World asks Bangladeshi Islamists to stop violence

The United Nations (UN), the United States (US) and the Human Rights Watch (HRW) have expressed grave concern at the ongoing deadly mayhem in Bangladesh. The UN and the US state department officials addressing daily press briefing at the respective [...]

Khaleda in India, pledges & hopes

The interactions between the Indian leaders and Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) chief Khaleda Zia have ushered hope for continuation of good relations between the two countries. But at the same time the assurances of cooperation reportedly [...]

The Myanmar & Assam case: Bangladesh faces undue allegations

Bangladesh encountered several allegations over violation of human rights and instigation of violence when communal riots raged in neighbouring Assam state of northeast India last month and in Rakhine state in northwest Myanmar in June. The [...]

Should Bangladesh believe Myanmar

Bangladesh once again noted with hope a pledge of Myanmar when the latter recently apprised the former to take back all registered and unregistered Rohingya Muslim refugees from the country. The pledge came through Myanmar’s newly appointed [...]

HRW errs on Bangladesh

 The confidence of most people in Bangladesh on the Human Rights Watch (HRW) has dwindled as the international rights watchdog apparently erred in preparing its latest report on Bangladesh, analysts said. Following publication of the report [...]

Businesses, officials hope political and media unity

Bangladesh businesses are eager to see reconciliation among parties with different political ideologies and fraternity among different groups of journalists so that the country may go ahead with concerted efforts. Government officials are keen [...]

German foreign minister says, it’s not his work to give lesson

An observation of the German foreign minister in response to a question at a recent joint news conference in Dhaka, might have hurt someone, but it carried a great lesson for the relevant people in the news media. “It is not my work to give [...]

Fleeing Rohingyas: a dilemma for Bangladesh government

The government of Bangladesh led by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has been facing a dilemma over a demand to shelter Rohingya Muslims fleeing deadly sectarian strife in the Rakhine state of Myanmar. The dilemma in the wake of an ongoing debate [...]

Cash-starved Bangladesh eyes dollars in billions

Bangladesh, that desperately started seeking overseas funds for building a major infrastructure, has so far been assured of assistance and investment worth $12 billion from two friendly countries in Asia, officials said on Friday. The pledges [...]

Bangladesh becomes emerging economy from bottomless basket

Bangladesh, once known as the bottomless basket in 1970s, is now an emerging economy of the South Asia, with annual exports of some $23 billion mainly from garment products, remittances of some $18 billion and GDP growth of over 6.0 percent [...]