Exiled blogger Mahmudul Haque Munshi

Why I Went Into Exile: A Bangladeshi Blogger Tells His Story

In the face of threats, intimidation and multiple assassinations of secular bloggers in Bangladesh, many bloggers have stopped writing and some have gone into hiding. Some of the country’s most active bloggers now fear they may face jail [...]

Is the Arab World Ready for Democracy?

There is often a naïve reaction in America to political uprisings abroad. The United States is a free place and has a long, albeit imperfect, history of granting asylum to political dissidents. This leads some observers, like George W. Bush’s [...]

Release of Aung San Suu Kyi – release of conscience from prison

Suu Kyi’s release on 13th November has relieved citizens across the world who believe in freedom of speech, freedom of thoughts and democracy. She is the most admired and compassionate leader in the contemporary world who has sacrificed [...]

Their pain, our pride….

I’m very ordinary man. My ability to protest or point out something that I think is wrong is probably confined within this blog. But still, now technology has given me the opportunity to share my thoughts with the world, and I like to [...]

Feminist Responses towards Fundamentalisms and Neo-liberal Economy

Last Episode Discussion and Conclusion Asian feminists’ problems are somehow different from that of western societies. The nature of their problem may be understood from an advertisement that Othman (2006) mentioned in the context of Malaysia. [...]

Confronting fundamentalism

EPISODE-SIX     People are talking about and confronting fundamentalisms very openly at the global level. As mentioned earlier, NGOs met at the Cairo and Beijing conferences to discuss and, in many crucial areas, defeat fundamentalisms. Since [...]

Women under Religious Fundamentalisms

EPISODE-TWO Fundamentalism has for long been associated with greater or lesser degrees of oppression of women. WAF felt that women were the main targets of fundamentalism. Its founding statement claimed that, “At the heart of the fundamentalists’ [...]

Energy poverty opposes right to livelihood, freedom, and capability

It is apparent that world along with it’s all poor and miserable nations are already in ‘energy poverty’ and heading faster for a dark age. While we are engaged fighting for right to livelihood and for Sen’s ‘capability-freedom’, [...]