Color of the Capital

Changed is the roadsides, interior, fashion. Mobile phone replaced yellow envelope. Toiletries have changed, and so the ornaments, and even, the book cover, banking, entertainment, car model, get-up, coffee mug, social gathering etc.—everything [...]

Soft Talk with Maskwaith, Dhaka Media Boom Final Ep

Soft Talk with Maskwaith – Dhaka Media Boom Ep 1.

Interview with Jamil Ahmed, Chief, JATRI

Billion dollar projects, vested interests and a test for the leadership

For many long years, we, the Dhaka dwellers, are stuck by traffic congestion. Endless talks, planning, seminars, symposiums and round-tables took place hither and thither, but we remained at the same point as we were before. Lots of feasibility [...]

Tale of two cities: Gotham and Dhaka

I really feel kind of weird calling up my family back home, especially my parents. When I phone them I know they also feel the same weirdness. My mother told me a couple of days ago: “What else can I talk about son. I’m tired of [...]