Rally for not casting vote to 71’s Rajakar



Sommillito Sanskritik Jot (a cultural organization) start a rally from in font of the National Sohid Minar demanding not casting vote to 71’s Rajakar (war criminals) in the larger interest of the nation and democracy, in the upcoming 9th National Election. The upcoming parliamentary election 2008 is not any election that had happen in Bangladesh. New electoral law, last persistent emergency, people’s perception regarding corruption and new voters have make this election deferent than other elections. Dhaka, Bangladesh. December 22 2008.

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    Khalid Masood

    Sarmila Bose’s groundbreaking book “Dead Reckoning” shatters many of the partisan myths that have been nurtured on the 1971 war. There is need for introspection. It is pointless to continuously rake up the past.

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