Shahidul Alam Detained By Indian Border Security Forces

Different news sources confirms that Shahidul Alam, internationally renowned photojournalist from Bangladesh, blogger, E-Bangladesh author and founder of the Drik picture network has been detained by the Indian border security. According to [...]

No To Tipaimukh Dam

The Tipaimukh Hydroelectric Project is being constructed near the confluence of Barak and Tuivai rivers, in Manipur, India and within 100km of Bangladesh border. Costing Rs 6,351 crore ($1.35 billion) the 164 meter high dam will have a firm [...]

Crying Wolf?

Terror and militancy is a burning threat in all of the South Asian countries. Many terrorist outfits operate in this region and sometime their operations are cross border. The four month old democratic Bangladesh government has been tough with [...]

YouTube and Some File Sharing Sites Blocked In Bangladesh

Internet users in Bangladesh are not able to access YouTube since Friday (March 6, 2009) evening. Soon people discovered that other Social Media and file hosting/sharing sites like Esnips, mediafire etc. were also not accessible. Apparently [...]

BDR Mutiny: Today’s Updates

Twitter messages to start your day with: TheTravlnAzn: A Minister present at Ambala during talks mentioned that they were aware of the problems in BDR, but didn’t see it as a threat. TheTravlnAzn: Also, there are still a number of missing [...]

BDR Mutiny… Is it over?

The Daily Star reports * BDR surrendered weapon after Prime Minister gave ultimatum in her speech * Police took control of BDR headquarters at 6:40 Bangladesh local time without being challenged. * 12 bodies found; 29 officers rescued * No one [...]

Day Of Uncertainty In Bangladesh

With nearly 50 people feared dead, the gunbattle at the BDR headquarters in Dhaka has come to an end after the government carried out negotiations with some of the rebellious soldiers. But now BBC is reporting the following: The mutiny by paramilitary [...]

Tracking BDR Rebellion updates via twitter

Follow BDR Mutiny updates on Twitter http://tweetgrid.com/grid?l=2&q1=dhaka&q2=bdr&q3=bangladesh /* widget config */ var jtw_search = ' "#dhaka" OR "#bdr" '; /* keywords or phrase to send to search.twitter.com [...]

BDR Mutiny in Bangladesh.. Continued

A fresh day but the mutiny situation is still volatile in BDR headquarters at Peelkhana in Dhaka. The first batch of surrender of arms went on till 4AM in the morning. But the second batch did not start. There are reports of gunfire and unrests [...]

BDR Revolt Updates

First of all check my roundup in Global Voices Online. The Daily Star interviewed some rebel BDR personnel to learn how it all started: The DG raised before the Prime Minister only two demands of the army officers in BDR but none of the demands [...]