Ronjon Rozario

    Congratulation both alliances. . Thanks 4 party alliance for their gentle comments. Congratulations to Mohajot. Special thanks to the voter who rejected the War Criminals. In the courts, the corrupted and war criminals may not be convicted as their lawyers are much smart and they know the gaps how to get rid of the punishment.

    But the ordinary people gave their punishment through their vote.

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    Mohd. Iqbal Hossain, Articled Student, ICAB

    It’s time to reform Bangladesh with the inspriration of our freedom fightrs who sacrifice their lives for the country. It’s time to reform the polities and political parties to work together for the betterment of the country and the people. It’s time to strength our brotherhood between the parties and with the other countries. All above it’s time to love our country.

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    Rajib Das

    This is the best ever message to the war criminals and previous corrupt government who make the life of the people of bangladesh horrible.

    Best wishes to the new goverment. They need to strict to the election principle…… A positive change is deserved… lets hope for the best.

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    Too much power is not good. Now since AL has more than two third majority, they can do whatever they want in the parliament. If we look into the history we see people misused this power. So we have to be careful about this and hope for the best.

    We the Bangladeshi people want nothing but peace.

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    Congratulation to every1 whoever won. we all can expect and wish that they will work honestly for the country to make it a better place to live on without terrorism and all the problem. i know we can’t expect suddenly everything will b changed and our bangladesh will b heaven but we have to work hard together to develop our country and its image to the world.

    i wish every1 their success and request to work together have a better life which is a dream of all. May allah gives us the power, energy, HONESTY, SINCEREITY and good luck to all.

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    Jamal Abdul Malek

    Congratulatuions to Hasina. It has been established through this election that people do not make mistake. So please be “a prime minister for the people” in stead of for party. You have seen how those camchas have been thrown out who rather chose to sing for Madam by making her life long president. Only peoples are the real life time owner for the country

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    Aronna Reza

    want to see JATIYO PARTI is the main oposition party of parliament

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    How it is possible!!!!….? I don’t understand what happened. I think this is not a victory for MOHAJOOT. This is great react for TAREQ & RAJAKAR’S.

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    Well, at least BNP is not back. The only real silver lining in this election is that it was the most efficient, transparent, and enthusiastic one in the country’s history. AL was pegged for a landslide win, I just didn’t expect it to be this much.

    Anyways, there really isn’t going to be any real change in this country. Not for the next 12 years or so at least until a new generation controls the voter demographic and the candidates list. I’m going to miss the calm and tranquility of these past two years. With the exception of commodity and food prices (which rose up all together around the world) it was the best time of the 20 years I’ve spent in this country.

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    dr.mohammed solaiman

    i love awamiligue.so congrasulation in our awamiligue member . i always hate BNP & JAMAAT.

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    No more separation. Let’s look forward for the morning sun. Let’s work together to buildup our country. We know together we can make a glorious, prosperous and happy DIGITAL BANGLADESH :-))

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    Md. Anwar Hossain (Milon)

    I love my country & congratule our people to make an example from the history. I hope Awami leaders will be take right decission in next 05 years.

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    Javed Zaman

    It’s a stunning victory for the AWAMI LEAGUE led alliance of Mohajote. Sheikh Hasina has done a spectacular job! My hats off to the great leader.
    Joy Bangla! Joy Bangabandhu!

    Reasons for BNP’s downfall include:

    1. Voter list that wiped out over one crore false votes. These votes had repeatedly been used to rig the elections in favour of BNP led allance.

    2. Khaleda Zia’s alliance with the war criminals Jamaat-e-Islami.

    3. Rampant corruption and politicisation of the administration and law enforcing agencies.

    4. Coco and Tareq’s shameless corruption and moneylaundering acts.

    5. Rebel BNP elements’ disgust at the chairperson for surrounding herself with war criminals of Jamaat as her close advisers.

    6. Election engineering blueprint of 2006 to rig the elections massively.

    7. Above all a free and fair voter list made by the Bangladesh Army.

    8. Ant-incumbency factor.

    9. Politicisation of centers of higher learning.

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    Farin Zaman

    It is customary for the leade of the defeated part to resign in any healthy parliamentary form of democracy. Khaleda Zia’s handling of the BNP has simply wiped out the BNP from the radar screen. SHE SHOULD IMMEDIATELY RESIGN AND MAKE WAY FOR A NEW LEADER.

    BNP has simply been torn to shreds and Khaleda herself should take the blame for the sinking of the ship. It’s people’s wrath against her close association with war criminals and corrupt practices to rig elections again and again.

    The new government should try the war criminals and hang the self-confessed assassins of Sheikh Mujib immediately. Diplomats should be asked to deport the worst assassin DALIM and others from hiding in known countries abroad.

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    Dr Dilip Kumar Biswas

    Congratulation Awami Leage for thier great victory, Devote for the development of the country.

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    Sukkur A Khan

    Thanks Sukkur for your meaningful message/comment. I’m also shocked with the election result. I think the Caretake Govt made it up and wanted AL (the Indian brokers) to go onto power.

    They are afraid of BNP who can take revenge on them if they come to power, so it was all pre-planned. Hope people understand.

    Abul Hossain

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    Farid Zaglu

    Thankx god that all kick out the Jamat e- islami ‘s al-Badar ,Al- sams and Razakar,,,,,So many Thankx to all people of Bangladesh.thanks ‘Mukti joddha’

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    congratulation awamileage, I hope all will be ok in future.with good luck Bangladesh. I live another country but love my country very much

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    Md. Maksudul Islam

    Congratulation Awami Leage.

    Bengali people wants Awami Leage to take the big and challenging responsibility of removing worst situation Bangladesh.

    We the people of Bangladesh are now waiting for Awami Leage Government to take this challenge.

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    AL should recall why they lost in 2001 election. From that they should learn how to come again in power in 2013. Do every good for people of bangladesh. Remember the people sent you to parliament, they can pull u back. Everything depends on what u will do in next five years. Plz think for the peoples’ fortune.

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    Congratulations Awami League and all Bangladeshis. This is a great victory! The peoples verdict has spoken against all corrupt politicians, money extortors, looters, razakars, war criminals and religious extremists This time AL must live up to its promise and prove that they dont belong to any of these categories. We should also keep ourselves vigilant against the “Indian razakars” and defend our beloved country, its language and culture from all sorts of foreign media and cultural intrusions.

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    Arafat Titu

    As a peace loving and optimistic citizen my only hope is that AL will not misuse the chance to lie in peoples heart forever. It is clear now that Terrorist cant play any role in Election and future it will be more clear and transparent. so AL should not depend on terrorists. The first priority should be the general people… the real power of Democratic Bangladesh…….

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    Iqbal Hossain Sachu

    I congratulate Bangladesh Awamileag for wining election 2008, but i am afraid for their local terririst. 1996 local terrorist making so much conflict with general citizen. i hope this time Misses hasina Wajed will control his local terrorist and control strictly. other their next result same as Bnp.

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    mohd.rafiqul islam

    i hate war criminals and who support them.this result focuses it.

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    Shamim Aziz

    Congratulation AL.I hope we are going to get Digital Bangladesh. Please AL do some thing decent for our country. We got people why not getting forign currency from IT. Wanna see bd cricket team as a best team in the world.We have no many option please keep your mind this two sector.
    Congratulation again.
    best of luck
    Shamim Aziz

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    Monaz Haque

    I wish you a happy new year in a new comeback of democratic parliamentary system in Bangladesh. May God bless the Awami League that starts a juristic process for convicting war criminals !!! Monaz Haque

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    I don’t care who won this election. It’s not like anything will change!! Last 37 years all the rulling parties as well as oppositions have failed this country in all respects and they will continue to do so till the last day of Bangladesh’s existance. Can you only blame the politicians when even the common people are corrupt? Politicians don’t descend from the skies, they only rise from the ordinary people.

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    M J Zaman

    Awami League has a tremendous task ahead. People expect a lot from her. The young generation and female voters have massivesly cast their votes in favour of the AL.

    The new PM Sheikh Hasina has already asked for calm. She has also sought cooperation from the oppossition.

    Awami League has to lead very sensibly from the front. It must induct new members in the cabinet including dedicated souls from other parties like Inu and Menon. They did not betray Hasina like RATS (Amu, Tofael, Razzak and Gupta). Hasina should be very careful about traitors this time.

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    Ahmed Qureshi

    Big power comes with big responsibility. Hasina will inherit inefficient institutions and the worst economic conditions in decades. Ironically, that challenge might be a blessing for Hasina — food price is so high and energy crisis is so intense that even modest improvements will let her claim progress. Hasina can’t waste time. She must decide which major issues to tackle in her first 100 days. She will have to set priorities soon. For sustainable growth, Bangladesh needs effective/honest security force, efficient administration and good policies.

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    I dont think this massive victory of AL will make any difference. People are saying that war criminals can now be brought to justice. how Funny. The caretaker government who had absolute authority and could not dare to set up a tribunal for these bastards. these type of government will hardly come again. we lost our hope. when they could not do anything, how do people suppose that AL will do that…??????

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    Farid Zaglu, from Dhaka.

    Could Awami League remove all razakar from bangladesh !! She Should take action ,,,first have to take action on food price/daily necessary stuff then Razakar.Should not forgive them at all.

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    A T M Tanjimul Islam

    Congratulations Sheikh Hasina and Awami Leage. I hope AL has the ability to lead the country for achieving the Vision 2021.

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    Mohammed Nayeem

    it is just grate! sothik somoy sotki kaj!!
    jara khomoyay galen tader mone rakhte hobe jatir kache deya commitment. e desher sokol jonogoner bishes kore notunder prottasha puron korben. ar noy pichoner pane takano, cholun sobai miley desh gorar kaje monojogi hoi.

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    Sihran Sadiq

    I really get annoyed when I see Mahi B Choudhury on TV talkshows. What is his educational qualification? Why didn’t he run from his contituency? Is he a loan defaulter?

    I think cheap hollow truant people like them should be exposed. The AL government should strenghthen the anti-corruption commission to probe corrupt practices of Mahi B Choudhury and his father who amassed huge wealth and property through their political affiliation with BNP. Dr. Badrudozza is alleged to have grabbed land from a park in Uttara for the Uttara Medical College for Women.

    Sham people like B. Choudhury and Kamal Hossain have created a false impression about them to deceive the common people.

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    Eery mithun

    Politics in BD has never given me such pleasure as I find in seeing the Moulobadis having their butts kicked by the citizens of the country.

    Awami League now has got ample power and enough time (5 years isn’t less) to show the country what it’s capable of with its countrymen, after all it’s these people who have brought Awami League into such great power.

    It should be mentioned that, in my opinion, the main reason for Awami League to win this election with this enormous margin is, people want relief from the torture of the BNP government and that of Moulobadis. So, Awami League must cut those down and get rid of Moulobadis completely.

    Best of luck!

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    jilad miah

    Will the political situations in Bangladesh ever change?. Have we not elected the same people- are they not going to commit same corruptions and crimes as before?

    Bangladesh needs new generation of leaders- with new political agendas, that focus on not self but the country- then we will see a real change.

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    Muzaffer Ahmed

    No more separation. Yes, together we can make our country glorious, prosperous and happy .

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    Corruption Based last Government has not come back again by election. Now Nation have to wait for the next Government. All r looking for their next activities. Hope they will do better in future.

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    This is another victory of the people of this country. The people of this country won their victory many times. In 1954, 1970 1990, and 1996. But their victory has been foiled by the wrong doing of the Politicians. Their disunity, inner pary conflict, ineeficiency helped the anti-people conspirators to implement their evil design and they succeded. This time people have given a HUGE victory to a single political part so that they can fulfill their commitments but if they fail and give handle to the conspirators and anti-Bangladesh elements then people will tesch them Good lesson. The behaviour of the victorious party so far is good and it should be better from now and onwards. Keep It UP Awami League and the Minister. Please dont be mad at power.

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    I live outside Bangladesh. I know people who went to vote, specially females, but couldn’t vote as their voter no. didn’t match with the no. listed in the document held by the poolin officer(govt official). It delayed the voting process and some, as i said earlier, couldn’t vote even. I am talking about areas, where casting was around 70%. Even there where casting was 85%, there were 15% left who i think did go to vote this time, but were delayed or refused to vote. In constituancies, where the difference of margin was 2-5%, just imagine how this could have affected the outcome if they could just vote.

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    M. Arshad Ali

    BNP people should ask Khaleda Zia to quit from politics and go in exile with her sons to enjoy the fortunes made by her sons. People do not mistake in voting inspite of many short comings. Let the BNP people allow Jamat to die as Muslim league.

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    Md. Mujahedul Islam

    Power corrupts absolute power tends to corrupt absolutely.We know the Awami League has come to power with the massive vote to the parliament. So its the prime responsibility of this government to ensure justice in the every sectors of its ruling so that this widely used statement goes to prove wrong. We are enthusiastically awaiting to see the performance of this government.

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    I think all the writer here now have to realize about our present Government.
    1. Degital Bangladesh – what and how they make Bangladesh Digital – with Support of Chattra League . We must protest which is done by evil mind and what is not good for our country. Its give me pain when I see low and order situation is not good in Bangladesh and going to be worst day by day.
    Hate those RAB member(May be Chatra League Member) Who attack Mirza Abbas home. Media is only source for us to know the present situation in Bangladesh – but it seems to me they are not independent – because this Government promise to change evrything and they are changing their life first…

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