‘A beginning of the end to impunity’ – The verdict in Chief Prosecutor v Abul Kalam Azad (aka Bachchu Razakar)

International Crimes Strategy Forum (ICSF) welcomes the first ever verdict delivered by the International Crimes Tribunal-II against Mr Abul Kalam Azad, a former leader of Jamat-I-Islami, who had been tried for crimes against humanity and genocide [...]

International Crimes Tribunals Bangladesh: Justice In Perspective

Caption:ICSF members Nora Sharif and Rayhan Rashid delivering the QA session.Photo Credit-Rajib Ahmed. A discussion and presentation programme titled “International Crimes Tribunals Bangladesh: Justice In Perspective” took place [...]

Jamat could be behind the ICT hacking, reveals investigation

Jamat-e-Islam is emerging as the prime suspect in a link to the hacking of a conversation between Justice Nizamul Haque, Chairman of International Crimes Tribunal Bangladesh and Dr. Ahmed Ziauddin, an expert in international law based in Brussels, [...]

The Economist violates the British press code

Where do you live stranger? You may live anywhere on the globe. But if you are a bit interested in the war crime trial proceedings in Bangladesh, by now you must be well informed about the so called ‘explanation’ issue thrown towards the [...]

‘Think it Through, Benches is the Answer’

This article is based on the position paper titled ‘Think it Through, Benches is the Answer’ – A Legal and Strategic Analysis of the Government’s Stance on Setting up Additional Tribunals (full-text dowload link), which is based on an [...]
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