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    M B iswas

    Are you still looking for a caption? You can utilize the following story to find an appropriate caption.
    I’ve just now finished reading BDNEWS reports online. I found an interesting story on Nizami. The BDNEWS24 reporter quoted him syaing: “The Indian soldiers plundered our country indiscriminately during the liberation war.

    ” [They] took away not only the arms and ammunition abandoned by the Pakistani troops… ” He supported the two-nation” theory of Jinnah. According to that report, Nizami did not say any word against the atrocities of Pakistani Army. His quote rather suggests that he was feeling so sorry for the “arms and ammunition” of Pakistani troops.

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    polash datta

    আলাদিনের এই কার্পেটই আমাদের এখনো বাংলাদেশে টিকিয়ে রেখেছে। ছাড়বো না।

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    Rokter tan boro tan, tai to sadhinotar eto bochor poro pakistaner potaka urai….

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