Citizen’s protest in front of Amnesty International (UK)

A peaceful demonstration has taken place today the 28th of February 2013 in front of Amnesty International, London, organised by International Crimes Strategy Forum (ICSF) in collaboration with members of Bangladeshi diaspora in the UK, including secular campaign groups such as Projonmo ‘71, Ekatturer Ghatok Dalal Nirmul Committee, War Crimes Trial Stage, Centre for Secular Space and Friends of Chatra Union. The aim of the demonstration was to protest a number of statements and reports published by Amnesty International concerning the International Crimes Tribunal (ICT) of Bangladesh and its process that are perceived as misleading and disproportionate to the victims of 1971 liberation war of Bangladesh.

Shahbag movement to be streamlined

It is time for the Shahbag movement to be streamlined. It all started back in February 5, 2013 and is ongoing till date. If we see the history of the movement, this has gained colossal popularity in the shortest possible time and that only happened because of the demands that were declared. By demand, I would particularly mean maximum penalty for the war criminals and outlawing of politics of the party directly involved in war crime.

Amarblog Foundation to help the family of Zafor Munshi

To show its respect to Munshi, Amarblog has decided to raise fund that will be handed over to help his family- his three children and his wife. Amarblog Foundation requests interested bloggers and online activists to send their contribution to the following addresses. As it did in the past, Amarblog Foundation will hand over the entire fund raised to Munshi’s family.

Many a Little Makes a Mickle

On Bangkok Post, one of the prominent English newspapers in Thailand and in the ASEAN region, a news article was published on 5 February 2013, titled as ‘Riots erupt as Bangladeshi Islamist sentenced to life’. The article can be found below:…


The verdict of Kader Molla didn’t make me numb for a second, it made me angry. I was saddened prematurely. Like many I thought this verdict would be condemn only by a handful of people in the print or electronic…

Peoples’ choice for next government

It does not matter who likes or not it is essential that pro liberation present Bangladesh Government returns to state power for the next term to carry forward and complete the massive development process initiated. Neutral economists, political analysts and…