Election 2008

Transparent ballot boxes are being sent to different polling centers.
Image: Iqbal Ahmed, DRIK News

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Election 2008 – Public Opinion

The video documentary portrays the public opinion and demand on election 2008 of Bangladesh. In this people openly says their hope, opinion on the governance and anti-corruption stand. Hope this video may help the internet user to understand view and vision of general people of Bangladesh.

The video has been filmed by the students of multimedia of university of liberal arts Bangladesh on the concept of Asif Saleh and directed by the course teacher Shahjahan Siraj .

Videography: The Students of Multimedia/ULAB
Concept : Asif Salah/ Drishtipat
Theme Song: Hyder Hussain
Direction & Editing: Shahjahan Siraj
Courtesy Unnayan TV

Whom I am going to cast my vote:

Courtesy: Shujan

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