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David Bergman: Now and then

Bergman never showed how ruthless violence by the two parties Jamaat and BNP before the election have reminded us the atrocities in the liberation war and the need for the war crimes trial.The few people and organizations that Bergman referred in his blogs that were dedicated to find faults in the trial process have rarely been found to be content with the verdict handed down by the International crimes tribunal despite experts from home and abroad found it as having maintained the international standard in the process.

These practices of Bergman naturally instigate the curiosity among the people who are behind his role? What helps him doing such activities that could even interrupt the trial against the crimes against humanity that the people of the country and many other places around the world have been struggling for? Does Bergman not stand for who did such heinous crimes.

Non Resident Bangladeshi Professionals (UK) met the Deputy Prime Minister Mr Nick Clegg

Non Resident Bangladeshi Professionals (UK), led by its Convenor Dr Debasish Kar, met the Deputy Prime Minister Right Honourable Mr Nick Clegg on Friday, the 10th of May 2013, in his constituency office in Sheffield.

The meeting was to update him on the current political situation in Bangladesh, in particular, the heinous acts of terrorism carried out by Jammat and their allies since the trial of the war criminals began. Discussion took place on the recent Dhaka seize programme of Hefazote Islami and the 18 party alliance led by the BNP and the circumstances under which the law enforcing agencies had to use force to disperse the crowd to restore peace and tranquility and to protect the country’s economic hub. They also discussed the major points of ‘Hefojate- Islami’ and their allies’ 13 points demand. It was also noted how the extremist fundamentalist forces terrorising the minority ethnic groups and destroying their places of worship while they are demanding implementation of ‘Blasphemy Law’ for expressing views against their own religious faith.

Let freedom of thought received an order through email in the morning of March 2013 from Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission ( Signed by the Assistant Director, this order instructs Amarblog to cancel the accounts of a few bloggers and to send their personal information- IP address, location, email address, cell phone number and real name in next 24 hours to BTRC. In the order, the Assistant Director has not mentioned the regulations/decree or the court order under which this instruction has been given.

Citizen’s protest in front of Amnesty International (UK)

A peaceful demonstration has taken place today the 28th of February 2013 in front of Amnesty International, London, organised by International Crimes Strategy Forum (ICSF) in collaboration with members of Bangladeshi diaspora in the UK, including secular campaign groups such as Projonmo ‘71, Ekatturer Ghatok Dalal Nirmul Committee, War Crimes Trial Stage, Centre for Secular Space and Friends of Chatra Union. The aim of the demonstration was to protest a number of statements and reports published by Amnesty International concerning the International Crimes Tribunal (ICT) of Bangladesh and its process that are perceived as misleading and disproportionate to the victims of 1971 liberation war of Bangladesh.

Amarblog Foundation to help the family of Zafor Munshi

To show its respect to Munshi, Amarblog has decided to raise fund that will be handed over to help his family- his three children and his wife. Amarblog Foundation requests interested bloggers and online activists to send their contribution to the following addresses. As it did in the past, Amarblog Foundation will hand over the entire fund raised to Munshi’s family.

International Crimes Tribunals Bangladesh: Justice In Perspective

A discussion and presentation programme titled “International Crimes Tribunals Bangladesh: Justice In Perspective” took place on 14 December 2012 in SOAS, University of London (Lecture Theatre V211, Vernon Square Campus). The programme was organised by International Crimes Strategic Forum (ICSF), a coalition/network of activists, groups and organisations, all of which have been supporting trial of those who committed atrocities and crimes against humanity during the independence war of Bangladesh in 1971.