Polls impossible without 2 leaders

Tasneem Khalil

Tasneem Khalil

[Dhaka Correspondent] BNP Secretary General Khandaker Delwar Hossain Thursday said holding a free and fair election and restoration of democracy will be impossible with leading politicians behind the bars. “People suspect ploys in holding of elections without the two main leaders. Nothing can be anticipated over the polls at this moment but it seems that the government is working on a plan.”

“It impossible to hold such a significant election without the participation of the major political parties,” Delwar said accusing the government of defaming the members of Ziaur Rahman’s family to prevent them from taking part in the next elections. “Cases are being filed one after another against the Zia family using the emergency rules to harass them.”

Delwar saw it illogical to accuse Tarique Rahman’s wife and mother-in-law for the purported crime of Tarique. “Again, it will be inhuman to take into custody all but a minor girl, daughter of Tarique Rahman. Who will take care of her?”

BNP secretary general urged the government to withdraw the cases against Tarique and family on humanitarian ground. “If the government chooses it can withdraw any case or exempt anyone from a case on special grounds. I hope the government will consider this issue from a humanitarian point of view and think about the age of Tarique’s only daughter Jaima Rahman.”

The Anti Corruption Commission Wednesday filed a case against Khaleda Zia’s elder son Tarique Rahman, his wife Zubaida Rahman and mother-in-law Syeda Iqbal Mand Banu on charges of concealing information on assets. Delwar termed the ACC cases as “politically motivated.”