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International Crimes Tribunals Bangladesh: Justice In Perspective

A discussion and presentation programme titled “International Crimes Tribunals Bangladesh: Justice In Perspective” took place on 14 December 2012 in SOAS, University of London (Lecture Theatre V211, Vernon Square Campus). The programme was organised by International Crimes Strategic Forum (ICSF), a coalition/network of activists, groups and organisations, all of which have been supporting trial of those who committed atrocities and crimes against humanity during the independence war of Bangladesh in 1971.

‘Think it Through, Benches is the Answer’

This article is based on the position paper titled ‘Think it Through, Benches is the Answer’ – A Legal and Strategic Analysis of the Government’s Stance on Setting up Additional Tribunals, which is based on an internal memorandum prepared by the International Crimes Strategy Forum (ICSF – www.icsforum.org) in January 2012 to communicate the concerns of ICSF to Bangladesh Government and relevant stakeholders regarding the Government’s plan that involved setting up additional Tribunals under the International Crimes (Tribunals) Act 1973 to speed up the justice process. The memo was provided confidentially to the Prime Minister’s Office, Minister and State Minister of the Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs, Office of the Chief Prosecutor of the International Crimes Tribunal, National Human Rights Commission, the Bangladesh Law Commission, and Sector Commanders’ Forum among other stakeholders.