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Democracy International (DI) shows Awami League would have won the January 5 elections with at least a 5.8% margin

Post-election poll funded by USAID and DFID and carried out by US based Democracy International (DI) shows Awami League would have won the January 5 elections with at least a 5.8% margin even if BNP-Jamaat had participated. The poll surveyed 2544 citizens nationwide between January 11 to January 15 and was conducted independently of any political party. 42.7% said they would have voted for AL and another 0.1% for our Mohajote alliance while 35.1% said they would have voted for BNP, another 1.6% for Jamaat-e-Islami and 0.3% for their 4 party alliance.

Contemplations on Politics in Bangladesh

The row between the government and the opposition remains repetitive and as time-wasting as Samuel Beckett’s stagnant stage of Waiting for Godot. Nothing changes. People don’t get security or health service from the state; education fails to accommodate a wider generation and police continues to humiliate civil citizens. No political party works towards establishing social welfare services in rural areas to discourage urban migration. Election success offers only the mandate to rule, not serve. Political mudslinging doesn’t abate and this wrestling is ceaselessly aired by our electronic media.

Selling the Country to India?

In a press conference on Bangladesh Prime Minster (PM) Sheikh Hasina’s recently concluded visit to India, Madam Khaleda Zia, ex-Prime Minister and current leader of Opposition in the Parliament of Bangladesh, alleged that the PM had sold the country to…

So far so good

Photo: Awami League President Sheikh Hasina, in her first public speech after her party’s landslide victory in the 29th December 2008 Parliamentary Election, urged all parties to work together for the betterment of Bangladesh stressing on the importance of the…

Why still VOTE for Awami League?

For proper practice of democracy in near future in Bangladesh, it is absolutely important that BNP survives and becomes a strong opponent of AL. The question of AL’s extinction doesn’t arise because AL has proved time and again that it can undergo harsh times and yet can strike back. If AL represents the leftists and central-leftists, then BNP can be assumed to represent the rightists and central-rightists.