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Let freedom of thought prevail:Amarblog.com

Amarblog.com received an order through email in the morning of March 2013 from Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (www.btrc.gov.bd). Signed by the Assistant Director, this order instructs Amarblog to cancel the accounts of a few bloggers and to send their personal information- IP address, location, email address, cell phone number and real name in next 24 hours to BTRC. In the order, the Assistant Director has not mentioned the regulations/decree or the court order under which this instruction has been given.

Eve teaser ‘Srizon’ identified by bloggers

In 2012 Bangladesh has experienced some demos that were organisied in a bit different way. There were quite a number of human chains where gathering was solely dependent on social media channels. Bloggers arranged those human chains using the other…