Corruption at Election Commission!

Kowshik Ahmed

Kowshik Ahmed

December 12 2008 Rajshahi, Bangladesh. Photo: by: Iqbal Ahmed, DRIK News

Transparent ballot boxes are being sent to different polling centers since yesterday by The Election Commission (EC). The much awaited Parliamentary Election will be held on December 29 of this year.

An official at the law department of Election Commission (EC) was alleged for bribery while issuing nomination cancellation certificate to candidates for the impending 9th general election of Bangladesh. The alleged official along with few staff inside the department have been reported to be engaged to harass the candidates who have only today left to appeal to the Supreme court. And the said certificate is mandatory for any writ application. It was said that EC officials are charging 10 to 50 thousand Taka according to candidate’s portfolio.

Mr. Morshed Murad Ibrahim, a candidate for the Chittagong-9 constituency and Mr. Fakir Ashraf, the Grand Alliance Candidate from Jatiya Party (E) have gone through this bitter experience recently according to a Daily Ittefaq report.

After the long battle of the nation for a corruption free EC it was deemed that finally the country had it. The two year long Caretaker Government was originated partially due to the differences between major political parties regarding the Election Commission. The reformation of EC was a highly prioritized issue for the political parties.

These bribery scandals by the officials of EC exposes the dark side of the institution and puts the nation in a position where it is again questioning its capability to hold a free and fair election, but this time the questioning is coming with some trepidation.

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    Md.Tofazzal Hossain Porag

    We want to see the free-fare-transperency election at next 29 Dec’08 through giving the more observer giving permission to watch the process. FEMA is one of the biggest observer from 15 years ago, unfortunately, they disputed. Hope, E.C.of BD’s justiceness.

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    Biplob Das

    Complain: Seat no 10,Chittaagong.Candidate name-Mr.Monzur Alom.Symbol-pineapple.He is purchasing vote to go home to home and giving per person one hundrad to two hunrad by his nearest person and relative.There is some center is very riskful,Yakub Ali school, Notunbazar primary school,Pahartali etc. Because his brother in law Mr.Babul Hoque company live in Mettailla para.Mettailla para is a very dengarous drug business area.Mozibul Hoque(Mozu),Nizam uddin is a land rober and drug businessman.Mozu is a brother of Mr.Babul Hoque.So they can bring lot of garments girl for duplicate vote cast and vote center also can capture.So please spcialy look after that.

    Thank you.
    Biplob Das
    Halisohor, Chittgong.

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    Patrick O Nwoko

    I am interested in your transparent ballot boxes. Kindly let me know if I can get your design and be able to proudce this. There is election taking place in my country (Nigeria) early next year, if I could reach an aggrement
    to produce this in nigeria, kindly let me know what it will cost me for your design.

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