The government of Fakhruddin Ahmed is trying to mislead the nation



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The Awami League-led alliance on Saturday censured the military-backed government of Fakhruddin Ahmed for trying to mislead the nation by making a ‘false’ claim that the two rival political alliances had failed to reach a consensus over polls.

‘The adviser [Hossain Zillur] either deliberately or mistakenly lied to the nation by accusing the two political alliances of not reaching a consensus’, AL joint secretary general Syed Ashraful Islam told reporters after a meeting with the Election Commission.

Referring to the government’s dialogues with the two alliances, particularly with Sheikh Hasina and Khaleda Zia, Ashraf said during the dialogue with the AL-led alliance the adviser had told them that they had no specific agenda or any specific proposal for deferring the election date. ‘The adviser also informed us that the government’s discussion with the four-party alliance had failed’, Ashraf said.

‘But the adviser blamed the two alliances, we condemn the statement,’ said the AL leader.

The commerce and education adviser, Hossain Zillur Rahman, on November 19 said, ‘Parliamentary and upazila elections will go ahead as scheduled as there has been no consensus between the political alliances on the proposals put forward by the government and the Election Commission despite multifarious communications, sincerity and all-out efforts.’


E-Bangladesh is a News/Headlines service and a group blog aimed at bringing the news and analysis from Bangladesh to its readers.

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    Riaz Rahman

    The worst thing that could have happened to Bangladesh was the installation of a Yunus-dictated Fakruddin pushed-in government by the UN and WB-IMF racket.

    The utterence yesterday by the WB rep was totally against the interests of Bangladesh. He tried to deliberately damage and contract Bangladesh`s fast expanding economy by making such irresponsible comments. It’s the US and Europe and failed institutes like the World Bank that will bear the brunt of economic collapse initiated by the shameless greed of countries, corporates and institutions like them. The installation of Fakruddin government has severely damaged Bangladesh`s image globally. Fakruddin`s brother-n-law Ifthekar`s handling of foreign affairs have shattered our national pride and prestige. This family have totally sold out the nation to foreigners whom they have served subserviently abroad in organizations like the UN and WB. Now they should get paid by them and leave Bangladesh. These guys have seriously hurt our democracy, economy and human rights records.

    I just want these unfit fellows go and let democracy return ASAP. I just want to see an elected government that will scrap the CARETAKER concept so that cheap people like Fakruddin & family and friends never ascend to power unconstitutionally. The promotion of people of low stature like Fakruddin to CA`s post have severely damaged the office of the head of state.

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    Engr Khondkar Abdus Saleque

    Care Taker Government is responsible for free , fair and credible election maintaining its neutral postion.It must not blame one or few political parties for any impediment.State of emmergency still remains in force.All the stae power is in their possession.So creating excuse about poltical alliances not coopearting is not acceptable. CTG will will conduct election as per its dec;ared Road map after completing all home works required for election.Political parties and fronts will particiapte. The media is very strong .In matters of hours world will know if any party or front is playing wrong.So CTG must not blame others.The claim of Awami League appear genuine.Awami League and it sfront is always commited to election.

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