High Commissioner expresses sadness over the violence and deaths

Photo:British High Commissioner to Bangladesh Robert Gibson.

British High Commissioner to Bangladesh Robert Gibson today expressed his sadness over the violence and the number of senseless and unnecessary deaths that have taken place across Bangladesh over the past few days.

The High Commissioner said, “I deplore the cruel and unwarranted attacks on places of worship and private property. Bangladesh has struggled hard and at great cost to achieve its independence and create a tolerant state where every citizen can live without fear of religious persecution and follow their individual faiths. This great achievement risks being undermined by the callous and unacceptable actions of a few. While every citizen has the right to mount a peaceful protest, intimidation and imposition of strikes disrupts the lives of all citizens and hampers the operation of legitimate business. This is sending a negative signal to the international community and those wishing to invest in Bangladesh.”

He further said that, “The UK will continue to call for all parties to exercise restraint, moderation and respect for the rule of law; and to resolve their differences through constructive and peaceful dialogue. To continue to subject the country to unnecessary disruption and violence risks undermining Bangladesh’s democratic credentials and stability”.

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  1. Author Image haroon says:

    the jamaat-e-islami party claims itself to be jamaat-e-islami party, bangladesh. this clearly shows that it is an imported brand of the fascist islamist terrorists worldwide. jamaat and its killer shibir cells act as terrorists cells of al qaeda. jamaat-e-islami, bangladesh are led by war criminals of 1971 nurtured by isi of pakistan and funds from pseudo-islamic arab states.
    the jamaat’s allies are its lackey and servant the bnp.
    jamaat has now devoured bnp as bnp follows jamaat’s dictats. bnp no longer calls the shot as jamaat has financed bnp handsomely in the past to counter progressive liberal democratic parties in bangladesh.
    bnp has alienated itself from civilised countries by associating itself with jamaat. khaleda had the audacity to postpone her call on the indian president atthe orders of jamaat leaders. instead she kept quiet while jamaat unleashed terror and mahem on bangladeshi hindus and buddhists just as they did in 1971. shame on khaleda zia for her politically suicidal move.

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