500 words

It’s been a while. It’s been a while since I’ve penned any dream, any frustration, any curiosity, any surprise. May be this is what writer’s blockage is, may be this is what is the sound of emptiness. In a world where every day we want [...]


The verdict of Kader Molla didn’t make me numb for a second, it made me angry. I was saddened prematurely. Like many I thought this verdict would be condemn only by a handful of people in the print or electronic media and one or two organization [...]

Poverty, policies and politics – US election 2012

So this story starts where I ended the last one. The election has become a mega marketing campaign. The group who’ll sell their product better with bigger ad campaign, more mail in marketing material and confident salesmen will win the [...]

Poverty, policy and Politics…

According to US census in 2011 Mississippi’s poverty rate was 22.6; New Mexico 21.5, Louisiana 20.4, Kentucky 19.1, South Carolina 18.9, Texas 18.5. All up from 2010. Funny thing is, it’s easy to say that President Obama’s [...]

Science Alarm!

I was watching Elon Musk’s interview in The Daily Show the other night. Those who don’t know, Elon is the entrepreneur and engineer who co-founded PayPal. Later he established Tesla Motors, the premier electric car company and now [...]

So this is what success looks like!!

I was talking to a friend of mine, who is a big believer in reverse psychology. If he says he doesn’t believe in God, means he’s praying five times. He is so much into this stupidity that now if something good happens to him, he [...]

Our Women and Hijabs: A Curious Question

This is a topic that I observe very closely. Hijab has become an indicator of present path of a society and the future turns it might take. Let it be in a Islamic society, in a Muslim majority society or a multicultural society. I’ll try [...]

Revival of Bangla

Bangla language is going through a phase. The phase is not of natural evolution, rather transformation due to pollution. This pollution should have been stopped by society and its so called intellectuals, but as many social issues the medicine [...]

Occupy Wall Street

“Occupy Wall Street” has caught many off guard, not only domestically but also globally. It almost seems like some dumb kids were spending way too much time (probably around five minutes) watching global news and realized what has happened [...]

March, Bangladesh and Some Observation

This is the month of March. We always celebrate our Independence Day on this month, but we were actually celebrating one of the success of this independence with the organizing of World Cup Cricket this year. We could’ve done this long [...]