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    ami AL , BNP , JP BASOD sobik k vote dite raji achi. but not jamaat. plz prevent jamat.

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    Sagedur Rahman

    Bangladesh Rajakar mukto hote choleche….. BD-er sob nogorik-ke janay ovinondon….

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    rafiqul islam rimon

    thanx to voters for giving a nice lesson to corrupts and collaborator jamat

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    we needed change and we got it……………aita shubu mohajot er bijoy na aita shadhinota birodhi der bipokhkhe bijoyyy………………….. : )

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    Ankeeta Binte Abbas Rhyem

    thanksssssssss a lot for the update.
    now BNP should take the lesson from this election.manusher pete lathi marse ora r adorer chele pura dubalo BNP k.. ajke uni thik thakle bakira eto shahosh peto na crime korte.
    lajja thakle desher manusher kache khoma chawa uchit.
    r jara dormer num e business korte chai tarao ajke bujlo.
    i am congratulating the AL. I will also hope that AL ashate abar SONTRASHI na bere jai tai chacchi.r prottekei jeno atleast shuddho, shalin language e kotha bolen.
    ami ei site er madhhome politian der dike drishti akorshon korchi.thanks again to u.hope ebar tader takiye thaka chokh, khola thaka kaan prokito pokhhe khulbe.
    at last we the public of BD hope and pray to almighty ALLAH that our BANGLADESH will reach a fantastic country.
    take care

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    Thanks for latest update but it was a un suportable result how a bigger party
    loss their maximum seat ————from
    United Arab Emirate

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    Jatir az zugantory bijoy ER DIN, sobcha valo lagha desh RAZAKAR (Jamat e Islami) mukto HOCHHA A A ….

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    Mafia God fatrher r Durniti baz der biruddha jatir siddatnto chomotkar, congratulatons to all Bangladeshis.

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    Shahed sumon

    Expected result for BNP’s, they got senceable fidabck from whole Nation for their last five years, thanks to Bangladeshis.

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    Shudu nejer pet voraley hoy na. Manush ar boka ney
    Joy Bangla, Joy Bangabondhu.

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    Tomra je ja bolo bhai. eai deshe emon fresh election hobe tha ami vabhi nai.
    Joy Bangla.

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    This is my heartiest congratulation for AL.
    Days change, Nature will change,
    Will the condition of poor people who get not a little food to eat change.
    Winner party please don’t miss use your power?
    Don’t act as previous leader done.
    Joy Bangla, Joy Banghabondhu.

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    i expected AL to win with a competetion such as 60:40 . Watch out folks AL won with a massive seats and hence they have nobody to complain when they sit in the parliament. It is a similar situation like the BNP alliance previously and hence a easy route for corruption since there is nobody to stop you. dangerous for the ordinary citizens again.

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    Rajakar Ashif

    This is the election like 1970 EC has given statement how they get 99% to BAL and it is good info that Rajakar ra 1970 thaka valo result korsa at list 11% paisa ataiba kom ke

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    Rajakar Ashif

    Please Note JP in 1990 BD Budget was 19Cr. BNP 1995 BD Budget was 42Cr. BAL 2000 BD Budget was 38Cr. BNP 2005 BD Budget was 76Cr. and CTG 2008 BD Budget was 99Cr. lets see what will be the out come in 2012 from BAL Hope the country will develop and love to see my country will develop

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    M Serajul Islam khan

    AL tar Nirbachoni Istehar kototoko bastobion kore setai dekhar bisoy.

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    Tofayel Ahmed

    Erokom result keu vabe ni. eta theke BNPr shikhkha nea uchit.
    Dal theke terrorist abong Panda ther ber kore thea uchit.

    Result mene nea chara to upai nai.

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    zahidul islam

    AL should look back and treat this is the election of 1970 and get prepared to struggle for the the true independence of Bangladesh

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    Jei khomotay ashuk next time ai jamat ar baki shoitangula jeno chirotore biday hoy.Naile amra bibek ar kase oporadhi hoa thakbo.

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    Dear All:

    eto boro joy peye awamileauge etake opbabohar korbe na to??i hope future will be close contest otherwise they will corrupted again missused the power that`s why we are require very close result….

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    Congratulation to Mohajot, but 2/3 rd majority is a dangerous weapon for our country, what do you think?

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    we look for peaceful next 5 years. my request to next leaders ‘plz think for the public, not for only ur benifit’

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    Arafat Titu

    As a peace loving and optimistic citizen my only hope is that AL will not misuse the chance to lie in peoples heart forever. It is clear now that Terrorist cant play any role in Election and future it will be more clear and transparent. so AL should not depend on terrorists. The first priority should be the general people… the real power of Democratic Bangladesh…….

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    Kazi Islam

    I hope all wining parties have already leared their lesson from the past and will not forget in few days like before. It is ovious that the wining party have lots of responsibilities and expectation to be fulfilled.

    Lets see.. If the hopeless prats can bring some home again.

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    Mosleh Uddin Kaisar

    জয় বাংলা আমাদের স্বাধীনতার শ্লোগান ।

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    আওয়ামেলীগ কি পারবে বাংলা দেশকে ডিজিটাল করতে?

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    দেশ বাঁচান!

    আমাদের দেশটাকে খেয়ে ফেলেছে চোর বাটপাররা তাই আসুন আমরা সবাই সচেতন হই এবং শপথ করি দেশকে বাঁচাবো দেশটাকে মনে প্রানে ভালবাসব। এই সোনার বাংলাতে মিশে আছে আমাদের এিশ লক্ষ শহীদের প্রাণ, এিশ লক্ষ শহীদের রক্ত যারা দেশের জন্য যুদ্ধ করেছিল।

    তারা কিন্তু তাদের নিজের স্বার্থের কথা ভাবেন নাই তারা ভেবে ছিল আমাদের ভবিষ্যতের কথা। ভেবে ছিল দেশটাকে সবাই একদিন চিনবে জানবে সম্মান করবে। আমাদের সোনার ছেলেরা তাদের শরীরে চামড়াকে পুড়িয়ে সোনার বাংলাকে খাটি সোনায় পরিণত করতে চেয়েছিল কিন্তু কোথায় সেই সোনা কোথায় সেই সম্মান কোথায় আমাদের জন্য দেখা তাদের স্বপ্নের ভবিষ্যত। তাই আর দেরি না করে দেশের প্রতি মায়া মহব্বত ভালবাসা জাগিয়ে তুলুন।

    বিশেষ করে যারা রাজনীতির নামে ক্ষমতায় গিয়ে দেশকে লুটপাট করে চিবিয়ে চিবিয়ে খাচ্ছেন তাদের কাছে আমাদের সবার পক্ষ থেকে বিনীত অনুরোধ আপনারা শুধু আপনার বা আপনাদের নিজেদের ভবিষ্যতের চিন্তা না করে চৌদ্দ কোটি মানুষের ভবিষ্যতের কথা ভাবুন গড়ে তুলুন সোনার বাংলা।

    শামীম আল মামুন
    email- mamun725@yahoo.com

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    Jamil Razib,USA

    I have a Question to all those who are concern about Rajakar and for information even I don’t support Jammat.Why they (AL) didn’t take the action against them 1996 to 2001? Anyone can ans. I figure it my frnds. The only reason is, this is the only one big issue that they can use it to get the power easily. I respect all the opinions that delivered here but we should remember one thing that before the parties we have our beautiful country. So please don’t try to divided the nation.

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    M.Adeel Qureshi

    I wish every success to my Bangladeshi brothers and sisters. May God give you progress and We live like friends forever,

    God bless Bangladesh and Pakistan.

    Ami kuma ke balo bashi.

    M.Adeel Qureshi,
    Social Sciences & Huminities,
    Karachi University,
    Email: send2adeel@gmail.com

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    jahan polas

    I have lost my Votar ID card. Not only this but also I have not any photocopy of that. Now how can I get back my Votar Id card?

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