Blogging ’71 – Last Episode

Omi Rahman Pial is greatly inspired with the popularity of his blog posts and also whenever his documents are used as reference in countering anti-Liberation War propaganda. He says that a sufficient number of war crimes’ witnesses are still [...]

Blogging ’71 – Part-3

Blogger Omi Rahman Pial believes that the online defamation and distortion carried out by the sympathizers of war criminals are being countered with arguments supported by rare documents and photographs. But this online historic information [...]

Blogging ’71 – Part-2

Blogger Omi Rahman Pial is disappointed with the present government’s lack of response towards online media, where sympathizers of war criminals are using the hypodermic method of establishing a lie as the truth. Where government-backed researchers [...]

Blogging ’71, Omi Rahman Pial

Omi Rahman Pial is a first generation Bangla blogger who has dedicated his research to the revelation of the true events of 1971. He started generic blogging in somewherein.net in 2006, but soon realized the growing distortion being propagated [...]

Breaking the spell of Shadow Dancers

E-bangladesh.org carries the distinction of upholding the liberty and integrity of a virtual Bangladesh in the face threats from shadow dancers who continue to swirl around our fate with never ending ferocity. Truth and the freedom to unleash [...]