TI: Bangladesh 162/180

Tasneem Khalil

Tasneem Khalil

[Dhaka Correspondent] Bangladesh’s position has remained steady in terms of integrity as it ranked 162 among 180 countries in the corruption perceptions index (CPI) 2007, Transparency International said Wednesday.

Bangladesh scored 2.0 points, the same as it did in 2006, on a scale of 10 points. Countries with a score below 3 are described by TI as being “highly corrupt”. Bangladesh, which was placed in the rank No. 3 in 2006, finished seventh from below in 2007.

Bangladesh has remained steady at 2.0 score, showing improved performance compared with nine countries that had earlier scored better, the Bangladesh chapter of the international watchdog said in a statement.

“While most low-scoring countries continued a downward trend and even many high-ranking countries received lower scores in 2007, Bangladesh was successful in resisting this,” the statement said.

The country’s rank at 162 on CPI is also shared by Cambodia, Central African Republic, Papua New Guinea, Turkmenistan and Venezuela. The Berlin-based international anticorruption watchdog released the CPI 2007 report Wednesday across the world. The index ranks countries in terms of perceived degree of prevalence of political and administrative corruption.

Transparency International, Bangladesh (TIB) provided the index report at a press briefing at the National Press Club. TIB Chairman Professor Muzaffer Ahmad and Executive Director Dr. Iftekharuzzaman were present.

Denmark, Finland and New Zealand are the least corrupt countries, which jointly top the list with integrity index of 9.4 points each, with 10 being the least corrupt. Singapore topped the list of the less corrupt among the Asian countries, scoring 9.3 alongside Sweden.

Somalia and Myanmar have become the most corrupt nations as they are at the bottom of the list, followed by Iraq and Haiti. Uzbekistan and Tonga are jointly in the fourth position followed by Sudan, Chad and Afghanistan in the fifth. Democratic Republic of Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Laos and Guinea have ranked sixth most corrupt countries.