Photo: Top war criminals Ali Ahsan Mohammad Mojaheed and Salauddin Quader Chowdhury.

Justice Delayed But Not Denied

44 long years brave Bangladeshis earning the liberation war on December 16, 1971 was crying for justice for atrocities done by war criminals. Early morning of 22nd November witnessed execution of verdict against two top criminals of crimes [...]

‘A beginning of the end to impunity’ – The verdict in Chief Prosecutor v Abul Kalam Azad (aka Bachchu Razakar)

International Crimes Strategy Forum (ICSF) welcomes the first ever verdict delivered by the International Crimes Tribunal-II against Mr Abul Kalam Azad, a former leader of Jamat-I-Islami, who had been tried for crimes against humanity and genocide [...]

International Crimes Tribunals Bangladesh: Justice In Perspective

Caption:ICSF members Nora Sharif and Rayhan Rashid delivering the QA session.Photo Credit-Rajib Ahmed. A discussion and presentation programme titled “International Crimes Tribunals Bangladesh: Justice In Perspective” took place [...]

Jamat could be behind the ICT hacking, reveals investigation

Jamat-e-Islam is emerging as the prime suspect in a link to the hacking of a conversation between Justice Nizamul Haque, Chairman of International Crimes Tribunal Bangladesh and Dr. Ahmed Ziauddin, an expert in international law based in Brussels, [...]

The Economist violates the British press code

Where do you live stranger? You may live anywhere on the globe. But if you are a bit interested in the war crime trial proceedings in Bangladesh, by now you must be well informed about the so called ‘explanation’ issue thrown towards the [...]

‘Think it Through, Benches is the Answer’

This article is based on the position paper titled ‘Think it Through, Benches is the Answer’ – A Legal and Strategic Analysis of the Government’s Stance on Setting up Additional Tribunals (full-text dowload link), which is based on an [...]