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520 Responses to “Bangladesh Election 2008 Live Video”

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    mamun mohammad

    Thank u very much, i just worry how i can see live election u gyey make it easy for us . thank u for that.

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    khalil diamond house

    im very happy that this channel is available for us on net.thanks from nazmin&ibrahim&khalil ur rehman

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    Arijit Das

    Thank you all for the link and coverage. Very much eager to see the result.

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    i would to thank all the team members and co-ordinators of E-BANGLADESH for your nice effort to coverage the live election 2008 of Bangladesh.
    Thank you all.

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    Saimur (

    nice thinking….good job…but slow..There are 2 many users in the Ustream.. thats why it might be slow!…….. DO u want more fun more massti…so loging now ur fun zone… ….we r waiting 4 u………thnx ….Saimur…..(

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