Poverty, policies and politics – US election 2012

So this story starts where I ended the last one. The election has become a mega marketing campaign. The group who’ll sell their product better with bigger ad campaign, more mail in marketing material and confident salesmen will win the [...]

Poverty, policy and Politics…

According to US census in 2011 Mississippi’s poverty rate was 22.6; New Mexico 21.5, Louisiana 20.4, Kentucky 19.1, South Carolina 18.9, Texas 18.5. All up from 2010. Funny thing is, it’s easy to say that President Obama’s [...]

The ‘capture’ of the ‘boy terrorist’ and Bangladeshi youth

A typical Dhaka city boy. Ideal School ’06 batch, Dhaka College ’08, North South University. I don’t know him personally, but I do know many of his school friends, who are as shocked as his parents at what he has turned out to be. However, [...]

Bangladesh-US effort in shaping the future

The importance of Dhaka is growing in the eyes of Washington as Bangladesh-US relationship has entered a new era when it is trying to shape up its future relationship through a partnership dialogue that has ended in the Washington. The growing [...]

Dr. Yunus: US issues press statement

The state department of the United States of America has issued a press statement regarding recent developments on Grameen Bank and Dr. Muhammad Yunus. Following  is the statement as it is: “The United States is deeply concerned about [...]

Human rights & RAB: here comes the US

Five days after the US government expressed its concern over the involvement of Rapid Action Battalion (Rab) in extralegal killings and forced disappearances, US Ambassador to Dhaka Dan Mozena Tuesday revealed the US plan to form an internal [...]

US sanction on Iran: Bangladesh is the loser!

Many of you may have not thought such, but the truth is US sanction on Iran is hampering Bangladesh economically! Yes,  export of jute and jute products from Bangladesh has dropped down sharply due to the sanction., reports fibre2fashion.com. Quoting [...]

US-Bangladesh security meet: you should wear ‘own shoe’

it is good thing to engage in security dialogue as it is always better to talk than no talk at all. But one should understand how Bangladesh addresses its security issues would depend on many internal factors including its national interest, [...]

Muhammad Yunus & the Prothom Alo

But how does a newspaper publish such a sentence that means that the Bangladesh government should have done in line with that advice! The Yunus affair is turning out to be a non-ending issue in Bangladesh; at least till the Awame League led [...]