Curious case of Padma bridge financing

After juggling and muddling with the matter for a while World Bank, the lead financier of Padma Multipurpose Bridge has finally announced the cancellation of its contract with Bangladesh for financing the implementation of Padma Multipurpose [...]

Corruption: Bangladesh & the WB

Corruption and lack of accountability make The World Bank- the most influential money lending firm of the world- one of the “most dysfunctional” in the world, says a report by the Forbes. In a long and detailed report the magazine says, “No [...]

Corruption-crippled development

Whatever the extent of corruption in Bangladesh is, it has been prevailing here since long, and reportedly in large scale for the last decade. It’s proved in surveys and also through the number of corruption cases, media reports and remarks [...]

corruption of the people, by the people, for themselves

We are always proactive in making comments about political corruption. Corruption at the highest level is Government corruption. Corrupt ministers or Madams of the ministers becoming the ten percent couple. Every night they’ll fight on [...]

Siemens, Koko and Doing Business in Bangladesh

On December 15, while driving through a snow-storm, I wasn’t paying too much attention to a radio newscaster talking about Siemens AG, a German company, agreeing to pay a US$ 1.6 billion fine to US and German governments. The BBC newscaster [...]

চোরের মা’র বড় গলা

(If you have problems reading the headline, please see this excellent page from Sachalayatan) A magistrate’s court sent Arafat Rahman Coco, younger son of former Prime Minister Khaleda Zia to jail. Photo: Munir uz Zaman, DRIK News Writing [...]

Exposing Barrister Moudud Ahmed

Learn about the abuse of power and corruption of the former law minister of the 4 party alliance Moudud Ahmed. Uploaded by: Firedekhun