World asks Bangladeshi Islamists to stop violence

The United Nations (UN), the United States (US) and the Human Rights Watch (HRW) have expressed grave concern at the ongoing deadly mayhem in Bangladesh. The UN and the US state department officials addressing daily press briefing at the respective [...]

Peoples’ choice for next government

It does not matter who likes or not it is essential that pro liberation present Bangladesh Government returns to state power for the next term to carry forward and complete the massive development process initiated. Neutral economists, political [...]

The Jamaat-BNP must have many wishes…

Some observers believe that Bangladesh is heading towards a political impasse. Two major alliance led by two main stream political parties Bangladesh Awami League and BNP have locked horns over the form of government to oversee the ensuing general [...]

BNP Sponsored Jamayat–Shibir Avalanche?

A well planned and very calculated avalanche of identified group of activists of Jamayat-Shibir, under alleged sponsorship of BNP, continues on the law enforcing agencies throughout Bangladesh. This is conspicuously happening at a time when [...]

Minister hints over Ilias Ali ‘death’!

The state minister Monnujan on Tuesday asked Tahsina to be prepared in ‘that manner’. She said, “You should give the correct info to the Prime Minister, so that she can find out your husband. Who were the enemy of your husband, [...]

The ‘disappearance’ phenomenon and …

In the end it’s the game of politics. It’s the blame game legacy of the two key political parties of Bangladesh- the Awami League and the BNP. The parties, the media, even the people do not care about the number of disappeared. Only the [...]

Ilias isn’t a ‘hero’, yet people seek the answer

Government may not answer the question if the agencies or law enforcers are responsible for disappearance cases. Well, people won’t mind much in government’s silence, if they find the disappeared one is back to his home. In 71 BC although [...]

‘Irrational’ Comment, Once Again

So, the honourable prime minister could not stop herself but pinching the opposition leader for her unusual appearance on the field at the high-voltage Asia Cup finals at Mirpur stadium. True that Khaleda Zia had never watched Bangladesh match [...]

The Language Trauma by Our MPs’

The main opposition in the Bangladesh parliament, the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), broke its 77 day old silence on 18th May. BNP allies also stepped in to the parliament on that day, which was not a bit unnatural. But the nation did not [...]
asad durrani

ISI proves it

In the beginning it seemed to be another blame game between two rivals. Though the news was not unearthed by a Bangladeshi media, there was some scope of suspicion as you cannot believe blame as long as it is not proved. But in the end the ISI [...]