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Colonial Granny


Colonial Granny

Colonial Granny

O Granny, My excellent colonial nanny
Your art of looting is extremely Funny
You collected Koh-e-Noor and jewel
You stole money for your royal fuel.
So sweet, you gave me a big reception
I knew for sure it was your graceful deception.
You promoted Jamaat to keep us in darkness
You expected us to embrace Jihad of ugliness.
Your this innocent smile is a killer
I don’t think Fellowship Award can be a healer.

Give me some sunshine; give me some rain

The situation in Bangladesh is grave. As it bleeds it gets leads in western media. Media houses like Al-Jazeera, New York Times and Guardian portray Bangladesh violence as a power struggle between the two major political parties. This stereotypical Hutu-Tutsi…

Hamid Mir: A rose not to be taken

Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir’s recent article in daily Jang, asking for the release of Ghulam Azam, the Bangladesh mastermind of ‘71 war crimes, appeared as a surprise gift for those who witnessed Mir’s photo session in front of Islamabad Press…

Poverty, policy and Politics…

According to US census in 2011 Mississippi’s poverty rate was 22.6; New Mexico 21.5, Louisiana 20.4, Kentucky 19.1, South Carolina 18.9, Texas 18.5. All up from 2010. Funny thing is, it’s easy to say that President Obama’s policies are not…

Corruption-crippled development

Whatever the extent of corruption in Bangladesh is, it has been prevailing here since long, and reportedly in large scale for the last decade. It’s proved in surveys and also through the number of corruption cases, media reports and remarks…

Color of the Capital

Changed is the roadsides, interior, fashion. Mobile phone replaced yellow envelope. Toiletries have changed, and so the ornaments, and even, the book cover, banking, entertainment, car model, get-up, coffee mug, social gathering etc.—everything related to our life—along with that changing…

US-Bangladesh ‘security co-operation’ & China

Well, Bangladesh-US ‘security relation’ finally comes out of the curtain. On Saturday the visiting US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Bangladesh foreign minister declared that the two countries will sit together annually to review their ‘security cooperation’. The Secretary…