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David Bergman: Now and then

Bergman never showed how ruthless violence by the two parties Jamaat and BNP before the election have reminded us the atrocities in the liberation war and the need for the war crimes trial.The few people and organizations that Bergman referred in his blogs that were dedicated to find faults in the trial process have rarely been found to be content with the verdict handed down by the International crimes tribunal despite experts from home and abroad found it as having maintained the international standard in the process.

These practices of Bergman naturally instigate the curiosity among the people who are behind his role? What helps him doing such activities that could even interrupt the trial against the crimes against humanity that the people of the country and many other places around the world have been struggling for? Does Bergman not stand for who did such heinous crimes.

February 5th, a reminiscence

Today is 5th February. The entire country roared because Kader Mollah wasn’t given a death penalty. Mass rising (Gonojagoron) started; “Projonmo chatter” was created. Hundreds of thousand people joined that Gonojagoron. Everyone had one demand, death penalty for all war criminals including Kader Mollah, as well as banning the politics of Jamat-Shibir and boycotting them politically and socially. Protest ran for days, for months demanding death penalty of Kader Mollah. Govt. amended the law. Then after completion of the legal procedure, Kader Mollah was executed on the last December 12. Gonojagoron was successful, govt. kept their promise by completing the first step of the war criminal trials.

Democracy International (DI) shows Awami League would have won the January 5 elections with at least a 5.8% margin

Post-election poll funded by USAID and DFID and carried out by US based Democracy International (DI) shows Awami League would have won the January 5 elections with at least a 5.8% margin even if BNP-Jamaat had participated. The poll surveyed 2544 citizens nationwide between January 11 to January 15 and was conducted independently of any political party. 42.7% said they would have voted for AL and another 0.1% for our Mohajote alliance while 35.1% said they would have voted for BNP, another 1.6% for Jamaat-e-Islami and 0.3% for their 4 party alliance.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

The now infamous photograph of Prince Charles being flanked by Chowdhury Mueen Uddin and Tanzeem Wasti, shows how the Jamaat movement become routed in British society. Mueen Uddin represents the Jamaat movement in Bangladesh and Wasti, the main Pakistani branch. A quick review of the Princes speech at the opening of the Markfield Institute shows that the British establishment has chosen to give the Jamaat movement a Royal seal of approval.


London, Wednesday, August 7. Bangladesh Ministers and other senior figures from the Government, Navy and emergency response services will meet representatives of the International Maritime Rescue Federation (IMRF) in Dhaka next week to discuss mass rescue operations on or near…

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

In the 1970s, Henry Kissinger, the former US Secretary of State, said that Bangladesh was a ‘basket case’ an ungovernable and chaotic nation with little prospect of succeeding into a viable nation state. He was wrong, flatly wrong; however there…

Legal Framework of the ICT and Due Process standards

This post outlines the basic legal framework of the International Crimes Tribunal (Bangladesh), its institutions, personnel, its processes, standards and fair trial attributes. Pro-71 activists may find this piece useful in addressing and countering some of the misconceptions and criticisms surrounding the ICT’s process. Prepared as an introductory part of a more detailed paper by International Crimes Strategy Forum (ICSF), the paper is scheduled to be released in March-April 2013 prior to the annual meeting of the United Nations Human Rights Council.

Walking for Justice

A nation started walking in 1971. The country, Bangladesh creed for justice for 42 years. After all these years finally the time has arrived. International Crimes Tribunals (ICT) Bangladesh was set up in 2009 to try the collaborators who helped Pakistani army to commit crimes against humanity.