Encounter at Jessore Road

The leftist movement of Bangladesh had a glorious past. After independence, facing harassment at the hands of Rakhkhi Bahini, the militia wing of the party in power, the leftists turned against the Father of the Nation Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. [...]

Call for show of hands for Cartoonist Arif, his mother & his art

Cartoonist Arif became a target of mullahs for his allegedly blasphemous cartoon. Surprisingly, a similar childlike cartoon was published in the party magazine of a religious student organization that didn’t create any controversy. This contradiction [...]

Cartoonist Arif suffers power grudge

We can still recall those dark days when radical groups protested against Arifur Rahman’s cartoon on the later banned fun magazine Alpin of Prothom Alo. Arif was a mere contributor, but the 1/11 government jailed and tortured this creative [...]

An Ode to Peace, Blogging CHT, Final Episode

CHT dwellers are in black despair over the comatose Peace Accord, with the radical UPDF out there terrorizing the peace valley. Santu Larma is patiently trying to respect the peace accord with the government, but this very tolerance is being [...]

Blogging CHT – Part-1

Chittagong Hill Tracts have been a bone of contention in Bangladesh for the last four decades. The aboriginal mountainous people living in these tracts have been taxpayers to successive rulers – Mughals, British, Pakistan and Bangladesh – [...]

Blogging ’71 – Last Episode

Omi Rahman Pial is greatly inspired with the popularity of his blog posts and also whenever his documents are used as reference in countering anti-Liberation War propaganda. He says that a sufficient number of war crimes’ witnesses are still [...]

Blogging ’71 – Part-3

Blogger Omi Rahman Pial believes that the online defamation and distortion carried out by the sympathizers of war criminals are being countered with arguments supported by rare documents and photographs. But this online historic information [...]

Blogging ’71 – Part-2

Blogger Omi Rahman Pial is disappointed with the present government’s lack of response towards online media, where sympathizers of war criminals are using the hypodermic method of establishing a lie as the truth. Where government-backed researchers [...]

Blogging ’71, Omi Rahman Pial

Omi Rahman Pial is a first generation Bangla blogger who has dedicated his research to the revelation of the true events of 1971. He started generic blogging in somewherein.net in 2006, but soon realized the growing distortion being propagated [...]

Soft Talk with Maskwaith – Part-5

In this episode Musa Ibrahim, the first Everest conqueror from Bangladesh, talks about his reasons for undertaking this monumental journey. It was while studying at the Education and Research Institute, Dhaka University, that he and his friends [...]