New list of corruption suspects

Tasneem Khalil

Tasneem Khalil

  • 80 corruption suspects listed. Big names: Sadeque Hossain Khoka of BNP, Tofail Ahmed, Syeda Sajeda Chowdhury of AL, Abdur Rouf Chowdhury of Rangs Group, Latifur Rahman of Transcom Group, Abdul Matlub Ahmed of Nitol Group, Former Supreme Court judge Justice Fazlul Haque, Proshika president Kazi Faruque.
  • [Dhaka Correspondent] The national coordination committee on corruption and serious crimes (NCC) Thursday made public the final list of 80 people as part of the drive against high-profile corruption suspects.

    With the latest list of 80 people, NCC has so far made four lists of a total of 222 corruption suspects, including politicians, businessmen and bureaucrats, since March 8 when it was formed with effect from February 4.

    The Anti-Corruption Commission has so far notified 141 people, named on the lists, asking for their wealth statements. The 80 people, named on the final list, will also be notified soon by the commission asking for their wealth statements.

    NCC finalized final list at its meeting in its office in the army headquarters Thursday with its chairman MA Matin, also the communications adviser, in the chair, said a source attending the meeting. The committee has made the lists based on inquiries carried out by the army-led anti-corruption task forces, working under the committee since March.

    With the final list, the task forces will wind up the anti-corruption drives by late September in accordance with declarations made by chief adviser Fakhruddin Ahmed, chairman of the committee MA Matin and army chief Moeen U Ahmed, said the source.

    From BNP:

    Dhaka City Corporation Mayor Sadeque Hossain Khoka.
    Former state minister AKM Mosharraf Hossain.
    Former state ministerJahanara Begum.
    Former deputy minister Asadul Habib Dulu.
    Former lawmaker Shahidul Islam of Jhenidah.
    Former lawmakerAbul Khayer Bhuiyan of Laxmipur.
    Former lawmakerDr Dewan Mohammad Salahuddin of Savar.
    Former lawmaker Mehedi Ahmed Rumi of Kushtia.
    Former lawmaker Shahidul Haq Jamal of Barisal-Pirojpur.
    Former lawmaker Fazlul Haq Milon of Gazipur.
    Former lawmaker Abdul Gafur Bhuiyan of Comilla.
    Former lawmaker Ilyas Ali of Sylhet.
    Former lawmaker Joinal Abedin Faruque of Feni.
    Former lawmaker Sardar Sakhawat Hossain Bakul of Narsingdi.
    Former lawmaker Mohammad Ali Jinnah of Chittagong.
    Shafiur Rahman Babu [son of M Saifur Rahman].
    Dhaka city ward commissioner Nabi ullah Nabi.
    Dhaka city ward commissioner Salimullah Solu.
    Former BRTC chairman Taimur Rahman Khandaker.
    Srimangal municipality chairman Mohsin Mia.
    Shish Mohammad of Rajshahi.

    From Awami League:

    Presidium member Tofail Ahmed.
    Presidium member Syeda Sajeda Chowdhury.
    Presidium member Kazi Zafarullah.
    Former state minister AKM Jahangir Hossain.
    Former lawmaker Mirza Abdul Latif of Sirajganj.
    Former lawmaker Shawkat Hossain Hiron of Barisal.
    Former lawmaker Rahmat Ullah of Gazipur.
    Former Chhatra League leader Enamul Haq Shamim.
    Former Chhatra League leader Ishaq Ali Khan Panna.
    Sadeq Abdullah [Son of Abul Hasnat Abdullah].

    From Jatiya Party:

    Former lawmaker Nasim Osman.
    Former lawmaker Moshiur Rahman Ranga.

    From Jamaat-e-Islami:

    Shamiul Haq of Gazipur.
    Former Islami Bank chairman Mir Quashem Ali.


    Abul Khair Litu of Bengal Group.
    Manzurul Islam Bablu of Eastern Group.
    Abdur Rouf Chowdhury of Rangs Group.
    Latifur Rahman of Transcom Group.
    Abdul Matlub Ahmed of Nitol Group.
    Abdus Sayeed Chowdhury of Jubok.
    Aftab Uddin of Reza Constructions.
    Abul Momen of Momen Constructions.
    Showkat Hossain of Chittagong.
    Anis Ahmed Gorky of MGH Group.
    Kader Mollah of Narsingdi.
    Abdul Awal Talukder.


    Former Supreme Court judge Justice Fazlul Haque.
    Proshika president Kazi Faruque.
    Former law secretary Alauddin Sardar.
    Former communications secretary Syed Rezaul Hayat.
    Khaleda Zia’s private secretary Shamsul Alam.
    Khaleda Zia’s assistant private secretary Abdul Matin.
    Khaleda Zia’s protocol officer Shamsul Islam.
    Former DC of Bogra Mohammad Rafiqul Islam.
    Sheikh Hasina’s assistant private secretary Bahauddin Nasim.
    Civil aviation official Harun-or Rashid.
    Former DG of department of agriculture Ibrahim Khalil.
    Former director of drug administration Professor Habibur Rahman.
    Former AGM of Bangladesh Bank Golam Mostafa.
    CBA leader of RAJUK Amir Khasru.
    Former bureaucrat Mozaffar Hossain.
    Managing director of Teletalk Mohammad Obaidullah.
    Divisional engineer of T&T Mohammad Tawfiq.
    Agriculturist Zaved Iqbal.
    Water development board official Zahirul Karim.
    NBR member Golam Mostafa.
    NBR member Ali Ahmed.
    NBR member Anisul Haque Shamim.
    MD of Bangladesh Gas Fields Company Ltd. Shahidul Abedin.
    Assistant secretary Nasir.

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      Several interesting observations regarding this list:

      1. If you are related to and/or a “close friend of FUA ,MUA, and Masud, no matter how corrupt you are, you are left alone. Examples: Syed Iskander, Masud’s precious brother-in-law. Also an “extremely” close friend of the CA who was a former bureaucrat and an outgoing BNP MP (has enough money to start his own TV station). If Rezaul Hayat can be charged, then this former bureaucrat turned politician friend of the CA escaped this list on what grounds is very much questionable.

      2. No former prominent army officer is on this list. The brotherhood of our “patriotic” armed forces has made sure that their brethren are beyond the purview of the law. Looks like if one has the seal of the armed forces, they are provided with immunity, no matter how corrupt.

      3. Polticians (Tofail & Sajeda) who have recently deviated from the moves of reforming their party have been netted but those (Mannan Bhuiyan, Major Hafiz, etc.) who are still pursuing the regime’s ulterior motives of destroying democracy in the name of cleansing their respective political party, has been spared. Seems like obedience not corruption is the selection criteria.

      4. After an intense pressure from all walks of Bangladeshis, General Matin, in an effort to reduce the “ninda” he had to face, decided to attempt a face saving act by grabbing a couple of (illegible?) Jamaat activists. But he made sure that the big fish razakars are left alone, again. Maybe its to satisfy the DGFI brass.

      This happened the day FUA stood before the world and declared that credible election plans are being implemented and promised a return to democracy sooner than later.

      This happened the day we found out that an article on the Economist magazine has been censored by this authoritarian government because it mentioned information that may indeed reveal the true evil intention of this regime; to stay in power longer than being claimed.

      Travesty, travesty, travesty. When will the Western powers, who seem to be the only strength of this undemocratic regime, do the appropriate so that Bangladeshis can taste freedom and democracy, again?

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      This time I agree with you. I wonder why those names are dropped. I also wondered why the doctors, lawyers (long time we don

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      Please circulate the comments of Imran in all blog…let people know the real face of the satan FUA , MUA and their partners.

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      Please take a moment to view the contents of the Heritage Foundation seminar last Friday (September 28, 2007) on Bangladesh. Pay close attention to Ambassador Waliur Rahman, from his introduction to his sloppy presentation, to his biased and meaningless answers to audience questions.

      I believe that we notice a new trend in Bangladesh. This time, I believe, there is a vigorous competition among the retired foreign service officers to lobby on behalf of the unelected regime in Bangladesh. First it was Farook Sobhan (former foreign secretary), sent officially as the CA’s special envoy. His mission didn’t produce much fruit. So this time, I think, Waliur Rahman is being used to carry out the lobbying of this regime, only difference being the fact that he is doing so under the banner of “BILIA” (Bangladesh Institute of Law and International Affairs), which I believe is an NGO.

      This gentleman, served as a special envoy of Sheikh Hasina during her rule and was close to the AL regalia during that period.

      Then, after 1/11, we find him arranging seminars and inviting General Moeen Ahmed as the chief guest to his gatherings. We saw him sitting next to MUA, touting himself as the director of BILIA, promoting the general’s agenda.

      Let’s wait for more entrants, especially from the ranks of former Bangladesh Foreign Service in the near future. After the next general elections, IF and WHEN Democracy is returned to us, we shall judge this new breed of boot-lickers.

      Don’t forget to watch:

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      Lookman Hossain

      Professor Abul Hasan M Sadeq, VC of Asian University of Bangladesh is a highly corrupted person. I am disappointed not to find his name in the list. He has earned more than 1500 crore taka from AUB trust and has built 2nd home in Malaysia. Please investigate against his corruption.

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      Hajee Rafique

      I was reading the letter written by Mr. Imran and got shocked for his unduly made comments on freedon fighter Waliur Rahman. Waliur Rahman resigned from Pakistan Foreign service while he was in Switzerland in 1971, and opeted a refugee life for 9 months with his family. He is among the few diplomats in Bangladesh foreign service who always stood for truth and integrity and positive Bangladesh image throughout his life. After independence, he was instrumental in getting admitted to all the UN agencies in Geneva, Vienna and Rome, when China was vetoing Bangladesh membership in the UN Security Council.

      For his seminal role in the liberation war, particularly in Europe, Waliur Rahman was made OSD soon after the assasination of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. His legal war with Khaleda Zia got national and international response, and in the long run his triumphant was ensure. You have mentioned that he was appointed as the special envoy of Sheikh Hasina, which was proved to be a right dicision. This is Ambassador Waliur Rahman, who initiated the extradition treaty with Thailand. This is Ambassador Waliur Rahman, for whose efforts Nelson Mandela was present in the silver jubilee of Bangladesh Independence.

      He has never changed his ideology and vision. He is the pure son of the soil. He loves to focus positive Bangladesh, which you have, perhaps, misinterpreted.

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