Bangladesh Election And The Bankrupt Elite Class

Journey to Infinitive

Journey to Infinitive

A Screenshot of the Talk Show called Tritio Matra

To be, or not to be: that is the question:
Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,
Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,
And by opposing end them? To die: to sleep;”

What can I say more than that? Far from my mother land I try to type some words on my note book. Recently I was monitoring some talk shows on the forth coming election in Bangladesh on a few Bangladeshi channels and noted some anomalies. The roll of media in Bangladesh seems a bit funny to me.

One of them is Channel I which airs a popular Talk Show called Tritio Matra. The host Zillur Rahman is a renowned Dhaka elite. Bangladeshi elites (Shusheel Samaj) are the 8th wonders of the world. Now who are these elites?

During the liberation war (1971) there were some notable intellectuals in Bangladesh, who augmented the cause of Bangladesh and some of them were able to escaped the wrath of the Pakistani and collaborator forces. They had representations in every part of the society and were very much near and dear to the people. Some of them explicitly dedicated their life for country. Their successors and the contemporary intellectuals had a dream for a secular and progressive Bangladesh. I can mention few names such as Kabir Chowdhury, Hassan Imam, Dr Nilima Ibrahim, Samsur Rahman, Begam Sufiya Kamal, Abdul Gaffar Chowdhury and the list goes on. They fought for their Principle and rights without any compromise all through their lives. But they were countered by the reactionary forces and very often they were labeled as “Awami Intellects”.

In course of time a few of them already reached the end of their lives and the nation lost some valuable assets. Some of them like Humayun Azad was the target of fanatics because they had progressive thoughts. I am sorry to say we have not got eligible successors of them, probably they retracted out of fear. Instead, we got some compromising, power monger, rootless and people of double standard, who are now known as the elite class of Bangladesh. You will see their re presentation in almost every forum now.

A chunk of editors, retired army officers, barristers, business men, some rootless politicians, media celebrities have formed a big syndicate. Over the top they are getting support of a portion of Non resident Bangladeshi who have the fatal attraction for a non elected regime and backing of some ambassadors of some influential countries.

Coming Back to Zillur Rahman’s popular Talk show, suddenly I have found some funny kind of characters are appearing at his program. One so called businessman from Qatar, who tried to get nomination from one political party but failed, simply was slumming politicians indiscriminately and have made funny comments about the father of the nation on a free style manner. Zillur was also fueling on the fire.

Our elites are very often teaching us lesson of democracy. Some times they forget that “the people of the country know their need more than the elites”.

In the last few days there were much brouhaha about Arafat Rahman’s scandal in a Singapore Bank, which was exposed by the Anti Corruption Commission in Bangladesh. This news is making big head lines in the newspapers.

My question to the Anti Corruption Authority is, “why they chose this particular time before the election for this investigation? Were they sleeping the last two years?”

The Bangladesh media is a champion to show their allegiance to the party in power. They can also predict which party can come to power and try to show their faithfulness by going some extra miles. Some Journalists have already started to cash on Arafat issue to be near to Awami League even by resorting to some false reporting.

Over the top the High Court is giving verdict against the Election commission (EC) to include detained leaders in the polls. Now the election commissioner was seen showing emotional reactions to the media on these decisions of high court. In fact he had found ways to voice his frustrations without showing contempt to court.

But our so called Elites are silent on these issues. I don’t know if I ever will see a sane political process in Bangladesh but for now most of the so called Bangladesh elites seem to have a moral bankruptcy.

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    When I first got access to Channel I on the internet from abroad, I was initially, enthralled by Zillur Rahman’s “Tritio Matra.” BUT as time elapsed, Irealized that this so-called talk show host was nothing more than a mouthpiece for the so-called “sushil samaj” and most of the corrupt politicians of our country. I have also heard that slots in his so-called talk show are “sold.”

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    Javed Zaman

    I am a resident of the Dhaka constituency 17 comprising of Gulshan, Baridhara, Banani, Cantonment, Badda and other areas.

    For the first time the majority of the voters in this and other constituencies of Dhaka are likely to enlist voters from other districts. The floating population from far flung districts that include daily laborers, rickshaw-pullers and others have registered permanently this time in these constituencies for the first time. They are likely to act as swing voters besides the newly enlisted young generation voters.

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    Feroz Shah

    We have had enough of two years of unrepresentative unelected unconstitutional government running the government. It has been witch hunting solely directed at politicians. The proponents of the minus-two theory that included Yunus, donors and World Bank-IMF-NGO consortium have been totally discredited. The politicians have been treated inhumanely.

    Most of the cases even if they had any shred of evidence lost it’s teeth due to rule under emergency powers and ordinances and decrees brought forth by an unelected government that had no mandate to rule for more than 90 days. I think they have violated the constitution on many counts.

    It is rumoured that the trio in Cox’s Bazaar now are trying to work out a graceful exit for them by pressurising the newly elected government to validate all their acts and ordinances so far promulgated. I think no elected government or party alone can do it without he approval of the next elected parliament. All it’s acts must be thoroughly discussed in the parliament to see if they have violated our constitution.

    The next elected government should first work very responsibly from the very beginning. People expect a lot from them. The abnormal setup of the last two years have severely shaken the foundations of our democracy giving rise to the prospect of greedy undemocratic evil forces vying for power at the bidding of foreign powers. This should be nipped in the bud by abolishing the caretaker concept and at the same time strengthening the election.

    It is good to see that both the former PMs have taken stern measures against conspirators who took the role of reformers within the major parties. They must be closely followed that they do not resort to betrayal again.

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    sal y jamal

    hi guys,

    as a responsible and neutral person not holding any partisan brief, i dare say that, the past two years does have its pros and cons. so, in the supreme intrest of our beloved country we must ensure that, the baby is not thrown out with the bath water. e.g. the ID Cards, Voter Lists, EC, ACC THE ENSUING ACCEPTABLE,FREE AND FAIR ELECTIONS and many historic achievements of the past two years shall invariably written in golden letters. these ACHIEVEMENTS are acclaimed worldwide especially for our ID Cards namely, “ID Outsatnding Achievement Award”, received by Maj Gen Md. S Islam on Nov 18, 2008 (vide The Daily Star Magazine”) in Milan, Italy, for which our thanks & gratitudes especially goes to our beloved BD Army!!!

    wishing all the best for the people and the entire country!!!


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    Faisal Jamil

    Fakruddin’s speech was the worst of three. The illegitimate government has no constitutional basis. He served as an obedient chaprashi of Moeen.

    His speech was trying to eulogise his tenure as the worst subservient spineless peon CA ever. It’s none of his business to counsel us on how the affairs of the state should be run. It’s for the elected PM and council of ministers and MPs to decide how we should manage our statecraft.

    It is not for a mercenary UN-WB pushed in unconstitutional government to run the country. The country has been sold out to his former employers. He and family has ruined our economy and tried to kill democracy and banish the two former PMs. Common people just want this bunch of opportunist illegitimate powergrabbers go.

    As ordained he has failed to do so and should leave the political scene soon following tomorrow’s unprecedented election.

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