Awami League leader in London Sushanta receives death threat



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One of the most prominent Awami Legaue activists and Technology and IT Secretary for UK Awami League has received death threats in a letter addressed to his home. This has been formally reported to the local police station in Forest Gate. Last night Sushanta Das Gupta has shared a post regarding this incident on his verified facebook page. Police Officer Anderson has advised against sharing the letter publicly due to the on-going investigation.

Describing him as an atheist the letter contains details about Sushanta’s wife, children, and the school the children attend, details of other family members both here in London as well as in Bangladesh. Warning Sushanta about his writing those responsible for the letter threatened him with stern consequences for him and his family members if he continues to write about their leader. Including chilling reminders of his attachment to the children the letter goes on to warn Sushanta about finding the body of close relatives should he decide to carry on writing.

Sushanta has confirmed that he received this letter addressed to his house on 6th September2017.

Besides the political activities Sushanta is also mostly known as an online activist and a blogger. He is the second person after Sajeeb Wazed Joy to have his facebook page verified as a political personality.

Sushanta has been involved in calling for justice and trails against war crimes in Bangladesh for a long time and played an invaluable role in actively engaging the younger generation. He was also one of the most well-known founders of Amar Blog. Over more recent years he has raised a strong voice against the infiltration of Jamat, Shibir and BNP into Awami League and as a result has faced many challenges within the party.

At present Sushanta is carrying out his responsibilities as the Chair of Amar MP –an initiative designed to bring elected parliamentarians closer to the electorates.
When asked about his reaction to the letter Sushanta said ‘I have received many threats and lists etc before but this one is different. This one includes threats about killing my children, wife, family members and relatives and this is why I have taken it seriously and decided to report the incident to the police.


E-Bangladesh is a News/Headlines service and a group blog aimed at bringing the news and analysis from Bangladesh to its readers.

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